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Style Boutique Cheats for NDS
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Style Boutique NDS Cheats

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Style Boutique

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Contest Outfit Hints 100%
On any contest try to stick with a certain COLOUR and THEME.
When you do a CHIC contest, try and stick with the COLOURS GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE, WHITE and BACK and ANY OTHER COLOURS that 'SPARKLE'

If you do this, and stick with ONE THEME on all the contests you'll win for sure (thats 100% accurate says me)

And also, when choosing your model, choose who looks best for the THEME.
For example, if you're choosing a model for CHIC, BABY DOLL, FEMININE, LIVELY, GLAM or GIRLY, try and choose one who has PALE SKIN.


With BASIC, it doesn't matter as its just BASIC.
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Co-ordinating outfits with just a few items that the customer would like. 80%
If you are asked to co-ordinate an entire outfit for someone, and you only have like, a pair of shoes that they would like, then dont try and give them a top that isnt their style, or a skirt from a brand that is completely the opposite to what they are wearing, dont stress, and give them random items they wont like. just give them the shoes. they dont complain if your idea of an 'outfit' is just one item, even ones like a hat or a necklace. so if you only have one item that they would like, just give them the one item.

also, if you dont have any items from 'their' brand, look at what they are wearing, and pick out a colour that appears a lot in their outfit. sometimes they will say 'wow, blue is my favourite colour? how did you know?' when you give them a blue item. this is a good tip if you have no other solutions.

another tip: if you have sent a mailout with certain items on that you have now ran out of, dont press the litttle red cross in the corner, just try and find another item that is very similar, or a collaboration item of yours that is from a brand they love. you may still have to convince them a little though, but it's worth it (:

hope I helped, form emily, x
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Styling Strategy 67%
To win in a contest, and tips in selling as well, always follow one of the player's key to victory, to save, then go play, just follow the theme and rules, and follow color coordination, don't mix red blue stripes with white and gold polka dots, when the outfit has blue and green it is wise to choose items with only green or close to the color hue. Choose fabrics that go together, leather and cotton sometimes don't go together.

Tips in styling (In-game and applicable but not recommended in Wi-Fi): Inner blouse and top t-shirt won't be sold because it's not accepted. Inner t-shirt and dress is a no-no. Boots and legwarmers won't go, wellies and etc do. mini skirts with short pants is not good, long skirts as well won't be accepted with any trouser (not sure with shorts) but long pants and mini skirts will.

When you sell out merchandise there are some brands that go together with a customer with a fixed brand. When you're short with items it'll help you when the item is not available at the moment

Ex. When the customer is epoque, and your outfits go together with marble lily (ex marble lily frill blouse and epoque petal line skirt etc.) try outnumbering the number of items of epoque with marble lily (ex. epoque 4, marble lily 3, not including the first given out item) and it'll be accepted (Note: not all customers accept it and not all customers accept many items, minimum is 1 to 5)

Note: Not all accepts it because customers vary (in some customers, you can "try it on" the limited, but if they ask for an item, you cannot show the brand again and give the brand she likes)

GXS = pure cloth (substitute) & April bonbon (substitute/limited)
AZ-USA = Alvarado (substitute/limited) & GXS (limited)
Dazies = Capsule (substitute/limited) & April bonbon (limited)
April bonbon = Dazies (substitute/limited) & GXS (substitute/limited)
Alvarado = Sonata (substitute/limited) & AZ-USA (substitute/limited)
Terra = KARAMOMO (substitute/limited)
KARAMOMO = Terra (substitute/limited) & Capsule (limited/not sure because a KARAMOMO always accepted capsule glasses)
epoque = Sonata (substitute/limited) & Marble Lily (limited)
Capsule = Dazies (limited) KARAMOMO (limited)
Marble Lily = Raven Candle (substitute) & epoque (substitute/limited)
Raven Candle = Marble Lily (substitute) & Mad Jack (substitute/limited)
Penbridge = Sonata (limited) & Alvarado (limited)
Mad Jack = Raven Candle (substitute) & AZ-USA (substitute/limited)
Sonata = epoque (limited), Alvarado (limited) & Penbridge (limited)
Masquerade = not actually sold for everyday retail so not learned.
pure cloth = GXS (substitute/limited) & April bonbon (limited)

sorry if it doesn't work out can tell me details and correct me, thanks!

Deidre of boutique Velvette
Silk City, Chiffon Mall, Floor 24
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Callender cheat 66%
Click calender and look at what brand will be at the exibition , when it says masqurade go to your ds / dsi menu click system settings and set the date to what ever date the masquared shop will be at exibition hall , youll get it when you look in the callender, its verry simple =)
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Next seasons clothes 60%
If you want next seasons clothes change your date on your ds and than turn off go into your game and go to the exhibition hall. Buy the clothes you want and save your game and turn off your ds. Dont forget to change your date back.
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Mannequins 60%
If you make a mannequin that has an Alvarado or a masquerade outfit on, sometimes customers will buy it for lots of money. You just have to make sure it is not wearing too much or too little and don't put a skirt with trousers.
By: liliziyue(413)
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Cool outfits that win the bronze contest 59%
Inner: sports swear croptop
Trousers: dual trim trousers (white + pink)
Shoes: Bright basketball shoes (pink)
Hat: sporty sun visor (pink)

Inner: 63 racer back
Outer: Sporty biker jacket
Trousers: cycling shorts
Shoes: casual trainers (blue)
By: discodiva(272)
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More Customers 56%
To get more customers put a 50% sale on and when you get enough customers (as many as you want) take the sale down and serve. It's very good when you don't have any customers
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Contest 55%
When you enter a fashion contest you will get a prize, usually that doesn't match any of your other items. But sometimes when you enter the same contest the next day, you will get a matching item, E.g on the first contest you got cat boots and on the second you get a cat shirt (: have fun, I love this game!
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Unlocking the "Add stock space" criteria 54%
If you have sold the right amount of mannequins and just need to get the whatever amount of items bought at the Exhibition Hall, you can just keep going to Pure Cloth and getting the cheapest clothes X10 and then discarding them in the stockroom. This is good so you don't have to buy all the expensive stuff.
By: liliziyue(413)
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Cool outfits that win the beginner contest 53%
Inner: simple halter
Outer: simple denim jacket
Trousers: sinple jeans
Shoes: sparkly belt mules
By: discodiva(272)
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Quicker stock space 37%
To get quicker stock space all you have to do is buy 1 of each item and then sell it off quickly then you can buy more items and get a bigger stock room quicker!
Hope this helps
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Two accounts 26%
Once you finish all the contests go to the menu and touch bonus and you can make another face so when you touch continue it says 'continue' and 'continue with alternate face' and it still is up to where you last saved from but wit a different face.
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How to change skin colour! 21%
You can change skin colour by going to your Apartment, then wardrobe, then go onto menu and press on 'skin tan'. You'll then have a wide range of skin colours!
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