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Nation Red PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer (Patch 03.25.2014) by: Caliber Mar 25,2014
Trainer (Patch 01.10.2014) by: Caliber Jan 10,2014
Trainer (Patch 01.05.2014) by: Caliber Jan 5,2014
Trainer (Patch 04.11.2011) by: Caliber Apr 11,2011
Trainer (Patch 04.05.2011) by: Caliber Apr 5,2011
Trainer (Patch 09.13.2010) by: Caliber Sep 14,2010
Trainer (Patch 09.03.2010) by: Caliber Sep 7,2010
Trainer (Patch 08.10.2010) by: Caliber Aug 10,2010
Trainer (Patch 07.06.2010) by: Caliber Jul 6,2010
Trainer (Patch 05.12.2010) by: Caliber May 18,2010
Trainer (Patch 03.10.2010) by: Caliber Mar 16,2010
Trainer by: Caliber Sep 8,2009
72 Achievements
Nation Red - Horde Horde
Kill 50 zombies within a ten second period
Nation Red - SpeedKiller SpeedKiller
Kill any boss within 30 seconds of the boss appearing
Nation Red - Ladies First Ladies First
Kill 5 female zombies in one streak without killing a single male
Nation Red - Efficiency Efficiency
Kill at least 10 zombies with one grenade
Nation Red - Guardian Guardian
Complete the Point Defense mission
Nation Red - Untouchable Untouchable
Complete any mission without taking any zombie damage
Nation Red - Victor Victor
Kill all zombie boss types
Nation Red - Execution Execution
Kill at least 250 zombies using sentry guns
Nation Red - Arms Dealer Arms Dealer
Get at least one kill with ten non-melee weapon in one game
Nation Red - LockDown LockDown
Reach wave 2 in warehouse barricade without any zombie breaching the fence perimeter
Nation Red - Gunbarrel Gunbarrel
Kill the minigun zombie boss
Nation Red - Flak Jacket Flak Jacket
Get hurt by and survive 10 Zombie Bomber explosions in one game
Nation Red - Winner Winner
Complete all the story missions
Nation Red - Stopping Power Stopping Power
Kill 150 running zombies in a single game
Nation Red - Resurrector Resurrector
Revive your coop player 3 times in one game
Nation Red - Survivor Survivor
Survive for more than 2 minutes in survival mode
Nation Red - Fortress Fortress
Survive for 10 attack waves in Barricade Mode
Nation Red - No Guns No Guns
Kill 500 zombies with a melee weapon
Nation Red - Right-Hand Man Right-Hand Man
Get ghosts to kill 25 zombies in one streak while killing none yourself
Nation Red - Explosive Irony Explosive Irony
Deal the killing blow to a Grenade Zombie with a grenade
Nation Red - Cover Cover
Kill 25 zombies while remaining inside one Turbine area
Nation Red - Fire Chief Fire Chief
Burn 800 zombies with the Flame Thrower
Nation Red - Free Man Free Man
Finish off a boss zombie with the crowbar
Nation Red - Perforator Perforator
Get the minigun and kill 50 zombies with it inside 9 seconds
Nation Red - Chain Reaction Chain Reaction
Pick up Friendly Fire and use a Zombie Bomber's explosion to kill two more nearby bombers
Nation Red - Collector Collector
Collect at least 20 perks in a single game
Nation Red - Held The Line Held The Line
Reach Wave 8 in Bridge Barricade mode
Nation Red - Breather Breather
Pick up health then survive 25 seconds in Free Play without damage or firing a single shot
Nation Red - Magnet Magnet
Collect 10 zombie-attracting Rammers in one game
Nation Red - Blockade Blockade
Survive for 15 attack waves in Barricade Mode
Nation Red - Butcher Butcher
Get 10 zombies sucked into one Meat Grinder
Nation Red - Death Cheat Death Cheat
Survive 5 minutes with health staying below 25%
Nation Red - Runner Runner
Run a marathon length 26 miles/42 kms
Nation Red - Bouncer Bouncer
Survive 5 waves in Single Player Warehouse Barricade without the lower sentries firing a single shot
Nation Red - American Hero American Hero
Kill over 5000 zombies in one game
Nation Red - Itemizer Itemizer
Pick up 250 powerups or items in one game
Nation Red - All 4 Deadly All 4 Deadly
Get Fire Team, Mirror Image, Wild Bunch and Mantle of Cover then get a ghost pickup
Nation Red - Stronghold Stronghold
Kill 100 zombies in Survival Mode without moving from start of game
Nation Red - TeleFrag TeleFrag
Perform 20 remote grenade detonations
Nation Red - Well Supplied Well Supplied
Explode 3 propane gas tanks within a 10-second period
Nation Red - Not Addicted Not Addicted
Pick up 10 health power-ups in one game when your health is at 100%
Nation Red - Demolitions Expert Demolitions Expert
Get Shrapnel and Remote Detonator then use 10 grenades in one game
Nation Red - Weapons Expert Weapons Expert
Get Dexterity, Intensity, Accuracy, Heavy Ammo, Improved Loadout then get 1000 kills
Nation Red - ColdBlooded ColdBlooded
Survive for three attack waves in Barricade Mode without moving
Nation Red - Back2Back Back2Back
Remain within reaching distance of your coop player while not taking any damage for 30 seconds
Nation Red - Pushover Pushover
In one game, kick a zombie after that same zombie hurt you and repeat 20x
Nation Red - Armory Armory
Get Stronghold, Regeneration, Armor, Counterblow, Aftershock then survive 10 minutes
Nation Red - Flatliner Flatliner
Bring yourself back to full health after nearly dying with Last Breath
Nation Red - Gut Buster Gut Buster
Decapitate 100 Big Boy zombies in a single game
Nation Red - Boss Hunter Boss Hunter
Get Friendly Fire, Mano a Mano and Boss Power then kill 5 bosses in one game
Nation Red - Tough Guy Tough Guy
Kill 1000 zombies in any single game without ever picking a perk
Nation Red - Unseen Unseen
While cloaked, kill 250 zombies in one game
Nation Red - Grenadier Grenadier
Get Shrapnel and Midair Trigger then get 500 kills with the grenade launcher
Nation Red - Too Close For Comfort Too Close For Comfort
Kill 25 Bombers with a Steam Hammer in one game while staying outside their explosion range
Nation Red - Absolute Absolute
Kill 250000 zombies
Nation Red - Gunslinger Gunslinger
Complete any mission on 3 silver-star level using only the default Glock
Nation Red - Warlord Warlord
Complete all missions at 5 bronze-star difficulty
Nation Red - Dive Bomber Dive Bomber
In one game dive jump through 10 Zombie Bombers causing them to detonate themselves
Nation Red - Walker Walker
Complete the Walker mission on any silver or gold star level
Nation Red - 2x9MM 2x9MM
In one game kill 2 bosses using the Dual Glocks
Nation Red - Moths to the Flame Moths to the Flame
Set fire to 50 zombies that are being attracted by a Rammer in a single game
Nation Red - Payback Payback
Take 2500 zombies down with you using the Vengeance perk
Nation Red - Flasher Flasher
Kill 100 zombies stunned by flashbangs in one game
Nation Red - Rhylos' 50 Rhylos' 50
Collect a total of 50 achievements
Nation Red - Ton Of Bullets Ton Of Bullets
Fire 10000 bullets while not receiving any zombie damage
Nation Red - One Trick Killer One Trick Killer
Survive for 30 minutes in a game by only picking one perk and by only picking up a maximum of one new weapon
Nation Red - One Shot One Kill One Shot One Kill
Kill 250 zombies with the rage powerup in one game
Nation Red - Pyro Pyro
Set 250 zombies on fire with the incendary rounds in a single game
Nation Red - DOA DOA
Engage DOA mode in Free Play, then kill 50 zombies during a single DOA ghost powerup
Nation Red - Thinning The Horde Thinning The Horde
Kill 1,000,000 zombies
Nation Red - Top Dog Top Dog
Complete all missions on 5 gold-star level
Nation Red - Merc Merc
Complete all missions on 5 silver-star level

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