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Hidden Mysteries: Titanic Cheats for PC
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Hidden Mysteries: Titanic PC Cheats

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Hidden Mysteries: Titanic

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

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Hidden Mysteries: Titanic 681687How do I get the code for the coat closet Answers: 1
Hidden Mysteries: Titanic 588252What is the code for the crate in the baggage area Answers: 1
Hidden Mysteries: Titanic 610435How do I solve the cube puzzle? Answers: 0
Hidden Mysteries: Titanic 652941In the baggage area - I cannot get the crank to attach to the area the hint shows it should. I also, have a knife but it does not't do anything either. What am I missing. I just took the game out of the carton yesterday so I know it has not't been corrupted. Thanks for any help. Answers: 1
Hidden Mysteries: Titanic 673209How to get bird to nest Answers: 1
Hidden Mysteries: Titanic 680227What does one do with the shuffleboard? I have tried the regular puck and got it in the front triangle, I have tried the ice puck and got it in there and it keeps showing me I have to do it again. can't skip the puzzle, can't do anything else. any clues? Answers: 1
Hidden Mysteries: Titanic 696187How do you pick up the sugar from table1st class lounge Answers: 1
Hidden Mysteries: Titanic 723405Where do I get a knife to cut the bamboo Answers: 1
Hidden Mysteries: Titanic 793730How do I make the crane work? Answers: 1
Hidden Mysteries: Titanic 803056I am stuck in the bilge room and cannot figure out what I need with the ping pong balls Answers: 1
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