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SpongeBob's Truth Or Square Cheats for WII
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SpongeBob's Truth Or Square WII Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE
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SpongeBob's Truth Or Square

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Unlock all outfits 87%
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500 coins 85%
Enter 3141 as a code.
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Money code 76%
Go up to the cheat phone and type in 3141 and each time you do you get 850 more coins.
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Help for bosses 67%
For the first boss it tries to smash you with its head 3 times, the 3rd one it gets stuck then go behind it and hit the target on the back of it and do that 3 times and you win, and the next boss is a patrick robot which is just dodging like the first but its harder to dodge then eventually the robot's pants fall down and then you hit the back of it, then theres the ice level boss which is harder you have to rapidly dodge and then a target will be at its mouth then you hit it and it does damage, then this is the last boss I got to for now its the squidward boss you mostly dodge and kill enemies that the robot fires then get muscular token before attacking squidward then go into the blob of gum and hit its eye but tip not when its hands are covering it.
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30000 coins 67%
Go to the phone next to the couch and enter 3141 about 26 times.
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Where to find the sleeping patrik in merdmaidman and barnicleboys lair 57%
When you come up to the flying dutch mantike's with the bomb in the middle jump on them and then look up then you will see the box containing the sleeping Patrick
By: megaman09(313)
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How to find sleeping patrick in KA-RA-TAY island.ka-pow! 53%
When on the big boat you will see water ballon butons.shoot them all and then when you reach the dock where you will see a path leading up to a box with patrick in it.good luck.

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How to defeat robot Patrick 53%
First run away and then when his pants fall down get him in the back. do it three times. then he will cry and explode on the end when you defeat him. try it, it really works
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Get money 48%
You can unlok different rooms in the house by getting all 3 items on each level excluding the 3 big boss levels
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You can get rich by talking to people 47%
When you beat the game you can talk to sandy patrik and mr krabs and get money but you can only do it once
By: megaman09(313)
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Smashi 46%
Try to smash every box to find sleeping Patrick and more items!
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Spongbob multiplying robots 41%
To get past all of the minians of the robot run onto the two boxes avoiding the minians. get the strong coin that should be there after you jump the boxes and get back over to the three things, still avoiding the robots. DO NOT touch the water or you will lose your streangh and die..possibly. now! once you have done all off that stand were the picture of the lifting bar is and spin the wii ramot (i know how to spell remot) around and that should lead you to the step thing.
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How To Get SpongeCoins 39%
SpongeCoins are the floating faces in the game. On each level,there are smashable items to get these Coins. Below is a list of Smashable Coin Items:

SpongeCrates- Boxed Crates that contain a large amount of coins
SpongeBomb- A ticking time-bomb that will destroy almost any item.
Robot- Your enemies will release coins once defeated.

Items That Cannot Break:

TikiStone- These rock hard tiki's won't break.
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Black and White Mode 36%
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Beaten the bots 34%
After the 1 row of bots get the sandy tornato and brake the bots in the meting m.m and b.b
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Un lok all the levels 25%
Put this code in spongestar
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Get Ripped 19%
Get the musculebuff buffpants power up at the beginning of every level, just enter 6777 and then enter any level.
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100% unlimid coins 16%
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SpongeBob's Truth or Square WII 16%
Bosses are dead in 1 hit just enter 9999
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To unlock all levels 16%
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Unlimid health 14%
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Unlock moves (including 1 random extra move that you can't possibly unlock) 13%
Enter on the shell phone 1543.
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Big tv 13%
Go to the big tv if you have one and enter 9969
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Cheats 12%
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How to get a big tv 11%
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99 Lives 10%
Enter 5072 on the shell phone to get 99 lives, and you would also be able to hold more than 100 lives. To do that, enter 4472 on the shell phone (as long as you enter the 99 lives code first. If you have less than 100 lives again, you can't hold over 100 lives anymore.
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Questions & Answers
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SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 623878I have a question for santa santa. I watched a video on youtube how to get the mine over to the last iceblock. It shows the spinning move with the black custome on. and the spin move is black. I got the black custome and tried to move the mine thing over with the spin move as it did on youtube. Then I get blown up Answers: 3
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 630975I am on level 4 how Becoming a Fry Cook. It get to the point where I have fed the anchovies and have soaked all of the sponges and then I am not sure where to go after that. I have tried jumping from the dock across the water, but I pretty much die everytime. I think that I am missing something. Thank you for the help. Answers: 5
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 689348How do you get past the big fist that blocks the bridge in the first level Answers: 4
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 694382How do you get past the ice level? Answers: 3
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 807005What are the boxs that are open and close when you get ner them also I stoped geting coins at 3000 wy Answers: 3
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 616946How do you do 2 player on spongebob's truth or square on nintendo wii Answers: 3
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 751954How do you get the underwear in level 1 jelly fish? Answers: 1
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 916803Where do I find a bathtub or water to absorb required to open the gate near the rotating gears in the first level (jellyfish fields)? the gate is next to the tiki challenge located in the rotating platforms area of the level Answers: 1
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 747225Okay so im stuck, the last mission I did was ''Hey that's not your formula, Plankton!'' & then the credits came on, I thought it was going to continue, but it didn't so I started over & it happened again right after ''Hey that's not your formula, Plankton'' credits came on & sent me back to the house where there weren't any missions. Has this happened to anyone before? Answers: 3
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 757410Sandy Kar a Tay Leve: I can't seem to maneuver the robot to blow up the "shed" covering the footprints. I spun the levers to raise the 3 paths. But when I start running the robot bomb to the "shed" it either blows up, fall in the sand, or the paths disappear before I can get to the shed, or some combination thereof. How can I do this to move forward? Answers: 4
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 765414How do you find sleeping Patrick in Fry Cook level? Answers: 1
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 783015How do you beat giant robot squidward? Answers: 2
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 783344On Kar a Tay with Sandy, how do I beat the second tiki challenge (destroying the stone tikis in x amount of time), I keep falling in the water. Answers: 2
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 784147I beat the game, I found all the art work, upgraded everything in the house, bought all the costumes, have all the items, and found all the sleeping patricks. there is a exclamation point over the album with the levels. is there something more I need to do? Answers: 2
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 797613How do you get through the ice on the Santa level? Answers: 2
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 883243How do I unlock the brick? I m on first level and in front of the big turning wheel. It wont let me do anything to go forward. Answers: 1
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 930161In Meeting sandy cheeks, where r all the lunchboxes Answers: 1
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 940690How do you do the tiki challenges? Answers: 1
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 904533Level 2 caves spngebob Answers: 0
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 637844We cannot access the tiki challenges. They are grayed-out and when we find them and are not clickable. Help! Answers: 3
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 659710Where do I find tiki challenges to play Answers: 3
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 760221What is the radar gun looking thing above spongebobs head throught Answers: 5
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 767070How do you play two players Answers: 1
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square 783949Where are plankton collectibles for the zap ray? Answers: 3
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