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Darksiders Cheats for PS3
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Darksiders PS3 Cheats

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Soldiers Artifacts Guide 89%
Description: Darksiders has many things to collect with one of them being Soldiers Artifacts. In the game they appear as green floating icons. There are 20 of them and you will receive a Lifestone.

Read the Guide --> Soldiers Artifacts [Guide]
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Darksiders (PS3) Trophies 86%
Aerial Predator (Bronze)Kill 160 enemies while on the angelic beast
An Old Friend (Bronze)Collect Mercy
Ashes to Ashes (Silver)Defeat the Stygian
Balance Restored (Gold)Defeat the game on NORMAL
Battle Hardened (Silver)Max out all weapons & unlock all combat moves
Chasm Jumper (Bronze)Collect the Shadowflight Ability
Dark Rider (Bronze)Ride for 100 miles
Death Dealer (Bronze)Meet Vulgrum
Devastator (Bronze)Kill 10 enemies with one blade geyser wrath attack
Don't Make Me Angry (Bronze)Collect the Chaos Form Ability
Elemental Thief (Bronze)Collect the Crossblade
Full Power (Silver)Collect the maximum amount of lifestones
High Flier (Bronze)Kill 5 duskwings without touching the ground
Horseman (Bronze)Kill 150 Demons from horseback
Improvised Kills (Bronze)Kill 150 enemies with items from the environment
Into The Void (Bronze)Collect Voidwalker
Legendary Form (Silver)Collect the Abyssum Armor Set
Like A Bat Outta Hell (Silver)Defeat Tiamat
One Mean Mother (Silver)Defeat Silitha
One Tough Cookie (Bronze)Meet Ulthane
Open Air Parking (Bronze)Taking out a helicopter with a car, during the apocalypse
Payback's A B**** (Silver)Defeat Straga
Prison Break (Bronze)Free Samael from his prison
Reach Out & Touch Somebody (Bronze)Collect the Abyssal Chain
Reaper (Bronze)Collect the Scythe
Reunited (Bronze)Obtain Ruin
River of Blood (Bronze)Shed 3000 gallons of demon blood
Rocked Your Face Off (Silver)Defeat the Griever
Sight Beyond Sight (Bronze)Collect the Mask of Shadows
Slayer (Bronze)Kill 666 Demons
The Final Challenger (Silver)Defeat the Destroyer
The True Horseman (Gold)Defeat the game on APOCALYPTIC
Time Lapse (Bronze)Collect the Chronomancer Ability
To Move A Mountain (Bronze)Collect the Earthcaller
Treasure Hunter (Silver)Search 150 chests
Tremor Bringer (Bronze)Collect the Tremor Gauntlet
Ultimate Blade (Silver)Forge the Armageddon Blade
Who's Counting? (Bronze)Defeating more Angels than Ulthane
World Raider (Silver)Collect all 27 Artifacts
Wrath Machine (Bronze)Collect all the Wrath Powers
Wrath of War (Silver)Collect the maximum amount of wrath cores
You Call That Easy (Gold)Complete the game on EASY
BFA (Platinum)Unlocked EVERYTHING
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Infinite Souls 85%
How to: In The Black Throne, on the way to the Third Guardian, you will approach a bridge with spinning portals. When you get across, you will first be ambushed by a Rot Mauler and a Shield Lord. Defeat them and your next opponents will be one Shield Lord and four low-level soldiers. Do NOT kill the Shield Lord. Instead, keep killing off the four soldiers and they will keep coming back, giving you as many souls and as much experience to max out your weapons as you want! To make things easier, run away from the Shield Lord whenever he gets close, and the four soldiers will follow (they are faster than the Shield Lord so you should be able to get some hits in, run away when the Shield Lord gets close, hit the soldiers some more).
During the Broodmother Boss fight you might notice you get souls for destroying the egg sacs by throwing them at the ceiling. Simply defeat the Broodmother, DO NOT LEAVE, and keep grabbing egg sacs and throwing them at the ceiling (They keep respawning) for unlimited Souls.
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Chaoseater Max Level 85%
Description: When fighting the Stygian (the Ashlands boss) you can max out your Chaoseater Blade by attacking it repeatedly. Begin the battle with the Stygian by killing phantom guard soldiers while riding Ruin. After the Stygian frees itself, ride along side the Stygian and strike its body. Do not strike the helmet or it will break off and the Stygian will attack. Equip Combat Lore to increase the experience you get from each strike; Bloodthirt will replenish your health. The Stygian will sink under the sand and resurface. Repeat the process and the maxed out Chaoseater will be yours.
If you screw up and knock off the helmet, you can exit the battle. After removing the Stygian's helmet, ride Ruin to the closed doorway during the battle. You will jump off Ruin and have control of Ruin. Keep your back against the door and wait for the Stygian to come right at you. He will knock you right through the door and you can go back to Vulgrim. Come back to fight the phantom guard soldiers and the Stygian when you are ready.
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Remote Bomb Detonation 85%
How to: Bombs growths on the wall in the game can be activated by throwing anything at them -- like a pole or a car. You do not need the Crossblade thing and using this method gets your some items much earlier in the game (like the Hoardseeker in the Twilight Cathedral).
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The Harvester 84%
Description: Press pause and select Options. Under Game Options, choose "Enter Code" and enter the following words: The Hollow Lord (case sensitive).
Now, visit Vulgrim and The Harvester (Scythe) will be available for purchase under Weapons. You will need 1000 Souls to purchase it -- and it is well worth the price!
*** If you already have The Harvester unlocked and you enter in to the code you can get The Harvester for free.
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Artifact Guide 84%
This guide helps with the location and how to find Artifacts in Darksiders

Read the Guide --> Artifact Guide
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New Game + Bonus 83%
Description: Collect all 10 pieces of the Abyssal Armor and you will be able to use the armor in a new game (after beating the game once).
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The Hollow Lord 72%
The Hollow Lord cheat will give you the free Harvest
and when you press triangle in war.Whenyou kill it gives you more souls.
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Lifestone 71%
When your in the shadow mode for finding the orange scull lights in the Chocking Grounds break all the tombstones and everything around the gaziboe and a box will come out of the ground with part of a life stone shard.
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