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Jonas Cheats for NDS
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Jonas NDS Cheats

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Jonas Cheats

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Rub the screen were you at
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Jonas 700308Episode 2: I found got the Halloween costumes and Christmas stuff but now I need to find the yard sale. I ran around town and can't find it. Where's the yard sale located? Answers: 2
Jonas 704536How do I get past the department store in episode 3 without Nick's clothes getting ruined? Answers: 3
Jonas 724163How to get money Answers: 1
Jonas 734398Where do you go in the department store Answers: 1
Jonas 738130How do you change the guitar action riff to disortation in episode 4 home not alone? Answers: 1
Jonas 769774How do you get the 9th tricker treater to the firehouse? Answers: 0
Jonas 834254How do you get Joe Jonas downstairs to Mom in level 1? Answers: 1
Jonas 683114How do you get gold starts from fans? Answers: 1
Jonas 718596How buy cake,milk and egg in groovy movies? Answers: 2
Jonas 745034How can you unlock the heart guitar riff ? Answers: 0
Jonas 775684How to play the guitar during the concert,when to use the control pad and tap the guitar Answers: 1
Jonas 775685Can any one help me to play the concert ,please! Answers: 2
Jonas 787905How do you move the box in the storage room? Answers: 1
Jonas 790205On the bands best friend chapter I cant get the last fan past the first exit! what do I do? Answers: 0
Jonas 802027I cannot get past the part in episode 1 when you have to find the surgical out-fits for Jonas Brothers. I need help desperately. Answers: 2
Jonas 824655How do you get through the blue door in episode 6 Answers: 0
Jonas 865145How do you move the box in macys store Answers: 0
Jonas 872337In episode 6 I have to repare the stellavator, but when I go into it there´s a wall and normally I can jump over these things with nick but now it doesn´t work :( please answer to this I need help! Answers: 1
Jonas 893685At Macys house how do you find the disgusting clothes over the block? Answers: 0
Jonas 900623How to get past paint Answers: 0
Jonas 909015How to reverb the elevator because when I tried it, it didn't work Answers: 0
Jonas 910814How do you get over the boxes in level 3? Answers: 0
Jonas 935921How to pass level 1 Answers: 0
Jonas 947175How do you jump in episode 1 ? Answers: 0
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