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Tekken 3 Cheats for PSX
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Tekken 3 PSX Cheats

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Tekken 3

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

To get lin x 87%
To get lin x in a school uniform complete Arcade Mode with her 50 times and then when selecting her press Triangle.
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Gun Jack without suit 87%
Sent in by Gumbys]
To get gun jack with out his suit : press start on gun jack (you may have to win the game a few times though)
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School Theme 86%
Play and character 3 times on the Tekken force mode and get Dr. B After that, choose Jin and Ling in VS mode and they will appear in their school uniform with a school theme
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To get Gon the easy way 86%
Fight in survival mode until you can put you name on the chart. Type in gon and you automatically get it.
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Change Costumes/Outfits 85%
In any mode if you highlight any player and press triangle they come out in a diffrent costume.
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Get Gon 85%
Complete Tekken Ball Mode.
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Turn Jin into Devil 82%
You must go to practice mode and do a 10 hit combo with jin.

[sJoe Beans]
Choose Practice Mode and go into freestyle. Pause and hold L1+L2+R1+R2+Circle. During the practice press Down + Select to start recording and Select to stop. Then press Select to replay combo.
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Secret Fighters 82%
Kuma: complete arcade mode
Julia: complete Arcade Mode twice
Gun Jack: complete Arcade Mode 3 times
Mokujin: complete Arcade Mode 4 times
Anna: complete Arcade Mode 5 times
Bryan: complete Arcade Mode 6 times
Heihachi: complete Arcade Mode 7 times
Ogre: complete Arcade Mode 8 times
True Ogre: complete Arcade Mode 9 times
Panda: On the player select screen, highlight Kuma and then press Circle
Tiger: Win the game with all of the main characters. Then on the player select screen highlight eddy and press Triangle
Doctor B: Win the game in Tekken Force mode 4 times. Then beat Doctor B when he appears. After that you can select him in arcade mode. His cave stage will be available as well.
Gon: Complete Arcade Mode using Doctor B.
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To Get Jun Kazama 81%
Get Gon by defeating the ball mode. Then get Dr.B by defeating the Tekken Force mode. Then win the game with Jin Kazama 5 times without loosing a round and have 5 rounds to win. And save the game each time after winning the game with Jin.
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Dr B and Gon the easy way 80%
On the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th round on arcade let the computer beat you until you only have 5% health left, then beat
the computer. It will say 'great'. Then on the 8th round you will play either dr.
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Codes 77%
allchar - All characters
badside - You are the bad guys
policechar - Secret police character
backconfuse - Different background
powerfull - 1st player has powers
gotomama - Walk into backgrounds
weird - - Invincible
wherego - Invisible
slowmox - Slow-motion
fogouthere - Foggy
nomonster - No ogre in arcade
betterguy - True ogre transforms to zombie ogre
moviescrren - After sum1 kills some then do a movie.
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To get Armor King 75%
Get all of the characters including Gon and Dr.B. Then go to Practice mode and select King. Then do the move "Black Bomb" 15 times on each character.
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Paul deathfist 71%
You have to play as paul and do a left punch when punch smashes your opponent ,quickly press back+lp+rp
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Unlock tiger 56%
Click start on eddie
By: ramrocks(1334)
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Action replay codes 56%
Enable All Characters 80097ef0ffff 80097ef2001f 80097ef60005
Enable All Movies 80097ef8ffff 80097efaffff 80097efcffff
Enable Tiger Character 80097ef40382
Infinite Health P1 800a961e0082
Infinite Health P2 800aaeaa0082
Enable Ball Mode 30097f260003
Enable Theater Mode 30097f270003
P1-L1 Gains Power P1 d00a91300004 200a961e0001
P1-L2 Loses Power P1 d00a91300001 210a961e0001
P1-R1 Gains Power P2 d00a91300008 200aaeaa0001
P1-R2 Loses Power P2 d00a91300002 210aaeaa0001
Hit Your Opponent Anywhere On The Screen 800477862400 800477f62400 80047ba22400
By: ramrocks(1334)
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Unlock gon 50%
Open survival mode beat your high score then enter name gon
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C:\Documents and Settings\user\Pulpit\epsxe160 43%
Allchar - All characters
badside - You are the bad guys
policechar - Secret police character
backconfuse - Different background
powerfull - 1st player has powers
gotomama - Walk into backgrounds
weird - - Invincible
wherego - Invisible
slowmox - Slow-motion
fogouthere - Foggy
nomonster - No ogre in arcade
betterguy - True ogre transforms to zombie ogre
moviescrren - After sum1 kills some then do a movie.
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Tekken FMV sequences 40%
Have a Tekken saved game file on your memory card, then select the "Theatre" option.
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Unlock doctor d 31%
Complete walking mode
By: ramrocks(1334)
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Awesome pain 25%
First you do any multi throw then when his on the ground try to grab him (be careful though I tried this before some time with out warning your opponent attack you) so if you feel its too late jump out of the way and find a way to finish his his boastful career of you hear me finish him of(LOL)
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