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Shining Force Cheats for WII
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Shining Force WII Cheats

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Shining Force

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Jogurt 100%
How to unlock: You will see him in chapter 1 by where you get Gong. Talk to him. He will not
join you right away. In chapter 4 in Pao town 1 (before the caravan moves), go to the priest's hut in the northwest area of town. Walk along the west wall INSIDE the hut. You should see Jogurt in the top left of the screen trying to flap his arms to fly. When he stops flapping, he'll be on your team.
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Secret Moonstone 100%
Location: In chapter 4. The first battle is on a ship. Search with a flyer to the left of the figure head. Search the wood and you will find a hidden moonstone.
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Lots of EXP 100%
How to: First enter a battle as usual. Then proceed to fight the enemy, but DO NOT KILL ALL OF THE ENEMIES!!! Just
kill some and leave the rest then cast Egress. You exit out of the battle and keep all of the experience that you earned. Repeat as necessary.
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Bikini Clad Tao 100%
How to: Enter the cave where you get the moon stone (the one where you get zylo) and check the walls you will find the sugoi mizugi. Now give it to tao and go to headquarters. When you enter a battle Tao will wear a bikini.
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Jogurt Ring 100%
How to: To get the Jogurt ring you must kill the lower artillery next to Elliot using Jogurt in the battle against Elliot.
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Get Gong before Battle #1 100%
Description: In order to get Gong before the first battle, you wave to "push" the guy who lost his wagon over to the gate so as to block the guards' movements'. Basically, this means you have to block his way away from the gate, and hope he will walk toward it. Eventually, will get three tiles away from the guards. If you walk forward more the guards will block you, so wait until he decides to get in their path before proceeding. Once outside, you can go to the little house near the site of battle #1 to get Gong. Also, if you try to fight battle #1, Tao and the others will speak but only You and Gong will be present! Try to win this one!
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Every Dog has his Day 100%
Every dog must have his day, but this trick gives you the Day of the Dogs. To turn every member of your current fighting group into Jogurt (the dog; not the dairy product), do the following:

    Get Jogurt (the dog) to join your team.
    Make him kill someone. When you do this Jogurt will receive a ring.
    Equip whomever you want to be a dog with the ring.
    Transfer the ring to the next person to be a dog.
    Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have everyone in your group is a dog.
    Enter a battle to let slip the dogs of war.

*** This trick lasts for one battle.
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Bikini for Anri 100%
How to: Hidden in the cliff where the snipers are in battle 11. It's called the Kitui Huku. Give it to Anri.
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Unlimited Heat Axes 100%
In the battle with General Elliot there is a lizardman with a heat axe. kill him with magic or arrows so you do not have to get close to him or he could kill you. Make sure when you kill him that all your item boxes are not filled up. Give the axe to Luke or Gort after they are promoted. use the egress spell and come back and do it again.
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Name Every Character 100%
Description: Start a new game and name your character. After you are done highlight "End" and hold A + B + C on Controller Two, then press Start. On Controller One, press A + C + Start. A new character will appear. Name the character and another one will appear, etc. This will continue until you have named every character in the game.
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Begin with +1HP and +1MP 100%
Enter SEGA as your name to begin with +1HP and +1MP.
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Hanzou 100%
On act 8 when you get to the village(the one with walls around it)once you enter look for a bush with flowers and search there(theres only one bush with flowers).
By: thedominater323(659)
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Jogurt 100%
On act 1 go to gongs house talk to the dog beside the house on act 4 talk to him again and he"l join your force
By: thedominater323(659)
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