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Saboteur, The Cheats for PS3
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Saboteur, The PS3 Cheats

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Saboteur, The

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Easy Mad Bomber Perk 97%
How to: Steal a Nazi vehicle and put it in your garage. Blow it up. Take a new one from garage keeper and blow it again. Repeat that to complete 5 vehicle requirement for the Mad Bomber perk.
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Infinite Contraband 95%
Find an AA gun somewhere relatively isolated. Eliminate the guards around the gun. Get on an AA gun and shoot any zeppelin you see (Zeppelins respawn indefinitely). When the alarm level gets too high, just save your game and load it again and your alarm level will be gone and you keep everything you just earned.
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Find a Path Up Buildings 95%
How to: If there is a scenic point atop a building that you cant figure out how to climb, follow the glowing yellow lamps -- they'll show the way to the scenic point.
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Racing Made Easy 95%
Description: To win a countryside race, walk to the side of each participating car and aim your gun to the driver so he'll get out. Do this to all of the other drivers. Now, get back to your car and start the one-man race.
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The Sabateur Trophy List 89%
-Casanova (Bronze Trophy)
You kissed 50 women.

-Chain Smoker (Bronze Trophy)
You smoked way too much.

-Coast Guard (Bronze Trophy)
You completed 76 ambient freeplay in La Havre.

-Commando (Bronze Trophy)
You completed each type of ambient freeplay.

-Complete all other trophies (Platinum Trophy)
Complete all other trophies.

-Demolition Derby (Bronze Trophy)
You destroyed 50 vehicles.

-Fatherland Fighter (Bronze Trophy)
You completed 53 ambient freeplay in Saarbrucken.

-First Blood (Bronze Trophy)
You completed your first ambient freeplay event.

-Gold Medalist (Bronze Trophy)
You obtained your first gold perk.

-Guerilla Warfare (Bronze Trophy)
You completed 425 ambient freeplay in the countryside.

-Hell on Wheels (Bronze Trophy)
You achieved victory in all freeplay races.

-High Diver (Bronze Trophy)
You jumped from the Eiffel Tower and survived.

-Liberator of France (Gold Trophy)
You inspired the people of France.

-Master of Disguise (Bronze Trophy)
You made it through a story mission with your disguise intact.

-No Witnesses (Bronze Trophy)
You completed a mission without raising alarm.

-Northern Command (Bronze Trophy)
You inspired the people of Paris Area 1.

-Not On My Watch (Silver Trophy)
You have saved the French people from a cruel fate.

-Pigeon Parfait (Bronze Trophy)
You played 'Bird Blast.'.

-Saint Honore' (Bronze Trophy)
You spent 75,000 contraband.

-Silent Death (Bronze Trophy)
You stealth killed 50 or more Nazis.

-Silver Streak (Bronze Trophy)
You obtained your first silver perk.

-Solid Gold (Silver Trophy)
You completed all gold level perks.

-Southern Command (Bronze Trophy)
You inspired the people of Paris Area 3.

-Top o' the World (Bronze Trophy)
You climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

-Tourist (Bronze Trophy)
You collected all monument postcards.

-Trick or Treat (Bronze Trophy)
You stealth killed a Nazi General while disguised.

-Unnatural Disaster (Bronze Trophy)
You completed 212 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 2.

-Walking WMD (Bronze Trophy)
You completed 239 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 3.

-Weapon Master (Silver Trophy)
You purchased all weapons available in the shops.

-Western Command (Bronze Trophy)
You inspired the people of Paris Area 2.

-Wrecking Crew (Bronze Trophy)
You completed 333 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 1.
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Vehicle Locations 87%
Description: The following vehicles can be found at the locations below:

Bauer Fuel TruckWest Picardie / North Normadie / Near the river, where the road the road hooks around
Gestapo GSGare Saint Lazarre / This is parked North of the checkpoint near the tower with propaganda speaker (right side of the road)
Armed ZP750Raise the alarm level and it will come to you
Gestapo Cruiser (Not GS)On streets around Nazi areas
Bauer ArmoredThe Armed Baur is located near the railroad at the back of the Chateau Chambord which you unlock as a target in the mission "Set up us the Bomb."
Kaiser BulletproofTrocadero / First city section with the freeplay destroyable object (marked by white diamond). Look in the alley way (the security checkpoint closest to the huge building)
Panther Mk3 TankMontmarte / The tank is just northeast of the Belle HQ. It is just north of the church where you meet Father Dennis for some side missions. It is in some bombed out buildings
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The Saboteur Just Getting Started Trailer [HD] (Video) 79%
You are Sean Devlin, looking for revenge in Nazi-occupied Europe. The French Resistance, British Intelligence, and a massive arsenal of weapons are at your disposal as you seek redemption.
Saboteur, The cheat video Cheat Video
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Sex by Veronique 30%
If you are near by Veronique just press:up,up,up,triangle,circle,r1,r1,L1 and you vill see the porn scene between Sean and Veronique
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Infinite kiss 29%
Go to the same girls hold r1 win you kiss you will unlock infinite kiss
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Play nudity on game play 24%
On game play go to the bar and press square,up,o,x,select,start,start
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Invinsible health 22%
During gameplay press x square circle triangle r1 r2 l1 l2
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Play as hitler 22%
Go to download enter kk47-o950-wesw
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Sunny weather 22%
During gameplay press up down left right triangle x square cirlce
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Infiniti ammo 19%
During the gameplay press,up down left right L1 L2 R1 R2
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Leader 17%
Go up to some one and press square and they follow you.
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GOD M O D E 16%
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Use a rappel 16%
During gameplay press up down left right L1 L1 R1 R2
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I n f i n i t e a m m o 10%
M a I n m e n you holdR1 O O DOWN O UP X LEFT RIGHT R3 START
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Never lose health/no health damage 9%
During the gameplay hold L1 L2 R1 R2 and press triangle
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Saboteur, The 820496Does anybody know where to find the Civillian car Palomino Sedanca is at? Answers: 1
Saboteur, The 650809How do I get a ticket Answers: 3
Saboteur, The 655829I have two Questions How do I get a Car out of Germany I need a Beta Romeo To compleate my garage and the german race track is the only place I can get one now and I cant get it any futher than the boarder gate. 2nd question I have compleated all the freeplay targets except 1. Its a viewpoint the building at the begining of the name La Bourse on the map. I have found the guiding lights. I clime the drain pipe suffle along the ledge land on the iron balcony thing then I CAN NOT seem to jump to the planks on the other side no matter what I do.  So if some one could help me with these problems I would be greatful Answers: 4
Saboteur, The 715352How do I successfully complete the rail run using the Bauer truck escaping from Notre Dame _ I am sick of Dr Kwong getting killed and also running out of truck life! Answers: 1
Saboteur, The 729693I have one free target left in the fairgrounds somewhere by or on the ferris wheel can anyone tell me where it is Answers: 1
Saboteur, The 729889What exactly do I have to do to easily get the "Not On My Watch" trophy. Anybody knows? Answers: 1
Saboteur, The 755805How to make a car bomb Answers: 2
Saboteur, The 768765I have completed all missions but cant enter saarbrucken please tell me what I am missing Answers: 1
Saboteur, The 789305How do I get past the vehicles on mission 24? Ny truck helalth doesent last! help mE! lol Answers: 1
Saboteur, The 832057Where do I find the Half-Track, AR-33, Foucalt, & Flammwagon? I found the panter mk3 and the wulf but not the others sitting around empty. these are the last ones I need to complete my garage. Answers: 1
Saboteur, The 835650Where can I find a list of all the cars? Answers: 1
Saboteur, The 878715I have a question, my redemption code doesnt work, does somebody got a code for me please?! thanxx Answers: 1
Saboteur, The 898779Scenery spot in beginning of game, can find no place to climb? pls help only freeplay left. Arched building in beginning? Answers: 1
Saboteur, The 904116What is the redemtion code I need to go online Answers: 1
Saboteur, The 947835Were is notre dame Answers: 1
Saboteur, The 951549How can I get ticket in xbox there is No code I have finished all my missions but I couldnt enter private in bele Answers: 1
Saboteur, The 955507How do you get a privite show ticket Answers: 1
Saboteur, The 673612How do I get a skeleton key Answers: 2
Saboteur, The 774663How do I set up multiple explosives? Answers: 1
Saboteur, The 632369How do you blow up train bridges Answers: 4
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