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Fate: Traitor Soul Cheats for PC
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Fate: Traitor Soul PC Cheats

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Fate: Traitor Soul

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Cheat Codes 89%
Description: Press CTRL+SHIFT+~(or the key above Tab) to bring up the cheat console. Enter the following codes and text appear next to the question mark in the lower corner. Press ENTER after each code.

FameAdd 1000 fame points to your character
ExperienceAdds 5000 experience points to your character
GoldAdd 500000 Gold
BloodDisplay red blood
Ascend "X"Ascends X number of levels
DiscoverallCompletely reveal the current dungeon
Fountain of WellnessSummon a fountain that will replenish both your health and your mana
Fountain of HealthSummon a fountain that will replenish your health
Fountain of ManaSummon a fountain that will replenish your mana
Fountain of StaminaSummon a fountain that will replenish your stamina
Shrine of LearningSummon a Shrine that will randomly give either positive or negative effects to a character's stats
Fate StatueSummon a statue that, when activated, will either give a unique monster, or 2 random gems
DumpmapCreate a text description of the current map as a maze.txt file, which can be found in the game's installation folder
Magic AnvilSummon an Anvil that will randomly imbue either a positive or negative magical effect on an item
Descend XDescends X number of levels
LevelupGives you one experience level
GodGives you ten experience levels and eight to your pet
NobloodReplaces red blood with star particles
HealRestores all of your health
Large ChestSummon a large chest with nothing in it
[Creature Name]Summon the given creature
[Item Name]Summon the given item name
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Never before seen cheat for unlimited gold. 83%
Most people think the only way to get a lot of gold is selling the legendary ancestral footsteps or typing in the gold cheat code but there is one way to get billions of gold in a matter of seconds.first you must use the descend cheat but to save you time put in descend12000000000 at this point it should ask if you want to descend yes and once you get there start looking for crates,urns,or chests or gold that's already on the ground you will be surprised how much gold is lying around!and just remember the monsters that are that deep are extremely strong so don't be stupid and attack them because they will kill you.
By: Boooommmm(8)
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Powerfull stuff 56%
You probably noticed this, but if you keep on passing things down to your decedent like a gold ring with lots of good stats those stats will get better and better with etch pass down.
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Shadow 45%
Make bad copy of you and your pet.If you kill them all items what they have equiped drop from them.
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Summoning thunder dragon spell 31%
Summons 1 thunder dragon for 2 minuts 2 minuts per 1 charm skill
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Fate: Traitor Soul 636349What is the strongest weapon in the game? Answers: 3
Fate: Traitor Soul 598443I can't get past level 41. i have completed 1 armor set required but can't find the rest. i'm on l 149 on the other side. Answers: 1
Fate: Traitor Soul 857149What is the best armor and sword Answers: 1
Fate: Traitor Soul 691889Why can't I activate the cheat menu or bar or txt to type in a cheat? I have hit CTRL+SHIft+~ but it doesn't work Answers: 7
Fate: Traitor Soul 596210What is the significance of the "H" on items with that designation on them? I have a helmet and a medallion with the "H" on the upper left corner that I can't use, and when I try to put them in the chest, the game says "I wouldn't do that" or something like that... Answers: 3
Fate: Traitor Soul 610962What are the new monsters from Fate: The traitor soul Answers: 2
Fate: Traitor Soul 623967I bought the game from amazon. I cant find the typhoon hero items. Do I need to get the 459 version and if how do I get it? Answers: 3
Fate: Traitor Soul 645992Where is byron soothsayer located in the game Answers: 1
Fate: Traitor Soul 728126When playing the hardcore what is the difference between perished and death! when I perished and carry on the score still continues? should I continue? Answers: 2
Fate: Traitor Soul 687772How to advence to lv 41 on fate traitor soul Answers: 1
Fate: Traitor Soul 927488How to turn your dog into kaos. Answers: 1
Fate: Traitor Soul 931003Why can't I activate the cheat menu or bar or txt to type in a cheat? I have hit CTRL+SHIft+~ but it doesn't work? Answers: 1
Fate: Traitor Soul 933160What is the strongest weapon in fate the traitor soul. Answers: 1
Fate: Traitor Soul 955556Whats the cyber armor name Answers: 0
Fate: Traitor Soul 959847My game says "Your heart fails you... you dare not go on" when I reach level 43 where the realm quest is. What do I do to overcome that? Answers: 0
Fate: Traitor Soul 973272I can't find Kaos and his minos on level 29 Answers: 1
Fate: Traitor Soul 735417What's the strongest monster for fate the traitor. Answers: 2
Fate: Traitor Soul 728128I cannot open the cheat mode when pressing ctrl + shift + ~ ? even in "not hardcore" and I got a full version Answers: 4
Fate: Traitor Soul 735427What are the most expensive armor parts? Answers: 3
Fate: Traitor Soul 748774What's the most expensive armor shield, boots, gloves ,etc also what's the most expensive sword? Answers: 2
Fate: Traitor Soul 781765What does it mean when an item has a Q in the top corner? Answers: 2
Fate: Traitor Soul 595011What does it mean when my items have +/- 'item requirements'? Thanx Answers: 2
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