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Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Cheats for WII
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Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels WII Cheats

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Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

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World A-D 100%
Description: You will get a star by the game logo for every time you beat World 8-4. When you have eight stars, go to the title screen and hold A and press START to access World A-D.
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Warp Zones 100%
Description: Use the following warp zones to get around in style. Remember: You cannot access World 9 if you use any warp pipe!

Warp Back To World 1 - In World 3-1, jump onto the spring at the end of the stage to fly over the flagpole. A warp pipe on the far side will take you to World 1.
Warp To World 2 - In World 1-2, make your way to the bricks above the level. Run past the exit pipe to find the warp pipe that takes you to World 2.
Warp To World 3 - In World 1-2, look for a pipe, a few bricks, and a Steel-Shelled Koopa. Bust the first brick on the left to reveal a beanstalk. At the top you will find a warp pipe to World 3.
Warp To World 4 - *** You need to be small to use this warp. In World 1-2, use the moving platforms to perform a running jump to the small brick platform. Jump again to the next platform and continue on to the 2 pipes. Enter the left pipe. Run under the lava pit below the brick wall. Do not enter the pipe at the end. Hit the secret coin block one space to the left of the lava pit. Stand on the coin block and hit the secret coin block one space to the right of where you are standing. Use this to get on the ceiling and run to the warp pipe to World 4.
Warp Back To World 5 - In World 8-1,after you get by the 3rd Hammer Bro, enter the next pipe that points upwards. Make your way through the secret area and use the pipe to exit on the far side. At the top of the stairs, enter the pipe to go back to World 5 -- or kill yourself in the pit if you aren't a total sadist.
Warp to World 6 - *** You must be at least Super Mario ("big") for this one. In World 5-1, look for two rows of floating bricks past two Red Paratroopas. The the brick on the far right in the top row to reveal a vine. Bust the brick adjacent to it and climb up to find the warp to World 6.
Warp to World 7 - In World 5-2 there are three tiny elevators in a row. Use these to reach the ceiling. Run to the right to reach World 7.
Warp to World 8 - In World 5-2, at the three elevators, hop on the leftmost one and hit the brick immediately left of it. Climb the vine to reach the Warp Zone.
Warp To World C - In World A-3, use the spring to bypass flagpole at the end of the stage. Run to the warp pipe to World C.
Warp To World D - In World B-4, enter the very last pipe in the level (next to a lava pit).
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World 9 100%
Description: Getto World 8-4 without using a single warp pipe to unlock World 9, you must get to World 8-4 without using any warp pipes. In World 9 you will only have 1 life -- get to World 9-4 and you will restart at World 9-1 infinitely until you die. It's an evil, evil game
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Flagpole Freebie 98%
Description: If your coin total is two identical digits (00,11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88 or 99), and the time you touch the flag pole ends in that very same digit, you will get a 1-Up. For example, hit the flag with 44 coins with 104 seconds left to get a prize.
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Infinite Lives 96%
Description: At the beginning of board 2-1 you will need to jump to the top of the three step stair case and move forward until you see the flying turtle.
Jump on the flying turtle once and it should begin to walk toward the stairs. Move Mario to the top of the first step and press jump as quickly as possible on the turtle as soon as he lands on the 2nd step.
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