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Mass Effect 2 Cheats for PC
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Mass Effect 2 PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Mega Trainer 1.02 by: Caliber Jun 22,2010
Mega Trainer 1.02 (STEAM/D2D) by: Caliber Jun 22,2010
Mega Trainer 1.01 (STEAM/D2D) by: Caliber May 11,2010
Mega Trainer 1.01 by: Caliber May 11,2010
Mega Trainer by: Caliber Apr 13,2010
Mega Trainer (STEAM/D2D) by: Caliber Apr 13,2010

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Mass Effect 2

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Illium Side Quests Guide 100%
Description: In todays Mass Effect 2 Side Quests guide were gonna go through all the side quests on Illium.

Read the Guide --> Illium Side Quests [Guide]
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Mass Effect 2 Citadel Side Quests Guide 100%
Description: Mass Effect 2 Citadel Side Quests
Read the Guide --> Mass Effect 2 Citadel Side Quests
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Mass Effect 2 Tactics Guide 100%
This guide will help you navigate the various tactics you have to deal with in Mass Effect 2.

Read the Guide --> Mass Effect 2 Tactics [Guide]
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Citadel Side Quests Guide 100%
Description: Mass Effects 2 has an enormous amount of side quests and were gonna attempt to start getting you through them, especially you PS3 players. This guide will focus on all the Citadel Side Missions.

Read the Guide --> Citadel Side Quests [Guide]
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Mass Effect 2 Classes Guide 100%
Introduction to all the different classes in Mass Effect 2

Read the Guide --> Mass Effect 2 Classes [Guide]
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Max Out Skill Points ("Infinite" Skill Points) 98%
Description: To do this you will need to have the Dominate skill, the Retrain Powers and Advanced Training upgrades and tons of Element Zero. You can get the Dominate Skill by recruiting Morinth(Samara's daughter), which means you have to sacrifice Samara in her own loyalty mission. A list of planets with Element Zero can be found on

How to: First, purchase Advanced Training and choose Dominate. This will land you a bonus skill point, which you can use by instituting the Retrain Powers upgrade. Repeat this process for additional skill points, one at a time!
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Romancing the Yeoman 98%
How to: If you chat it up with Yeoman Kelly Chambers often and choose to be kind to her you can instigate an "unusual" romantic encounter. You will eventually be able to invite her to dinner. Additionally, you cannot let Kelly die in the final mission (choose a loyal escort for the crew in the final scene). After you beat the game, talk to Kelly and you will receive an email from her. Go to your quarters and you will be able to invite her up using your console. She'll appear and you will be able to watch the evening's awkward events unwind. She's no Yeoman Rand, but she will do.
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Geth Pulse Rifle 98%
How to: *** The Geth Pulse Rifle can only be found on Hardcore or Insanity difficulty. During the recruitment mission for Tali, look for the rifle in the same room you find Tali. It will be sitting on the ground next to a destroyed geth.
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Mass Effect 2 Armory Perks Info 98%
Description: Armory Perks Info


N7 Breather Helmet - Increases health by 5%
N7 Helmet - Increases health by 5%
N7 Visor - Increases head-shot damage by 10%
Death Mask - Increases negotiation success change by 10%


N7 Shoulder Guards - Increases weapon damage by 3%
Amplifier Plates - Increases power damage by 5%
Asymmetric Defense Layer - Increases health by 5%
Strength Boost Pads - Increases melee damage by 25%


N7 Chestplate - Increases power damage by 3%
Aegis Vest - Increases health by 5%
Capacitor Chestplate - Reduces shield delay by 10%
Shield Harness - Increases shields by 5%


N7 Gauntlets - Increases health by 3%
Heavy Damping Gauntlets - Increases shields by 5%
Off-Hand Ammo Pack - Increases spare ammo capacity by 10%
Stabilizing Gauntlets - Increases weapon damage by 5%


N7 Greaves - Increases shield strength by 3%
Life Support Webbing - Increases health by 10%
Stimulator Conduits - Increases storm speed by 10%
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Alternate Costumes/Colors 98%
How to: Complete a Loyalty mission for a party member to unlock alternate color schemes for that character.
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Double Your Hacking Rewards 98%
How to: Occasionally, after completing a hacking minigame for credits etc. you can press A repeatedly as the window closes and cause the game to glitch out and let you hack a 2nd time, for another chunk of credits! We've confirmed that this is rare, but it does work, so get in the habit of mashing.
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* No One Left Behind 98%

In this video I share a few tips which could help your team survive the suicide mission at the end of the game, rewarding you with the No One Left Behind achievement.

Ship Upgrades Required
- Heavy Ship Armor
- Multicore Shielding
- Thanix Cannon

Tech Expert
- Tali / Legion

Diversion Team Leader
- Garrus / Miranda

- Any two loyal characters

Biotics Expert
- Samara / Jack

The Escort
- Mordin

It might also be worth mentioning that I had two disloyal members of the squad (Miranda & Legion), I chose to "hurry up" instead of defending the door (shown at 5:25) and I completed this mission immediately after the "incident" with the IFF in order to save the ship's crew.

Mass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Legion Does the Intergalactic Shuffle [Easter Egg] 98%
Description: Approach Legion in his quarters and highlight him but do not talk to him. He will do "The Robot," the traditional dance of his ancestors.
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Fortis Anomaly 98%
Have you found an Anomaly while scanning? Here is a video of Anomaly on Fortis.
Mass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Mass Effect 2: Tali Romance 98%
Sheperd & Tali setting in a tree :. k-i-s-s-i-n-g + little more!
Mass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Mass Effect 2 Upgrades Guide 98%
Description: To be successful you have to investigate new technologies and upgrade your weaponry. This guide will help break down what each upgrade will do so you can decide what you need to play your way in Mass Effect 2.

Read the Guide --> Mass Effect 2 Upgrades [Guide]
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Normandy Side Quests Guide 98%
Description: In this edition were gonna go through all the side quests you will receive on board your faithful ship the Normandy.

Read the Guide --> Normandy Side Quests [Guide]
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Locations Guide 98%
There are a lot of locations in Mass Effect 2 and each one has its own unique qualities.

Read the Guide --> Locations [Guide]
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Mass Effect 2 - Romance with the chic Jack 98%
Making out Scene with Jack
Mass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Classes Guide 98%
There is A LOT in Mass Effects 2 and what better way to get started with the guides then to introduce you to all the different classes. Besides all us PS3 owners are finally getting to see what's up.

Read the Guide --> Classes [Guide]
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Mass Effect 2: Recruiting Legion 98%
Recruiting Legion Video
Mass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Respectable Quarian Names [Easter Egg] 98%
How to: When asking Zaal'Koris about his funny name/ship name the "Qwib Qwib" (on the Quarian fleet vessel), the real joke hits when he mentions desiring a more respectable ship name like "Defrahnz" or "Iktomi." These two names would have yielded the following Quarian names: Zaal'Koris vas Defrahnz (vas deferens) and Zaal'Koris vas Iktomi (vasectomy).
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Mass Effect 2 Planetary Database Guide 98%
Description: This guide is designed to help you find not only which planets are rich in minerals but just where exactly all the planets are and what systems they are in.

Read the Guide --> Mass Effect 2 Planetary Database [Guide]
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Completion Bonuses 98%
How to Unlock: Complete the game.

How To:Start a new game with a cleared saved game file after you have completed the game once to unlock the following bonuses:

1) You can choose Loyalty Bonus Skill at the start
2) You retain Skill Points from first session
3) You retain level and experience points from first session
4) Renegade/Paragon points reset to neutral
5) You have your previous weapons & armor minus upgrades for them.
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Anomaly Locations 98%
Description: Aomalies found at these planets when scanned:

Caleston RiftSolveigSinmara
Caleston RiftTalavaTaitus
Crescent NebulaLusarnTarith
Crescent NebulaZeleneHelyme
Eagle NebulaAmunNeith
Eagle NebulaStraboJarrahe Station
Hades NexusSheolGei Hin
HourGlass NebulaFaryarDaratar
HourGlass NebulaPloitariZanethu
Minos WastelandFortisAequitas
Omega NebulaAriniarkanMSV Strontium Mule
Omega NebulaFatharLorek
Pylos NebulaDiradaCanalus
Pylos NebulaNariphMSV Broken Arrow
Rosetta NebulaEnochJoab
The Shrike NebulaXe ChaZada Ban
Sigurd's CradleDecorisSanctum
Sigurd's CradleSkepsisFranklin
Titan NebulaHaskinsCapek
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Mass Effect 2 video of Glitches 98%
Location: Out of Blue Suns Facility

In this video we show you Out of Map on Planet Korlus, Mission Blue Suns Facility. It is at the part right after you talk to one of the Creatures and they deny you. The spot should be familair so when you get to it try this out its very easy and fun to do.
Mass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Prequel Bonuses 98%
How to: Have a saved game file from the original Mass Effect and use that profile in Mass Effect 2 to get the following bonuses:

1) Experience points based on your level from Mass Effect
2) Resources for weapon & armor upgrades
3) Paragon & Renegade Points *** There is a bonus if you have the maximum amount of either Paragon or Renegade points.
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Legion's Gamer Stats [Easter Egg] 98%
Geth is gamer! I like him even more now! lol

Description: At the end of 'The Lair of the Shadow Broker' downloadable content for Mass Effect 2, you will find a terminal with all your teammates' dossiers on it. Including information only the shadow broker could get his hands on. You will find upon reading Legion's dossier that our favorite Geth happens to be quite the gamer. You can read a list of games he downloaded and even his scores and rankings on the leaderboards. There's even a bit where he is kicked for hacking some game, but he challenges the ban, and is let back onto the servers. I found this read to be worth a chuckle.
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Mass Effect 2 Glitch - Unlimted Bots 98%
This video shows you how to keep spawning those massive bots:
Mass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Dr. Pepper & EA Promotion Bonus 98%
Direct your browser to and register an account. You can register 3 different accounts to redeem 3 different codes. After creating an account enter one of the listed redemption codes below with selecting the "No Purchase" option.


Select the "Redeem" button to see a login for a EA Account. Log in with your EA account information that is linked to Mass Effect 2. Select Mass Effect 2 from the game list and select the desired bonus item. Repeat the steps with a new account to get the other items.

Mass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Tactics Guide 98%
This guide will help you navigate the various tactics you have to deal with in Mass Effect 2.

Read the Guide --> Tactics [Guide]
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Humor Clips 98%
Description: Mass Effect 2 funny moments

AdvertismentMass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
Crew ChatMass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
Joker's MissionMass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
DrunkMass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
Check your damn targets!Mass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
Bachelor PartyMass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Mass Effect 2 : Romance with Kelly ( sexy dancing ) 98%
Post-game if you turn down your romance, you will have a new message from her. After that just go to your cabin and there will be a new option near your personal computer to call her up!

*** You can do this with the other romance options too, but they do not dance
Mass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Mass Effect 2 - Easter Egg - Legion 98%
Mass Effect 2 Easter Egg - Legion

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Mass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Element Zero Planets 98%
Description: Search the following planet to find Element Zero:

Calestone RiftAysurArvunamoderate
Calestone RiftBalorCalestonemoderate
Crescent NebulaLusamTarithrich
Crescent NebulaZeleneHelymemoderate
Eagle NebulaAmunAnthurrich
Eagle NebulaAmunSekhmetmoderate
Eagle NebulaRelicPreying Mouthrich
Far RimDholenGothamoderate
Hades NexusHekateAsteriapoor
Hades NexusHekateBothrospoor
Hades NexusPamyatDobrovolskimoderate
Hades NexusSheolGel Hinnommoderate
Hawking EtaSchwarzschildEtamisrich
Hourglass NebulaFaryarDaratarrich
Hourglass NebulaOsunErinlerich
Hourglass NebulaPloitariTheganmoderate
Krogan DMZNithMantunmoderate
Minos WastelandCaestusInvictusmoderate
Nubian ExpanseKalabashaYammmoderate
Nubian ExpanseBatallaNearogmoderate
Nubian ExpanseBatallathunawanurorich
The Phoenix MassingSalahielEkunamoderate
Pylos NebulaDiradaSianomoderate
Pylos NebulaSatentBororich
Pylos NebulaRaisarisrich
Rosetta NebulaAlpha Draconis2175 Aeiamoderate
Rosetta NebulaEnochJoabrich
Rosetta NebulaEnochLabanmoderate
Rosetta NebulaEnochMizraimrich
Shadow SeaIeraProspectpoor
The Shrike AbyssalUrla RastTalis Fiamoderate
The Shrike AbyssalXe ChaTosal Nymrich
The Shrike AbyssalXe ChaZada Banrich
Sigurd's CradleDecorisSanctummoderate
Sigurd's CradleSkepsisWatsonrich
Titan NebulaHaskinsCapekmoderate
Valhallan ThresholdMicahFarlasmoderate
Valhallan ThresholdMicahIsrafelmoderate
Valhallan ThresholdMicahKakabelmoderate
Valhallan ThresholdPazGarvugrich
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DLC Achievements Guide 98%
Description: This guide will break down the Achievements and for the Mass Effect 2 DLC Kasumi, Overlord, and Lair of the Shadowbroker DLC.

Read the Guide --> DLC Achievements [Guide]
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Mass Effect 2: Tali Romance 98%
Sheperd and Tali setting in a tree :. k-i-s-s-i-n-g
Mass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Mass Effect 2 : Romance with Miranda Lawson 96%
Making out Scene with Miranda Lawson
Mass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Infinite M-920 Cain Glitch 96%
Description: After initially firing the M-920 Cain you can keep holding down on the fire button while hitting reload after every shot. The shots will keep firing during the previous shots' explosions (within about 2-3 seconds of each other). Remember: the blast can harm you and your squad mates!
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a Cheat List 95%
***Alter game files at your own risk and always make backups.

How to: Find the Coalesced.ini file (in Windows XP this will be in the CProgram FilesUSERMass Effect 2BioGameConfigPCCooked folder).
To take out reloading, change AmmoPerShot=1 to AmmoPerShot=0
For infinite ammo, change all instances of bInfiniteAmmo=true to bInfiniteAmmo=false
For extra health, change Health=1500 to Health=9500
For more Medigel, change MaxMedigel=1 to MaxMedigel=9
For more probes, change MaxProbes=30 to MaxProbes=90
For more fuel, change MaxFuel=1000 to MaxFuel=3000
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Bonus Paragon or Renegade Interruption Points 94%
Description: During conversations, you may spot a RIGHT or LEFT TRIGGER appear in the top left portion of the screen. If you hit LEFT TRIGGER when the "wings" logo appears you will get Paragon points. If you hit RIGHT TRIGGER when the "star" appears you will get Renegade points. You've got to act fast to get the points!
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Element Zero locations 83%
Scan the planets below to find Element Zero.

Calestone Rift
Aysur, Arvuna (moderate)
Balor, Calestone (moderate)

Crescent Nebula
Lusam, Tarith (rich)
Zelene, Helyme (moderate)

Eagle Nebula
Amun, Anthur (rich)
Amun, Sekhmet (moderate)
Relic, Preying Mouth (rich)

Far Rim
Dholen, Gotha (moderate)

Hades Nexus
Hekate, Asteria (poor)
Hekate, Bothros (poor)
Pamyat, Dobrovolski (moderate)
Sheol, Gel Hinnom (moderate)

Hawking Eta
Schwarzschild, Etamis (rich)

Hourglass Nebula
Faryar, Daratar (rich)
Osun, Erinle (rich)
Ploitari, Thegan (moderate)

Krogan DMZ
Nith, Mantun (moderate)

Minos Wasteland
Caestus, Invictus (moderate)

Nubian Expanse
Kalabasha, Yamm (moderate)
Batalla, Nearog (moderate)
Batalla, thunawanuro (rich)

The Phoenix Massing
Salahiel, Ekuna (moderate)

Pylos Nebula
Dirada, Siano (moderate)
Satent, Boro (rich)
Raisaris (rich)

Rosetta Nebula
Alpha Draconis, 2175 Aeia (moderate)
Enoch, Joab (rich)
Enoch, Laban (moderate)
Enoch, Mizraim (rich)

Shadow Sea
Iera, Prospect (poor)

The Shrike Abyssal
Urla Rast, Talis Fia (moderate)
Xe Cha, Tosal Nym (rich)
Xe Cha, Zada Ban (rich)

Sigurd's Cradle
Decoris, Sanctum (moderate)
Skepsis, Watson (rich)

Titan Nebula
Haskins, Capek (moderate)

Valhallan Threshold
Micah, Farlas (moderate)
Micah, Israfel (moderate)
Micah, Kakabel (moderate)
Paz, Garvug (rich)
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Mass effect 2 Manual cheats 76%
Hey guys, i'm new here and I noticed people trying to find a trainer for this game.
some even pay for things like that...
well, I want to show you a manual cheat, the functions can be the same, just need to know how tu use. here goes the How to:
What you'll need:
- Cheat software ( I use one called "Cheat Engine", google it and download)
- Change Resolution of the Mass effect 2 to > Window > 800 X 600 (Better to work)

Now let's get started:
==Paragon, Renegade Points hack:
-Open the cheat software, and the game
-first you need to know how much of "points" you have on paragon or renegade (I recomend to use this cheat in a new game, so it would be easy to find the var, and I dont know how to get the right number on a already started game :X Sorry)
-if you wanna become paragon, talk to people in the "paragon way" to win paragon points and see the menssages like Ex:[+ 2 paragon points], now you know that you've got a certain amount of points,Scan this number on the CE (cheat engine) , make more things that give paragon points, and on the CE next scan for "Increased value", keep doing this until you've got some large numbers like 256871 and a little one, this little it's your var, click twice, you'll see that this var gone down, click twice on the value of it, and change as you like it. 1250 points = Full Renegade or Full Paragon
Note: for Renegade it's the same, just do renegade choises instead of paragon.

==Credits Hack:
-I dont need to repeat that game and CE must be open
-Look the amount of creditd you have and scan the value on CE
-If you have a lot of credits it will appear only 3 var, with same value, double click then and change value for the amount you want, I changed to 99999999
-If there's more than 3, buy 1 more thing, next scan the credits you have untill you've got only 3 values and change then to 99999999
-exit the shop and enter again, and you'll be able to buy everything :D

These are the ones that I use but theres other possibilities, like:
Cheat the number of Minerals
Hack the number of fuel
No reload
Infinite ammo

If you fallow the logic of scan and next scan you'll do it :D

I'm working on a 100% save game, when i've got it 100% I'll post here for download :D

Hope that helped some people, and sorry if my english isn't that good XD
By: Bad1945(40)
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Rich Planets 75%
Location: Micah system in the Vallhallan Threshold.

Look for the 3 planets hidden in the asteroids. They are all "Rich" planets with a lot of materials.
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Comedic surveying responses on Uranus 75%
Location: Local Cluster : Uranus

Instead of the usual "Probe Launched" reply, the voice will instead make Uranus jokes such as "Probing Uranus" or "Really Commander?". Pretty Funny!
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M-920 Cain - Rapid Fire 67%
How To:

Fire the M-920 Cain and keep the button held while pressing [Reload] after each shot. You will keep firing during the previous shots' explosions.
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Import your ME 1 Character 33%
You can import Shepard from ME 1 save files.
Mass Effect 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Poinblank 16%
Cheat cash 100000
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