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Avatar: The Game Cheats for WII
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Avatar: The Game WII Cheats

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Avatar: The Game

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Conrad 87%
How to: When the ambush begins, hit Conrad with an arrow to daze him so you can take out his ground soldiers while he finds a different vantage point to shoot you down. Hit Conrad with your arrows until he falls to the ground you are standing on. This part of the fight is very difficult, considering he can hit you from any point with his detonators at long-range distance. Do not stop moving while you are in open areas and do not try to fight him hand to hand; he will always block with his weapon and suffer no damage. To defeat him, hide in the tall grass areas and wait for him to get close enough for you to do a stealth attack and a series of actions involved with the stealth attack. Repeat this process until the fight ends.
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James Cameron's Avatar The Game: Wii Balance Board Gameplay 80%
James Cameron's Avatar The Game: Wii Balance Board Gameplay
Avatar: The Game cheat video Cheat Video
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Sean Wallen (ground battle) 79%
Description: This fight begins after Sean Wallen and another man in an Ampsuit enter the area from behind you. As soon as the fight begins, go into the "Way of the Warrior" state and stealth attack both enemies. Repeat these actions until both enemies split in half (it may take longer to defeat Sean Wallen). As a bonus, you will get the strongest bow in the game before the fight begins.
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Way of the Warrior 77%
Description: The "Way of the Warrior" Action becomes available before freeing Banshee at the end of the 2nd level, while viewing the scene where Sean Wallen escapes in his chopper.
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Sean Wallen (air battle) 62%
Description: This fight takes place after finding Banshee in the previous level. While behind Sean Wallen's chopper, hit it with arrows until it glides behind you. While in front of Sean Wallen's chopper, avoid all of its attacks (machine gun fire and RPGs) until the "B button" action appears on the screen. To defeat the chopper, press B when prompted and successfully complete all of the actions involving the Wiimote and Nunchuk.
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How To Get The Anurai Bow On The First Level. 51%
This is how you get the Anurai Bow on the first level. All you have to do to get the Anurai Bow on level one is complete it, no, I mean level one, not the game. When you replay level one, you will have the Anurai Bow. Now Rai' Uk (The Na'vi you play as), can weild the Anurai Bow in the first level and kill enemies from a distance.
By: Dinogirl3000(1085)
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Turrets 50%
Here's Three Tips To Get Past Annoying Turret Cameras

#1. Well Look around, if you see blind spots Try Looking at any ways to get past 'em

#2 Use the Hunter's Spirit thing, (Make sure to upgrade it!) and it wont sense you.

#3 Have a friend who is good at that stuff then teleport to 'em
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When you are lost 37%
When you are lost push the (c) button on your numchuck. This wiil show you the direction of your enemies. if you are simply lost and dont know what to do push that c button and follow your instincs and path it allows giving you a map to your new objective.
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Getting past turrents 37%
To get past turrets you can jump on stuff stay there until the turret goes by then run to where the turret can't get you.
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Unlimited ammo 36%
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Avater wii cheats 35%
At water of life at the end of the part there is a robot.To beat him you need to your bow and arrow to beat the men. Next every gas tank don't shoot them you need to save them.Once you killed the men then shoot ONLY one to damage him.Next press b wait until it says press a then swing the remote up and down
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Ang ganda ng avatar star niyo 33%
Enter the cheat or hintsd
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Sheats for a gaigantic bomb or the titanic 33%
Up, down, r2, l1, ,X
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How to make your HunterSpirit, Arrows and Na`vi stick super duper hiper mega powerfull 30%
1. This is not easy you need a lot of Ewea spirit (like 35.00)
2. Press - button (left of the home button) then select a weapon and start to buy the upgrades.
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Be in the robot guy 21%
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Avator for i phone 18%
When looking for the plants there in the water
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100% 12%
Complete it
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Avatar: The Game 831606How do you defeat the helicopter in level 4 with the banshee Answers: 2
Avatar: The Game 708775Do we need a Wii balance board to play the game avatar on the wii? Answers: 1
Avatar: The Game 674574How can I get behind the suit in avatar were the only way is to shoot him in the back Answers: 1
Avatar: The Game 704374When do you get the power of the hunter Answers: 2
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Avatar: The Game 813568How do you control the hellfire wasps` Answers: 1
Avatar: The Game 823002Okay so im in level 7 and I have turned the wii motion plus on so I can get the bee hive.....but I cant get the bee hive....what do I do? Answers: 2
Avatar: The Game 824485Where is the control panel in level 7 Answers: 1
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