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Avatar: The Game Cheats for NDS
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Avatar: The Game NDS Cheats

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FIFA 14 | Creating Shooting Space
FIFA 14 | Five Star Skills Moves
EA SPORTS FIFA 14 | 4-2-3-1 Formation
FIFA 14-Celebrations & Skill Moves
FIFA 14 | Advanced Free Kicks
FIFA 14 | Beat Your Marker
EA SPORTS FIFA 14 | Ball Possession Under Pressure
Cut the Rope: Triple Treat Trailer
Nintendo 3DS - Cut the Rope: Triple Treat
The Sims 3 Roaring Heights - Official Gameplay
The Sims 3 Into the Future - Bug Collecting in Dystopia
The Sims 3 Into the Future Launch Trailer
Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Apocalypse Gameplay
The Sims 3 Movie Stuff Trailer -- Part 2 -- Horror
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Big Figures Trailer
The Smurfs 2 The Video Game:
The Sims 3 | Dragon Valley Has Hatched!
The Sims 3 | Dragon Valley Trailer
The Smurfs 2 Official Game Trailer
Aliens: Colonial Marines Tactical Multiplayer Trailer
The Sims 3 | University Life
Aliens: Colonial Marines - Concept to Game - Alien Hive
Aliens: Colonial Marines Story Trailer
Aliens: Colonial Marines - Survivor Trailer
Transformers Prime The Game | Official Wii U Debut Trailer
The Sims 3 | Plumbobs Are Forever
Ghost Recon : Future Soldier - The ghost squad is deploying on PC!
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes - Talking Minifigs Trailer
Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Inside Recon #3 - Guerilla
LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes
Aliens: Colonial Marines Suspense Trailer
Ghost Recon : Future Soldier - Documentary Trailer
Ghost Recon Future Soldier | Launch Trailer
Ghost Recon : Future Soldier - Bodarks : a threat to the Ghosts
Ghost Recon Future Soldier -Multiplayer Reveal Trailer
The Amazing Spider-Man VGA 2011 Trailer
Aliens: Infestation Trailer
Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns Trailer
Let's Create! Pottery DSi Trailer
X-Men: Destiny GamesCom 2011 Powers Trailer

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Avatar: The Game

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Ang ganda ng avatar star niyo 50%
Enter the cheat or hintsd
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Sheats for a gaigantic bomb or the titanic 50%
Up, down, r2, l1, ,X
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How do I cross the river with the flesh eating fish? 40%
Ewya will give you the power after you complete your mission
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Destroy rocks 34%
Get bombs to destroy rocks
By: human7767(45)
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Mihai$ 23%
Max Ressources
6211edd8 00000000
b211edd8 00000000
1000004e 0000270f
d2000000 00000000
Infinite Health
02013618 22642264
1201361c 00005242

This cheats are for europe
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OH YEAH!!! 17%
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Unlimited ammo 17%
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100% 16%
Complete it
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OH YEAH!!! 9%
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Avatar: The Game 624030How do I cross the river where the flesh eating fish are Answers: 7
Avatar: The Game 637186How do u jump in avatar for the dsi Answers: 2
Avatar: The Game 657387I'm at the laboratory and the professor has let a lizard or tiger loose on me how do you kill it no weapons seem to work the arrow does once but that's it I cant run in circles forever Answers: 5
Avatar: The Game 714308I'm at the high crags and I cant seem to get past the green goo without the monkey with me...but the monkey can only go so far and I need to get past the water without jump get the control panel key too Answers: 1
Avatar: The Game 719186I am stuck at the sky cliffs where I found the banshee cage and I cant pass it all I see is a small gate and a red glowing rock what should I do? please help! Answers: 1
Avatar: The Game 636364I have reached the tree where there is a robot I have thrown mines at the robot but it wont die how do I kill it Answers: 4
Avatar: The Game 661455How do I kill the bulldozer thing I hit the glowing thin after it was gone the bulldozer was still there Answers: 4
Avatar: The Game 633715How did you get there? I am stuck on level3 ,could you help me out? Answers: 1
Avatar: The Game 652558How do you kill the robot? Answers: 1
Avatar: The Game 731580How do you get past to the elders Answers: 1
Avatar: The Game 677236I have reached the Hammerhead and awaken him with the glow worm potion that the guru made.The first scene when he awakens is when he smashes through the RBA gate but I am stuck on the second scene where he smashes through some crates then after getting the Key card and reaching the gun turret you come to a electric fence that I havent been able to find how to deactivate any ideas?any help would be appreciated kryton Answers: 1
Avatar: The Game 684479How do I get a banshee Answers: 4
Avatar: The Game 696174I'm at the skycliffs and can't beat the guy with the shield. I can't go anywhere else as all of the doors are closed. I have the staff and the sling. Anyone help? Answers: 5
Avatar: The Game 699391I'm at the Skycliffs all the way at the bottom left hand of the map, and I'm trying to get to the info-station behind the door. There's no way around the door, and all I see is a yellow box on either side of the door connected by a thin pipe thing. Please help! Answers: 1
Avatar: The Game 714316Where do I find bombs because im at the end of the fifth floor of the home tree? Answers: 1
Avatar: The Game 743790How to kill that human-robots? Answers: 1
Avatar: The Game 747625I'm still on level one, and I can not work out how to get the golden key looking things that are in between the cliffs? I have have tried the sling shot and the staff and nothing happens. Please can you help me? Answers: 1
Avatar: The Game 784869Do you have to move the big rock that looks like it has a crack in the middle? Do you break it? What do you do? How does the sling shot work? First time player. How do you open the door in the purple tree Answers: 0
Avatar: The Game 798352How do you get the electricity machines on floor 5 working? Answers: 0
Avatar: The Game 801013I am at Sky Cliffs and none of the bombs work to open the yellow gate in the fenced area. Any ideas? At this point I can't go back or forward so I am really stuck! Answers: 0
Avatar: The Game 687271Where are all the worms? I just go round in circles. Answers: 2
Avatar: The Game 696495Im in mission 30/70, I cant get to the door from where you first come in its blocked by 2 big stones(no bombs), I cant wake the hammerhead (if I need to), and I cant move this bull dozer (considered a "wall"), theres a orange looking pot but it doesnt do anything. ive tried everything, what do I do? Answers: 2
Avatar: The Game 705588Does anyone know where to find all totems? Got almost all (68/70) but now they disappeared from the maps? Answers: 1
Avatar: The Game 706817How can I open a door, when all there is is a flower on a small isle? Answers: 2
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