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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Cheats for PSP
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Phantasy Star Portable 2 PSP Cheats

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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Cheats

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Phantasy Star Portable 2

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Vision Phone Codes (US Version) 96%
Description: Enter the following cheat codes on the vision phone for the desired effect.

24932278Akahara Reisou (male clothes)
24932279Akahara Reisou (male clothes)
24932280Akahara Reisou (male parts)
41325468Alis Landale Poster
32549410Angry Marshmellow
72401990Art Javelin
48168861Blank Epoch (male clothes
48168862Blank Epoch (male parts)
32091120Bullet Lancer (lance)
29888026Clarita Visas (rod)
54333358Edelweiss Figurine (Decoration)
41761771Hanhei Tsunagin (male clothes)
41761772Hanhei Tsunagin (male parts)
12344321Hatsune Miku's Leek Wand
46815464Kansho Bayuka (up to 50%)
32143166Longinus Lance (up to 50%)
72401991Lovely Feathers (Female clothes)
72401992Lovely Feathers (Female parts)
55687361Magical Princess (Female clothes)
55687362Magical Princess (Female parts)
53962481Maverick Rifle (Fanta Collab)
39395341Miku Hatsune Dress (female clothes grey/green)
39395342Miku Hatsune Dress (female parts)
39395345Miku's Leek Rifle
39395343Miku's Leek Saber
39395344Miku's T. Leek Sabers
55687362Mr. Ekoeko Stick
74612418Ogi's Head
89747981Pizza Shack D Box
32549412Platinum Tiger (Female clothes)
32549414Platinum Tiger (Female parts)
32549411Platinum Tiger (male clothes)
32549413Platinum Tiger (male parts)
34336181Plug Suit Asuka (female clothes red/black)
34336182Plug Suit Asuka (female parts)
46211351Plug Suit Rei (female clothes white/black)
46211352Plug Suit Rei (female parts)
15644322Plug Suit Shinji (male parts)
54186516Puyo Pop Fever Gun (mech gun)
11293398Puyo Pop Fists
33286491Scouring Bubble (Fanta Collab)
34819852Sonic Knuckles
34162313Special Pizza Cutter
48168860Telltale Hearts
54684698The Rappy of Hope
30495153Toop Nasur (Yut’s Spear)
98443462Trauma Bandages (Female clothes)
98443464Trauma Bandages (Female parts)
98443461Trauma Bandages (male clothes)
98443463Trauma Bandages (male parts)
41761770True Hash
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Valkyrie Chornicles Saved Data 92%
If you have a Phantasy Star Portable 2 saved game when you play Valkyrie Chronicles, it will unlock secret items for you.
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Phantasy Star Online Items 91%
Description: Beat the game on Hard Mode to unlock the following actions to unlock the items below.

Amorosso Top (Female)
Ceremonial Wear (Female)
Fonewm Top/Bottom
Humar Top/Bottom
Ramarl Top
Shizuru Replica (Male)
Vivienne Replica
Voloyal Set (Female)
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Toop Nasur (Yut�s Spear) 77%
By: brzinsonic(26)
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Bayuka 59%
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