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Avatar: The Game PC Cheats

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Avatar: The Game

Rating: 3.7/5 VOTE

Activate God Mode 73%
Description: Start the game, create your profile and play for a while. Save and exit. Right click on the avatar.exe in the game folder or on your desktop. Go to Properties. On the Target line, add "-GameProfile_GodMode 1" at the end. It should read like this:

E:Program FilesUbisoftJames Cameron's AVATAR - THE GAMEbinAvatar.exe" "-GameProfile_GodMode 1"

Accept the settings. Click OK. Start the game and you will be able to play your profile in God Mode.
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How do defeat a Thanator{giant cat} easily as Navi 58%
When you need to fight a thanator get as further away as you can from it and at a moment the thanator will stop.Than use a ranged weapon like arrows or the machine gun and kill it with a ranged weapon from the possition you are staying.
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Sheats for a gaigantic bomb or the titanic 57%
Up, down, r2, l1, ,X
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Killing Swawta 56%
If you want to kill Swawta quickly just use assault rifle or a grenade launcher to shoot him.It will make him to move backward and fall of the cliff.
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Unlimited ammo 55%
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Tiger man x 53%
A God is Upon Us (20) - Get 10 kills in a row without dying.
Blue Lagoon Clean Sweep (20) - Complete all Sector Challenges in Blue Lagoon.
Bring On All Comers! (20) - Complete 150 Multiplayer games.
Central Focus (20) - Win 5 'King of the Hill' matches.
Clean Sweep of Pandora (75) - Complete every Sector Challenge in the game.
Destructive Preservation (20) - As an RDA grunt, reach the end of the timer with 3 intact missiles.
Digital Bookworm (20) - Unlock 20 Pandorapedia articles.
FEBA Clean Sweep (20) - Complete all Sector Challenges in the FEBA.
Flawless Victory (20) - Win 3-0 in 'Capture the Flag'.
Grave's Bog Clean Sweep (20) - Complete all Sector Challenges in Grave's Bog.
Hanging Gardens Clean Sweep (20) - Complete all Sector Challenges in the Hanging Gardens.
Iknimaya Clean Sweep (20) - Complete all Sector Challenges in Iknimaya.
Jack of All Skills (30) - Use every Rank 4 skill 20 times.
Kxani`a Taw Clean Sweep (20) - Complete all Sector Challenges in Kxanža a Taw.
Needle Hills Clean Sweep (20) - Complete all Sector Challenges in Needle Hills.
Pandora's Protector (20) - As a Na'vi warrior, reach the end of the timer with 3 intact crystals.
Plains of Goliath Clean Sweep (20) - Complete all Sector Challenges in Plains of Goliath.
Swotulu Clean Sweep (20) - Complete all Sector Challenges in the Swotulu.
The Conqueror (20) - Win 5 'Capture and Hold' matches.
The Enemy's Bane (20) - Finish a Team Deathmatch with the most kills of either team.
Toruka" Na'ri`ng Clean Sweep (20) - Complete all Sector Challenges in Torukš Na'ržng.
Turn the Tide (25) - Claim 50% of all territories.
Va'era" Ramunong Clean Sweep (20) - Complete all Sector Challenges in Va'erš Ramunong.
Weapon of Choice (20) - Kill 100 enemies using the dual wasps or the bow.
By: tiger man x(19)
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Infinite halth 47%
When fighting a viperwolf go near it and press HESOYAM and wait for 5 minutes (dont care if you die) you will never lose health from next time
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God - you will not die
invitar - you will be invinsible
killall - kills all your opponent while your fighting
123fly - you can fly
alt+F4 - next stage
infiniteammo_1 - infinite bullets or arrows
sprint_321go - makes you ran very fast
doubleblade_1 - gives you a double blade sword
ridingafancytoy - lets you ride a robot
ridingaflyingpotato - lets you ride a dragon
givememypower - all animals will help you in your fight anytime
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OH YEAH!!! 42%
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Health 41%
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Iamhungury 41%
Restores health
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100% 41%
Complete it
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OH YEAH!!! 41%
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Multiplayer tip for na'vi 40%
If you are a na'vi it is smart to lay up an ambush from abov, from a corner or behind. use pandoras unione right before the enemy gets a chance to discover you and shoot them down with arrows or hit them with a strong melee weapen as the dual swords or the club or you can use the pandoras rage skill so that your target(s) comes closer and stuned for a while or you can use the the other skill (can't remember the name) who stuns the enemy so you won't get killed yourself
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