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Just Dance Cheats for WII
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Just Dance WII Cheats

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Just Dance

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Jin Go Lo Ba 15,000 Score 81%
This video shows a 15,000 plus score
Just Dance cheat video Cheat Video
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Song List 79%
Description: Below is the complete song list for Just Dance.

1. Acceptable in the 80'sCalvin Harris
2. A Little Less ConversationElvis Presley
3. BebeDivine Brown
4. Can't Get You Out of My HeadKylie Minogue
5. Cotton Eye JoeRednex
6. Hot n' ColdKaty Perry
7. DareGorillaz
8. Eye of the TigerSurvivor (Rocky)
9. FameIn the style of Irene Cara (cover)
10. Funplex CSSThe B 52's
11. Girls and BoysBlur
12. Girls Just Want to Have FunCindi Lauper
13. Groove is in the HeartDee-Lite
14. Heart of GlassBlondie
15. I Get AroundThe Beach Boys
16. I Like to Move itReel To Real
17. Jerk it OutCaesars
18. Jin Go Lo BaFat Boy Slim
19. Kids in AmericaKim Wilde
20. Le FreakChic
21. Louie LouieIggy Pop
22. LumpThe Presidents Of The USA
23. Mashed Potato TimeDee Dee Sharp
24. Pump up the JamTechnotronic
25. Ring My BellAnita Ward
26. Step by StepNew Kids On The Block
27. Surfin' BirdThe Trashmen
28. That's the Way (I Like it)Kc & The Sunshine Band
29. U Can't Touch ThisMC Hammer
30. WannabeThe Spice Girls
31. Who Let the Dogs Out?Baha Men
32. WomanizerIn the style of Britney Spears (cover)
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How to get more points 77%
In the right top corner shake your wii remote
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Tip for getting more points 57%
If you hold the wii remote button side face up in your palm while dancing, your more likely to get it. Especially with the fanning part in "womanizer" and in "Lump". I tried this in my own home, it truly works

~sincerely, Delicious_Berry
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Shake 48%
In certian songs like Surfin' Bird when they ask you to shake. Instead of having to shake your whole body shake only the Wii remote. Keep on shaking for extra points.
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More points 44%
Go to the main menu and go to the right top corner click then shake your wii remote you get mor points in de next song you do
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K2677890 17%
Just shake the remote then you will win each and every game
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Just Dance 842242How do you get points on just dance? I do the right moves but I don't get any points. Answers: 1
Just Dance 907706How do I select a male dancer? Answers: 1
Just Dance 913910Is there a clear data button on just dance games Answers: 1
Just Dance 890807Just Dance has suddenly stopped playing in the middle of the songs and then continues to add score etc as normal. Why? How can we fix it so we can dance for the entire song? Answers: 2
Just Dance 911234Can you switch hands for the remote? Answers: 1
Just Dance 917686How to get the game on 2 player Answers: 0
Just Dance 826119What is the highest score you've gotten, and on what song? I love the game! Answers: 1
Just Dance 836375I don't have Just Dance or Just Dance 2 . do I need the first one to play the 2nd one? Answers: 1
Just Dance 841320Ok soo on my wii I have 44 songs not counting firework ? I thought we were only sopose to have 32 ?!?!? Answers: 1
Just Dance 863297Just dance 2: I cant find in any of the instructions about how do dance with the mirror image, the only button it will let me access is the A button and it's face to face with the avatar. I'm 52 years old and only trying to stay in shape, so please no jokes about hip replacements, etc. YOU WILL BE HERE ONE DAY, it would just make it much easier for me to follow the mirror image. And if it was in the instructions and I happened just not to see I'm sorry, just something else ya gotta look forward to., Thank you in advance..Donna Answers: 3
Just Dance 877875Do you have to pay for songs Answers: 1
Just Dance 881778When I try to play some songs, like Rasputin and Girlfriend, it says the Wii cannot read the disc but it can read pretty much every other song. How can I play these songs and get the wii to read the disc? Answers: 1
Just Dance 896894Can you play it on the white wii Answers: 1
Just Dance 904209Can you play it alone Answers: 3
Just Dance 905651Are there more than 1 difficulties ? Answers: 2
Just Dance 906483If you could only buy just one Just Dance Wii game which one would you buy? I have children 10yrs and under but also adults will be playing. Thanks for your help Answers: 2
Just Dance 906749How are some of the songs on Just Dance 2 hard [have a 3 in difficulty (the technic level thingy on the left)] Answers: 1
Just Dance 906833Can I add songs in the game and how Answers: 1
Just Dance 907604How do you get multiplayer to work if it doesnt work when its says to press a and you do, but it still doesnt work? Its annoying I mean come on I got it to compete agaisnt friends! Please anwser ASAP! Answers: 1
Just Dance 907910How much money dose just dance 1 for wii cost Answers: 1
Just Dance 909485What if your just dance game stops in the middle of a song on the wii Answers: 1
Just Dance 915668Can I download the songs from Just Dance 2 wii game onto my mp3 player somehow? Or do I have to buy them one by one thru itunes? Answers: 1
Just Dance 917347How do I hook up a second remote on micheal jackson the experience wii Answers: 0
Just Dance 916300How to connect another wii remote? Answers: 0
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