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Worms Cheats for PS3
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Worms PS3 Cheats

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12 Trophies
Worms - Training Training
Complete all the tutorial challenges.
Worms - Challenges Challenges
Complete all twenty single player deathmatch challenges.
Worms - Bronze Damage Bronze Damage
Deal 500 points cumulative damage to win this award!
Worms - Silver Damage Silver Damage
Deal 2,000 points cumulative damage to win this award!
Worms - Gold Damage Gold Damage
Deal 20,000 points cumulative damage to win this award!
Worms - Three Bagger Three Bagger
Kill three worms with just one shot to bag this award (includes damage from oil drums and mines)!
Worms - Body Count Body Count
Send a cumulative total of 100 worms to meet their maker and win this award!
Worms - Greedy Worm Greedy Worm
Collect a cumulative total of 50 crates and this award is yours!
Worms - Barrel Buster Barrel Buster
Blow up 25 barrels and receive this award!
Worms - Hot Foot Hot Foot
Detonate a cumulative total of 25 mines and you'll 'trigger' this award!
Worms - Shepherd Shepherd
Kill a cumulative total of 15 worms using just the sheep for this award...baaa-gain!
Worms - Worm Community Worm Community
Play a four player Xbox Live game.

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