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Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll Cheats for WII
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Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll WII Cheats

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Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll Cheats

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Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Secret Bananas 95%
Description: There are 7 secret bananas in each world, including Siliconia. Here are the locations.
1) Monkey Island (Unripe Banana)
Behind a wall in the level Chute

2) Excavation Site (Super Sweet Banana)
Near the end on the level Starship

3) Chimpan Sea (Deep Sea Banana)
Behind the wall near the end on Gate Switch

4) Far East (Sunrise Banana)
While falling down on the last platform of Running Jumper, it is there

5) Polar Festival (Frozen Banana)
On the last level, Ecdysis, near the beginning on top of a wall, try to get a running start to get it

6) Magma Valley (Flaming Banana)
On the 2nd level Windows, near the beginning when you fall down

7) Siliconia (Techno Banana)
On the top of the 2nd level, Wormhole Slope, get a running start to reach when going through the teleporter.(It's on the right of the level when you start.)
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