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Dante's Inferno Cheats for PSP
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Dante's Inferno PSP Cheats

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Dante's Inferno

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Infernal Difficulty 98%
How to unlock: Win the game to unlock Infernal Difficulty.
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Unlimited Souls 96%
How to: Sometimes Virgil appears close to a save point. When you stand close to Virgil and press R, he will tell you a part of the story. When you do this again, he will say something else and give you some Souls. Save the game then and kill yourself and you will continue from the same place but Virgil will be active again. You can listen to him and get souls from him over and over again.
An alternate method by Madan:
In the Lust, the Empress rests her hand on the the elevator and you supposed to pull 2 levers on the either side of the area. Don't do this. Keep attacking the infinitely spawning enemies to stock up on Souls.
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Unlockable Stuff for Your PC 96%
Description: Go to and it will ask you for 6 passwords. Enter the 6 passwords below to get Dante's Inferno secret content (art for your PC).

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Invulnerability 96%
Description: When you gain the ability to charge your holy projectile, Dante is invulnerable while releasing the attack. Use this to evade the closest enemies attack while damaging other enemies with the projectile.
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New Game + Mode 95%
How to: To obtain a black suit, successfully complete the game.
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Killing Flying Enemies 95%
Description: To instantly kill flying enemies, jump and press R.
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Comic Book 92%
How to unlock: Win the game to unlock the Dante's Inferno comic book.
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Dante's Inferno 678553When on the edge of the rock leading to the revolving rocks, how do you get through this stage ? Answers: 2
Dante's Inferno 658620Im stuck on the boat with the talking head I have a box to move around and a platform to move but I dont know what to do Answers: 4
Dante's Inferno 659027Yea Im stuck on da third lvl ,having hard time finding myself arround there any suggestions ? Answers: 0
Dante's Inferno 664978How do yu beat the gluttony stage? Answers: 1
Dante's Inferno 674602I can't get through the lava dome in dante's inferno (PSP) on greed stage. Where you will pull the lever and a scene will show up and there are enemies on it and some with fire. I got frustrated on it coz I tried almost all the possibilities but still I can't. ps. It would be better if you will upload it on youtube... ADVANCE THANK YOU! Answers: 2
Dante's Inferno 860144After beating the fat guy...theres another part after that. its with the lever and you have to push it before those circle fire things get to you... how do you get the lever to go up the middle? Answers: 0
Dante's Inferno 882911I need to get past where heresy is and the lava gos intoa bowl thing and that thing that gos up and theres a door ontop and I dont know how toget there up plz plz plz plz help Answers: 0
Dante's Inferno 658893In worldy splendors, what do after you get passed the gears. I am stuck in the chamber room. Answers: 1
Dante's Inferno 669790Just After Pontius Pilates, there is an elevator in Shores of Acheron near a Coin, what do I have to do there? It wont ride high enough to grab the pole and cant brake any walls there. Answers: 1
Dante's Inferno 675939How do you beat Marc Antony? Answers: 3
Dante's Inferno 679341How do you beat cerburus on psp Answers: 1
Dante's Inferno 706515Im stuck in dantes inferno where the part is saying LUST! it has portal or something but I dont know how to get there. please help thanks Answers: 1
Dante's Inferno 842384In the beginning of the greed stage you get to fight the enemies while a cauldron of hot lava is poured and once done you must turn the lever and cross it and encounter a bunch of spinning platforms or disks. how do I get past on this spinning wheels? to what wheel do I need to go up? I double jumped but it doesn't make sense. pls help me. thnx! Answers: 0
Dante's Inferno 844065How do I beat the GREED stage after I get on the wheel that turns ? Answers: 0
Dante's Inferno 846755How can I beat the first boss it says press circle but nothing happens Answers: 0
Dante's Inferno 848698How do I beat franceso Answers: 0
Dante's Inferno 880954How can I go through the spinning platform on area 7? Greed? Answers: 0
Dante's Inferno 919861How long did it take for you to finish the whole game? Answers: 0
Dante's Inferno 926216In greed how do I get past the gears? Answers: 0
Dante's Inferno 944952I just bought a psp go.i downloaded dantes inferno.the cross attack is not working does any1 know why?the button is fine I checked Answers: 0
Dante's Inferno 673574Im stuck where there are lots of portal thingies...and I need to get to a certain portal but I dont know how...plzz help Answers: 2
Dante's Inferno 733332This is probably a really dumb question but I'm going to ask it anyways. I just started playing the game on psp and I cannot figure out for the life of me how to do the holy cross move to defeat death. can someone please explain to me how to properly do this move? Thanks. Answers: 1
Dante's Inferno 673833How do you get passed the gears? After the you beat the mobs while the lava is pouring through the steel grate, the last mob triggers the lever to come back up. I'm able to get on the platform and jump up the first set of gears. I'm not able to jump across or onto the top one. Am I missing something simple? Thx Answers: 7
Dante's Inferno 678540Im on the stage where there is lava being poured into a large circular rock. Once onto the main rock , how do I get through on the revolving circles? Answers: 1
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