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Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares Cheats for XBOX 360
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Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares XBOX 360 Cheats

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Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares

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Figures 100%
How to unlock: Win the game to unlock figurines you can view in the bonus galleries.
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Play As Jill 100%
How to: Beat the chapter and you will be able to select Jill in a new single-player game. Jill has slightly different opportunities than Chris. *** You will be forced to play the piano.
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Old-School Resident Evil Mode 100%
Description: At the very beginning of the game, turn around and activate the prompt at the front door. Do this 3 times and on the 3rd time a ? will appear. Activate this and the game will switch to tank controlled, fixed-camera "classic mode!"
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Original Static Camera Angles 100%
Remember the good ol' days of RE 1 through 3 -where the camera angles were fixed? Well since Code Veronica the camera's been moving around a whole lot and now in this new DLC for RE5: Lost in Nightmares, which takes place in "The Spencer Mansion" -much like the original Mansion from the very first Resident Evil- if you'd really like to get all misty-eyed and nostalgic through static camera angles [read frustrated with "Tank Controls" and impossible aiming] YOU CAN!

CHEAT: At the very beginning of the game, after the intro cinematic, turn back to the large front doors and you'll see a message displayed under the X button symbol saying "Investigate". Press X to try and leave the Mansion. The camera will enter 1st person perspective and zoom in on the door knobs, stop and will give you the thoughts of Chris or Jill "I'm not leaving until I finish/complete this mission." Repeat that by pressing X again and the camera will zoom in just slightly tighter on the knobs before delivering the same message once more. Now this time a "?" will appear below the X button symbol. Press X and the camera will snap to a very wide angle perspective overlooking the main hall from the second floor balcony! From here, move about as you would if you were playing one of the aforementioned RE titles and you'll find that the camera will continually snap to fixed, cinematic angles just like the older original games did back in the day! Aw~

And if you just can't stand the "nostalgia..." simply press X one more time at front doors to return the camera to the standard third person/over the shoulder perspective.

Enjoy! =)
-Daniel De Leon
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271 100%
Always full healt
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271 100%
Always full healt
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Guest 100%
Always full healt
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ints here!
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How to get 1,998,000$ with unlimited rotten eggs 100%
Take 2 rotten eggs & sell 1 of each combinde them then remove them and you will have 999 rotten eggs
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Asasas 100%
Enter the sasasaasahere!
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