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God Eater Cheats for PSP
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God Eater PSP Cheats

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God Eater Cheats

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God Eater

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

God Eater - infinite money 48%
1. continue up to after the first story mission of Difficulty 4.
2. go to the shop and buy as many "Kankakutai" as you can (50 per) from the storage purchase menu (you can hold up to 999, holding is only 99)
3. go to the terminal, select item, then "toridashi (take out)" to access the storage menu.
4. press Square on Kankakutai to sell, and sell all (100 per)
5. repeat until you can buy 999 kankakutai in one trip.
6. once you are above that, start buying "gurasu sen'i" (100 per) and sell for (150 per)
7. repeat ad nauseum.
By: i1brich(42)
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Have 100000 money 38%
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