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Toki Tori Cheats for PC
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Toki Tori PC Cheats

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36 Achievements
Toki Tori - So Sad So Sad
Make Toki Tori look sad
Toki Tori - Forest Falls Forest Falls
Complete all Forest Falls normal levels
Toki Tori - Short-order Cook Short-order Cook
Collect 100 eggs
Toki Tori - Harderwijk Fried Chicken Harderwijk Fried Chicken
Fall into the lava
Toki Tori - Cheapskate Cheapskate
Finish a level without using all items
Toki Tori - Close Encounter Close Encounter
Get really close to a monster
Toki Tori - Apprentice Apprentice
Collect 200 eggs
Toki Tori - Creepy Castle Creepy Castle
Complete all Creepy Castle normal levels
Toki Tori - Dizzy Dizzy
Toki Tori - Cold Feet Cold Feet
Stand on an ice block for 12 seconds
Toki Tori - Eggdurance Eggdurance
Play Toki Tori for 60 minutes without being idle for more than 2 minutes
Toki Tori - Never gonna give you up! Never gonna give you up!
Toki Tori - Deep Fried Deep Fried
Telewarp directly into lava
Toki Tori - Sous-chef Sous-chef
Collect 500 eggs
Toki Tori - Slimy Sewer Slimy Sewer
Complete all Slimy Sewer normal levels
Toki Tori - Stackmate Stackmate
Trap Toki Tori between two Switchbricks
Toki Tori - Forest Falls Hard Forest Falls Hard
Complete all Forest Falls hard levels
Toki Tori - Cold as Ice Cold as Ice
Freeze 50 monsters
Toki Tori - Bubble Barrage Bubble Barrage
Complete all Bubble Barrage normal levels
Toki Tori - All I got was this lousy T-Shirt All I got was this lousy T-Shirt
Finish Forest Falls, Bonus 3
Toki Tori - Master Chef Master Chef
Toki Tori - Creepy Castle Hard Creepy Castle Hard
Complete all Creepy Castle hard levels
Toki Tori - True Champion True Champion
Complete all normal levels without using the Wildcard
Toki Tori - Chef de Cuisine Chef de Cuisine
Collect 1000 eggs
Toki Tori - Tunnel of Love Tunnel of Love
Find the Tunnel of Love
Toki Tori - Who are you going to call? Who are you going to call?
Trap 30 ghosts
Toki Tori - Jeff Jeff
Use 32 bridges to finish a level
Toki Tori - The Answer The Answer
Use 42 InstantRocks™ to finish a level
Toki Tori - Slimy Sewer Hard Slimy Sewer Hard
Complete all Slimy Sewer hard levels
Toki Tori - Escargone Escargone
Suck up 30 slugs
Toki Tori - Hard Boiled Hard Boiled
Finish all hard levels
Toki Tori - Bubble Barrage Hard Bubble Barrage Hard
Complete all Bubble Barrage hard levels
Toki Tori - Test Lab Test Lab
Complete all Test Lab normal levels
Toki Tori - Spill the beams Spill the beams
Toki Tori - It beams to work It beams to work
Toki Tori - You found me. Finally. You found me. Finally.

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Toki Tori

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