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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Cheats for WII
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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years WII Cheats

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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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Absorb Elemental Attacks 100%
Description: What is good about a Cursed Ring? If you equip it, along with a piece of armor that protects against a particular element like Diamond Armor protects against Thunder/Lightning, you will absorb the damage anytime that element is used against you. This is very useful in the endgame, when you get armor such as the dragon and crystal armor, which defend against all elements. Be careful though. It greatly reduces your physical defense.
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Paralysis 100%
Description: Some of the monsters are exceptionally difficult to defeat, but if you use weapons that can cause the enemy to slowly petrify then they are more manageable. These weapons include the Stone blade and Medusa arrows.
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Blink! 100%
Description: The biggest issue in this game is taking physical damage, but if you cast the White Magic spell Blink on your characters they will become invulnerable to physical attacks for a set amount of time. *** Rosa, Kain, Ceodore, Fusoya have Blink.
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