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Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Can`t get to the wall? 43%
All you need to do is to click the underline of the wall of anyroom then click the end of your SELFY`s foot or feet and make you sure when you click it you go up try it again and again until you reach the wall!

you must be near to another SELFY then click the ring make sure the SELFY near you has clicked the ring button too to rain some stars XD
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Hints on the Gachas and how to save CC/GC! 41%
Hello fellow TinierMe fans/users. I just have a couple pieces of advice regarding the gachas.

Do not play gacha unless there are more than 3 items you like from any given set!

It is highly likely that some members want to trade off the item you want! Don't waste your well-earned CC/GC on several items when you can get them for free in a trade!

Many people think, "Well, I'll play a couple times to see what I get" in gachas that they have no interest in. Bad idea. SAVE your cc and gc! Save up for items you want in the future. The Gachas are added every Thursday. It wont kill you to wait a week.

I hope you take this advice into consideration. ^^
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TinierMe 902037How do I use Gacha Tickets? Answers: 1
TinierMe 930529How do you the song caramelldasen to play in your room? Answers: 0
TinierMe 931165How do you get to the g coin genorater and how do you use it I dont know how to and I really really need g coins soo please if anyone has info that I can use please speak up thank you Answers: 0
TinierMe 935564How do you get a pet Answers: 0
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TinierMe 735382Is there a g-coin gliche? because I desperately need chibi coins Answers: 3
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TinierMe 787259To to earn CC/GC coins for free.or to have all those cool stuffs? Answers: 0
TinierMe 793608My friend told me that if you go to selfy town, viruses that other people in their computers have can be passed on to your computer, is that true? Answers: 2
TinierMe 800386How can I add music in my diary entry without having to post the video? Answers: 1
TinierMe 754606How to get g coins free or gc items? Answers: 3
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