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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Cheats for WII
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 WII Cheats

Rating: 4.8/5 VOTE
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Cheats

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Super Mario Galaxy 2

Rating: 4.8/5 VOTE

Yoshi's Infinite Flutter Jump 96%
How to: This tricky move, when perfected, can allow you to reach untold heights and explore off-limits areas. Jump and hold A to "flutter." As Yoshi flutters, TAP Z while still holding A and then release A quickly. Press A again to flutter jump again in MID AIR. The goal is to get Mario to duck, NOT dismount, then quickly flutter again. Try to catch Yoshi at the height of each flutter to perform this maneuver.
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Duck the Boomerangs 95%
How to: When you are facing the Boomerang Bros. You can crouch (press Z on the nunchuk) to avoid the boomerangs. Walk over to the Bros. while crouching and spin to kill them.
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Spin Kick 94%
How to: Crouch by holding down the Z button on the nunchuk and shake the Wii Remote to spin to do a Spin Kick. You can crouch to avoid Boomerang Bros. and crouch-walk up to them to kick them. Jump again to perform a 2nd spin immediately with little pause between the two.
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Grandmaster Galaxy Comet, "The Perfect Run" 93%
Description: Near the level list signpost on the main platform of Starship Mario is a Toad Banker who will store your star bits so other save profiles can use them. If you deposit 9999 star bits into the Toad Bank and you will unlock the Grandmaster Galaxy (Daredevil) Comet, "The Perfect Run". You will NOT be notified or shown the Comet arriving at the galaxy. Just go there and play it!
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Profile Crowns 92%
Description: Perform the following actions to win the image of a crown next to your save profile.

Silver CrownGet 120 Stars
Gold CrownGet 240 Stars
Platinum/Jewel CrownGet 242 Stars and become the "Master of Galaxies." This title will appear next to your crown
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Super Secret Dive 91%
Description: Mario's move list is seemingly endless -- even expert players may not be aware of this one. To perform the awesome flipping high dive, you need to find a place high above deep water. Try Starshine Beach -- run up the small sandy incline at the start of the level and look for a wooden plank hanging off of one side. Walk to the edge and Mario should look down at the water. Turn around while standing in this spot and perform a back flip by holding Z on the nunchuk and pressing JUMP. Mario will then perform this obscure move.
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Death Count 91%
Description: Beat The Perfect Run (the Comet for The Grandmaster Galaxy) to unlock a death count for your game on your save profile. This number appears in the upper right above your Star count. It's probably pretty high.
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Super Punt 91%
How to: When you are close to a Hammer Bro., do a long jump & spin. Mario will kick him down, then finish him of with another kick. Try it!
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Grandmaster Galaxy 91%
Collect 240 Stars (120 each of Gold and Green) to unlock the Grandmaster Galaxy in World S. This level will allow you to test your Yoshi tongue-slinging skills.

NOTE: There is a Comet Medal and a single Star to collect here!
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Co-Op Sound Effects 91%
How to: In co-op mode, player 2 can press any button to make wacky sound effects! UP, DOWN, LEFT, AND RIGHT will make sound effects on the 1st player's Wii-Mote while -, +, 1, and 2 will make sound effects on the 2nd player's.
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Various Luigi Unlockables 90%
On certain levels obtain 30 Stars to unlock Luigi for play which will allow you to chat to Luigi at the start of a level and control him

Beat the level as Luigi and you will unlock a time trial "ghost." Try to beat this ghost through the level:LOTS of fun!

If you win the game, a door will open on Spaceship Mario's forehead, right under the main platform. Enter the door to change into Luigi and play any level as him

Collect The" Flotacious Blimp Fruit star" in the Tall Trunk Galaxy, this will allow you to chat to Luigi at the beginning of certain levels and control him
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Infinite Lives 90%
How to: This fantastic cheat will get you 99 lives easily -- you can always return for more! Go to the Supermassive Galaxy in World 4 and choose the 1st Star challenge. Play through the level until you get to the hockey puck-shaped planet with 3 supermassive Koopa turtles patrolling it. DO NOT grab the Spin Drill -- you will have to get hit to lose it if you do! Run up behind a Koopa and long-jump (press Z while running and then press JUMP) onto its back. You need to long-jump from about a turtle-shell-length behind it to catch the "sweet spot." Continue to hold the analog stick to the RIGHT and hold JUMP to continually bounce off the Koopa's shell. If you fall off or hit the head, try again. If you hold these buttons you should be able to maintain momentum while constantly bouncing on the shell. After a few bounces you will rack up 1-Ups for each hit.
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Rosalina Icon 90%
How to unlock: After completeing the game by with all 242 Stars, Rosalina will appear as a game icon on the title menu.
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Save Your 1-Ups 90%
How to: You usually start the game with 5 lives, even if you save the game. You can use the "Mysterious Letter" to save all of your 1-Ups between gaming sessions ** It is slower than just racking up a bunch of lives using the turtle method each time you begin a game, but here it is anyway: If you start a different save file (you can simply copy your file over), it will automatically pass on all of the lives you had in the other file through Mailtoad. Save and quit, then return to the file you want to play and the lives are passed back again. *** If you go into the same save file twice in a row you will get the 5-Up Princess Peach letter instead.
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Super Ground Pound 90%
Jump, shake the Wii-Remote to spin and quickly press Z to perform a super ground pound
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Alternate Ending 90%
How to unlock: Collect 120 Stars to see an alternate ending cutscene with Rosalina reading to Lumas and discussing Green Stars.
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Skate Backwards 90%
How to: While on ice, press Z to skate backwards! It looks really cool!
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Cloud Mario Cataclysm 89%
Description: In the Shiverburn Galaxy, get really close to a Cloud Flower and let yourself get singed by a fiery projectile. Quickly grab the Cloud Flower. You should see that the 3 clouds follow Mario but we will not be in his Cloud Form.
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Banker Toad Gear 89%
Description: Deposit star bits to change the Banker Toad's gear.

Scuba Suit6000 star bits
Explorer Outfit8000 star bits
Glasses1000 star bits
Pickaxe4000 star bits
Spear and shield2000 star bits
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Unlock Staff Ghosts 88%
Beat a level using Luigi to unlock a "ghost" recorded by the game's developers. Try to beat this ghost through the level, they are SUPER fast !
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Infinite (Very Slow) 1-Ups on Starship Mario 88%
How to: Collect some 1-Ups on the ship with either Mario or Luigi. Switch to the opposite character and the 1-Ups will be back! Switch back and they will still be there!
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Profile Crowns 88%
Description: Perform the following actions to win the image of a crown next to your save profile.

Silver CrownGet 120 Stars
Gold CrownGet 240 Stars
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Shiverburn's Mysterious Visitors Part 2 88%
Somebody said that in Shiverburn Galaxy if you do first person view you will see 3 figures on the left on the top of the cliffs. And that very person also said if anybody knows what they are to post it. I know whay they are. They look like enemies that are watching your every move and your techniques. However, these figures will follow you throuhout the game. every once in a while look at them to see if they are still moving, because they might be. If you havn't made it to world five then stop reading this. look for them in other galaxies also. But anyway the first on is Prince Pikante the second one is a big goomba, and the third one is Bowser Jr. thats all I have thanks for reading.
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Infinite Starbits 87%
How to: Go to Chompworks galaxy and pick the 1st Star. Go to the 2nd planet. You know that Chomp that runs into the robot? He produces starbits! If he stops, just enter and exit the pipe.
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Luigi on Title Screen 87%
How to: Exit the game while playing as Luigi instead of Mario and you will see his face on the Title Screen (as long as you chose Mario's for your default profile face).
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All Luigi Ghosts 87%
How to unlock: To unlock all the Luigi Ghosts at once, collect 9,999 coins.
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 - 1-Up Mushrooms on Spaceship Mario 87%
There are several 1-Up Mushrooms on Spaceship Mario, as you go along the following 1-Up options will show up

Take a Cloud Flower and make platforms to reach a 1-Up on a cloud high above

Take Yoshi off of the "nose" and use the star pegs to swing up to a hidden island with 10 fruit. Eat them all for a 1-Up

Use the warp pipe near Mario's left ear to get to a 1-Up minigame. Feeding the Luma will spin a number of random item blocks which might win 1-Ups

Use a Spin attack on the random item block for a chance at a 1-Up
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Unlock 120 Green Stars 86%
Win the game after you get 120 Gold Stars which will unlock 120 more Green Stars to collect in the galaxies you have previously visited. The Green Stars are harder to get.
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Easy 1ups 86%
Get the rainbow star in Sky Station Galaxy, then collect all the one ups. Once your sure you have them all : die: then repeat until you have 99 1ups
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Death in the Credits [Easter Egg] 85%
Description: Grab a Bee Mushroom as the credits roll then wait for the Shiverburn / winter area. When the page flips, fly toward the screen before you land in the snow or even come in view. You should fall to your death. The screen will be black, and you will hear sound effects from the credits. At the end, it says "THE END" with "TOO BAD" in the background.
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 - World S 84%
Beat World 6 and you will view the game's ending AND unlock World S while your at it!
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All Characters that join you and how to. 83%
Lubba - At start of game.
Lumas - At start of game.
Co-Star Luma - At start of game (it is slightly larger than the playable one).
Hungry Luma - Call to Starship Mario in Worlds 1 - 7.
Yoshi - Complete "Saddle Up with Yoshi" in the Yoshi Star Galaxy.
Luigi - Collect a certain amount of Power Stars.
Boards - Some at start of game, others after Yoshi appears.
Toad Brigade - Complete "Digga-Leg's Planet" in the Spin-Dig Galaxy.
Banktoad - Collect seven Power Stars.
Mailtoad - Collect thirteen Power Stars.
Lumalee (1 Chance Cube) - Collect any one normal or hidden Power Star in World 3.
Lumalee (5 Chance Cubes) - Complete "The Magnificent Magma Sea" in the Melty Monster Galaxy.
Green Luma 1 - Complete "Throwback Throwdown" in the Boss Blitz Galaxy.
Green Luma 2 - Collect 120 Power Stars.
Bee - Complete "The Secret Wall Jump" in the Honeybloom Galaxy.
Star Bunny - Complete "Think Before You Shake" in the Flip-Swap Galaxy.
Jibberjay - Complete "Jungle Fluzzard Race" in the Wild Glide Galaxy.
Penguin - Complete "Exploring the Cosmic Cavern" in the Cosmic Cove Galaxy.
Whittle - Complete "Tall Trunk's Big Slide" in the Tall Trunk Galaxy.
Gold Gearmo - Complete "C'mere, Goomba" in the Boulder Bowl Galaxy.
Silver Gearmo - Complete "C'mere, Topman" in the Space Storm Galaxy.
Bob-omb Buddy - Complete "Return of the Whomp King" in the Throwback Galaxy.
Rosalina - Complete "The Perfect Run" in the Grandmaster Galaxy.
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Supermassive 1-UP`s 80%
Go to Supermassive Galaxy and head to the planetoid with the Koopas on it. Hop on their shells and keep holding right on the Nunchuck. (NOTE: Don`t bump into the Koopa`s head. You`ll fall off and lose some Health.) Repeat this and you`ll get over 99 1-Up`s!
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Passengers to unlock 77%
You can unlock Passnegers when you make your way to through the game. Example: The Star Bunny. Once you unlock 'em you will find them on Starship Mario.

Here's how to unlock some:

•The Star Bunny: Beat the level "Think Before you Shake" On the Flip Swap Galaxy. (World 1)

•Whittle: Beat the Level "Tall Trunk's Purple Coin Slide" On the Tall Trunk Galaxy.
(World 3)

•Bob-Omb Buddy: Bet the Level "Return of the Whomp King" On the Throwback Galaxy. (World 6)

•The Penguin (I don't know the name): Beat The Level "Exploring the Cosmic Cove" On the Cosic Cove Galaxy. (World 2)

•JibberJay: Beat the Level "Fluzzards Jungle Race" On the Wild Glide Galaxy. (World 2)

•Gearmo (Yellow): Beat the Level "C'mere Goomba" On the Boulder Bowl Galaxy. (World 2)

•Gearmo (Silver): Beat the Level "C'mere Topman" on the Space Storm Galaxy. (World 5)

•The Bee (Again I don't know the Actual Name): Beat the Level "The Sweetest Silver Stars" on the Honeyhop Galaxy. (World 4)

•Yoshi: Beat the Level "Saddle Up With Yoshi" On the Yoshi Star Galaxy. (World 1)

•The Toad Brigade: Beat the Level "Search for the Toad Brigade Captain" On the Fluffy Bluff Galaxy. (World 1)

•Salesman Luma (1 Chance Cube): Get 24 Power Stars.

•Salesman Luma (5 Chance Cubes): Get 60 Power Stars.

There are others but I haven't unlocked them yet. So this was All I could find.

By: Fireslash400(3600)
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Extra 1-Up Mushrooms 74%
To do this you have to roll the dice on your spaceship then go through the warp teleporter to get the 1-Up Mushroom on the Toad brigade's spaceship, then go back through the warp teleporter and go to the place where you choose which galaxy you want to play on. Trick them and go to one of the half way bits and it will come up with Go back to Marioship, press on yes and everything will come back including the 1-Up Mushroom and the dice. Roll the die, if it lands on 1-Up Mushroom you have to chase the Mushroom around the Marioship. Once you caught it you will get another life (the signal for this is a picture of Mario). Then go through the warp teleporter and get the 1-Up Mushroom on top of the Toad Brigade's Ship. After that go back through the warp teleporter and you will be back on the Mario Ship. Repeat this process until you think you have enough lives. (You can only go onto the Toad Brigade's Ship if you met them in one of the levels in a galaxy in World 1.
By: NBA 2k10 rules(594)
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Secert Pipe Entertrance 74%
(Yoshi)1.Get on Yoshi 2.Flutter jump beside the tall engine that releases colorful smoke 3.Get on top of it 4.Move forward to move backward

(Cloud flower)1.Get the cloud flower 2.Get beside the engine 3.Backflip while relasing the three clouds 4.Get on the top 5.Move forward to move backward

P.S.Only works to go INSIDE!
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Shiverburn's mysterious visitors 73%
Go to the shiverburn galaxy, then hit the 1st person view, then look to the left and look up, if you do this correctly you should see 3 figures....however you are not able to see close enough to determine what they are...they also follow you throughout the game....if you think you know what the figures are though post them and tell others what you think the figures look like
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Long Yoshi tongue 72%
On mario's 'Faceship', get on Yoshi. Go to the teleporter that leads to the toad brigade's mushroom ship, and as soon as you walk into the teleporter, press B. Press B again to undo the effects.
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General Playing Tip 72%
If you know you are DEFINITELY going to die right there (wherever you are) on the spot, save yourself by doing this: Hit the + button on the remote and go back to the World Map or Starship Mario. You cannot hit + while you're in the process of dying (ex. falling), unless you time it pristine perfect. It helps when you only have 0 remaining lives (I advise doing this only under extreme circumstances, unless you have passed a nearby Bowser Flag). One of the best times to save yourself is when your life circle is blinking rapidly with a "1" and you are on a VERY hard-to-beat level.
By: pupz333(50)
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How to Make Green Stars and Green Ghosts Appear 71%
To make all the Green Stars appear you have to get every power star (including comet power stars) and Comet Medals in the game. This includes the Secret World also known as World S. My friend told me this one day when I went to his aunties house in Morley near Morley High School. He said you must get every Comet and every Star in the game to make the Green Stars appear. He finished 6 worlds in three or four days. To make a green ghost appear you have to complete that level with Luigi. Luigi does not appear on every level so don't be fooled by that. When you complete a level as Luigi you make a time trial with you playing as Luigi in that level and it shows everything that you do on the level. This only appears on the level when you play it again.
By: NBA 2k10 rules(594)
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Bank rewards 68%
Deposit the indicated amount of Star Bits with Bank Toad to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Glasses: 1,000 Star Bits
Spear and shield: 2,000 Star Bits
Pickaxe: 4,000 Star Bits
Diver Toad: 6,000 Star Bits
Explorer Toad: 9,000 Star Bits
The Perfect Run (Grandmaster Galaxy Daredevil Run): 9,999 Star Bits
By: will95(241)
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Level help 68%
If you die many times on a galaxy, a cosmic version of Rosalina will appear somewhere. Talk to her and she will guide you IF you say yes. If you think no help is needed, say no. Sometimes useful on the fliphop galaxy.
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Big Tounge 67%
Get on yoshi then go to the teleporter try to stick yoshis tounge to to toad . You can do this by pressing B on toad then quikly go to the teleporter. It might take you a few tries.
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Feeding Luma Tip 65%
If you need to feed a Luma, and you are low on Star Bits, go to World 1 and hit Yoshi Star Galaxy. Hit the first Star challenge (Saddle Up With Yoshi), and eat EVERY ENEMY AND BERRY AND SMASH ALL CRYSTALS. You should get about 200-300 Star Bits by the time you're done. Do this as many times as desired.
By: pupz333(50)
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Pipe trap!!!!!!!!!! 64%
On Shiver Burn galaxy, collect the cloud mario, skip the switch to turn the lava into ice, and go right to the secret pipe (right after the launch star) with the chimp in it. If you come back out of it, you will burn yourself. You've created a secret trap for yourself! (Be sure to use up all of your clouds to make this work.)
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Luigi 63%
Luigi will constantly appear after you finish some levels, then he will appear at the beggining of a level then you can use him to finish the level.
By: will95(241)
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Tree Trunk Purple Coin Slide Tip 63%
I advise having a friend helping you with this tricky comet! Go to the Tree Trunk Galaxy (if the comet is still undone), and hit the Purple Coin one. Your "buddy" (aka player 2) can grab coins while YOU are grabbing coins. Player 2 can only do it one coin at a time, but it helps in the long run. So yell over to a friend and let them join in the action!
By: pupz333(50)
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Play as Luigi 61%
Collect "The Flotacious Blimp Fruit" star in the Tall Trunk Galaxy to be able to talk to Luigi at the beginning of certain levels and control him.

Defeat Bowser at Bowser's Galaxy Generator. Then, check the Mail Toad, and there will be a message from him. Enter the "L" on the spaceship to switch to Luigi, and play as him on any level.
By: will95(241)
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How to get Rosalina on Starship Mario 60%
You have to beat "The Perfect Run" on Grandmaster Galaxy once.
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Infint fluters 59%
Get yoshi and fluter befor you finish press z then reapeat it
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Televisions! 59%
In certain levels, there are TV's around. Talk to it, and it will provide a useful tip! Whether it's soaring to great heights, linking swallowed enemies, anything useful!
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How to make comets appear 58%
You must grab 15 comet coins in order to make comets appear in some levels you have previously played.
By: will95(241)
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Up&down 56%
On mario galaxy 2 play as luigi and collect 9999 coins or bits and you will alock a new thing but deposit the bits on the bank(toads)
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The mysterious figers 56%
Go to shiverburn galaxy move slightly to the right zoom in on the cliffes and you will find 3 mysterious figurs. The first one lookes like bowser junior with no shell and taller. The second IS a gomba. The third I don`t know what it is by hugh from backwell junior school
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Secret star of hot and cold galaxy 54%
After you start the level and burn the goombla statue and fly to the next planet, grab the fireflower and walk straight throw the way that is marked, the second snow tree burn it down and there will be a pipe get there and there is a monkey that will challenge you, complete the challenge and win a star.
By: will95(241)
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Super masive galaxy/ hidden star 53%
On super masive galaxy there is a green planet , run around it and flowers and fruit will apear cover the entier thing in flowers and a vine will appear slide around the vine to the hidden star
By: gamergirl101(11)
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Cosmic-Looking Rosalina 50%
If you have Super Mario Galaxy, you know what Cosmic Mario looks like. In Super Mario Galaxy 2 there is a Cosmic-Looking Rosalina. To find her, go to any level without a comet or a boss battle (any type, not just Bowser), and die many times. After a while, a Cosmic figure will appear. It's Rosalina. She asks you whether you want her help or not, and she will lead you to a Bronze Star (there is really no difference between a Bronze or Power Star). She controls you, so sit back and relax. She stops controlling you when you're at the Bronze Star, so get it yourself. Just like when you retrieve a Power Star, it adds another star to the counter. But if you go back and get the actual Power Star instead of the Bronze, it DOESN'T add another.
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How to get prizes 45%
You can take powerups to the faceship if you finish the level with that powerup
Note:it wont make effect with some.
By: will95(241)
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Yoshi's power-ups 45%
Yoshi has 3 power-ups
1. Dash Pepper colour red makes Yoshi turn red and run really fast
2. Blimp Fruit colour blue turns Yoshi blue and blimps up but Yoshi can run out of air
3.Bulb Berry colour yellow turns Yoshi yellow and yo are able to see hidden platforms
By: Zeb O Rama(282)
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Mario Squared Galaxy tip (World S) 39%
You only have worry about the question marks because if you get rid of all the green tiles you have no way of getting the star.
By: Ace37(124)
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Mg2 cheats 33%
Get all the stars and you can get green stars
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Jump of shame/pain 32%
On a galaxy, do your backward summersalt facing right. There is a 50/50 chance you will die! If it's your last life, commit SUICIDE!
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Shit 8%
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 750647Where is star in Shiverburn Galaxy? World 5 Answers: 2
Super Mario Galaxy 2 759912What do the ghost luigi mean? Answers: 7
Super Mario Galaxy 2 760314How do You beat the boss in World 2? I can't attack him when he rolls into a ball! Answers: 1
Super Mario Galaxy 2 769424Waht is the point of playing a level as Luigi? Does it matter if I say yes or no? Answers: 8
Super Mario Galaxy 2 771736Have completed 120gold stars , can not progress onto green stars , what do I have to do now. Answers: 4
Super Mario Galaxy 2 772020I got 240 stars and I have deposited 9999 starbits to the toad and I defeated Bowser what do I do please answer Answers: 4
Super Mario Galaxy 2 777289Is the nintendo company going to make a Super Mario Galaxy 3? Answers: 6
Super Mario Galaxy 2 778931I cannot get past purple coins on the Rainbow road because I keep falling of the edge whilst trying to get the purple coins, any tips? Answers: 4
Super Mario Galaxy 2 783628Which galaxy in the game has the star number 51? Answers: 1
Super Mario Galaxy 2 790644In the galaxy :A glimmer of bulb berry . It is a road as moving to the side, I trying to come over it but I can not I falling down all the time how I do to come over it ? please help me ! Answers: 1
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