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Final Fantasy XIII​ Cheats for PS3
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Final Fantasy XIII​ PS3 Cheats

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Final Fantasy XIII​ Cheats

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Final Fantasy XIII​

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Super Weapon Exploit 100%
Each character has one super weapon that can be obtained by fully upgrading one of his/her stock weapons.

Each player has 7 stock weapons but the final result after maximum upgrades yields the same super weapon.

Upgrading is done through the shop at save points. There are 2 parts to upgrading:
(1) Spamming items which give a low amount of EXP to increase multipliers, and (2) Using items which give a lot of EXP, and that now give even more EXP due to your multiplier, to upgrade your weapon substantially.

An efficient way to build the multiplier is to go to the Creature Comforts store and buy Vibrant Ooze. Apply 36 of those to your weapon and you will have a 3x multiplier. Then you can apply Perfect Conductor for 2577 EXP.
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Upgrading Tips 100%
Description: Study Bones / Ooze / Tail are the 3 80gil items which take 36 to equal a 3x multiplier. So, 2880 gil gets you 3x. If you are a Gil pincher - save money and wait until you can upgrade an item to max level in one shot - save the investment to a one time shot at multiplier. Furthermore, you will not need to level up any weapons until you are at a point you should be able to afford the expense.

While Fluids and Oils may give more EXP, they are a waste since the inorganic items are so much better - you are better offf getting to 3x as soon as possible, and then switching to inorganic.
For farmable scenes (like chapter 11) - nothing beats the bomb parts. I had nearly a 2 full stacks of bomb things from Marks and used them to level up most of the accessories required so I could unlock 'em all for the treasure hunter achievement/trophy.
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Snow's "Perfect Defense" state 100%
Description: With an advanced party, it is possible for Snow to enter a "perfect defense" state.

How to: Equip him with his Winged Saint weapon or save the queen upgrade (for the improved Guard II ability); your 3 active party members must have reached Role level 5 as Sentinels. Paradigm Shift to Tortoise (SEN + SEN + SEN), and have snow preform Steelguard or Mediguard. Any attack aimed at him during that time will inflict only 1% damage or less.
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Last Second setup for Boss battles 100%
At the last 2nd before a cutscene ends (and leads into a boss battle), press the MENU BUTTON and you will be sent to the Menu Screen. (This is useful if you forgot to change weapons, switch paradigms, etc.).
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Hoppin' Mad [Easter Egg] 100%
Description: Whenever you have control of your character outside of battle, move the analog stick left and right quickly. Do this enough (6 or so times) and your character will come to an abrupt stop and emote -- expressing anger or fatigue.
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CP Farming in Chapters 8 and 9 100%
Here are a couple really solid CP grinding areas in Chapters 8 and 9.
The 1st spot is right after the attack on Hope's home in Parumpolum in Chapter 8. There are 2 sets of soldiers who will keep respawning inside the house endlessly. All you have to do is run down the halls a bit and they come right back and they will be there again. Defeating them yields a good amount of CP, and they drop incentive chips which you can sell for 2,500 and buy upgrade parts for your weapons.
I maxed out all my players and upgraded Lightning's weapon from level 16-22 in only 40 minutes of fighting.
The 2nd spot when you are going to rescue Sazh and Vanille in Chapter 9. After you finish the outside fighting portion on the flagship you head inside; in there you get a "green alert" warning the enemy to your presence. Instead of proceeding further, go back outside and you will see that the enemies have respawned.
In fact, just right outside the door you will get into a battle with five enemies which nets you over 700 CP each time as well as dropping Silicon Oil plus incentive and credit chips. After each fight, head back inside around 2 corners to respawn the enemy. Do this as many times as you want and head inside to the save point to sell the chips and upgrade your weapons and you will get everyone to level 3 of all their roles in no time.
I prefer these 2 places becuase of the incentive chips.
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Help with hectaconcheir 100%
First enter with sabx2 then cast until fang dont cast no more(thatll be quick) then vanille sab and fang sen after hectaconcheir finishes looming wrath he will attack fang unless you dont have the provoke ability when he startes attacking fang have vanille be a medic so she cures them until hectaconcheir starts looming wrath over again then have vanille rev and fang sen so she cures herself and provokes the enemy.after the gestalt mode should be 3/4 finished so then have fang sab and vanille rav and do it quickly and finish him off. remember that hectaconcheir at the beggining of the battle casts doom so do every thing as soon as you can.
good luck
By: Abderrahim(10)
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Final Fantasy XIII FAQ / Walkthrough Guide 100%
This Final Fantasy XIII guide is brought to you from ICEQUEEN & SPLIT INFINITY. It is a complete walkthrough but also covers shops, bestiary of 239 foes, Roles,Abilities, Iems, etc.

Read the Guide --> Final Fantasy XIII FAQ / Walkthrough
By: CheatMaster(6055)
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Defeating Cid Raines Guide 100%
One of the theoretically hardest fights in the recent history of the series, is the battle with Final Fantasy XIII's Cid Raines. This guide will walk you through it all.

Read the Guide --> Defeating Cid Raines [Guide]
By: Toebin(12756)
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CP Farming in Chapter 11 98%
How to: There are 2 good places to level up your Crystarium when you come into the Archelyte Steppe in the beginning of Ch. 11. The 1st one is found in the Southwest Corner of the main map, the Western Benchland. South of the pond, there is a peninsula where little birdlike characters mass around. At 1st this seems like an intimidating battle, considering that the enemies will summon characters making the battles very long. However, this can be solved if you have 3 of the following 4 characters: Lightning, Fang, Snow, and Sazh. You will only really need the following paradigms: Commando x3 / Commando x2+Ravager / Commando x2+Medic / Sentinel+Commando+Medic / Sentinel+Medicx2. Set the base mode on Commando x3 and go into battle.
If you are able to get behind them it makes the battles all that much easier. Once you get the hang of things, you will learn their pattern and be able to get them more often than not in a surprise attack. Have your leader, whomever you choose to have it attack with Ruinaga, followed by blitz. The Ruinaga will toss them into the air a tiny bit and hit multiple targets in a wide radius. The blitz should hit the same amount of people. Your support characters should attack with Blitz, Blitz, and then standard attack. The Ruinaga spell is important because it keeps the baddies from being able to mass a constant attack on you as well as keeping them unable to summon whoever they are going to bring into the battle. CP ranges from 2000 to 3500 for your 35-45 seconds of effort. If you are having a hard time, try Commando x2 + Ravager, and you may be able to juggle them a little, but the commandos really shred HP in this fight.

The 2nd method should be tried when you have more HP & strength because the fights will be harder. North of the 1st point, there is a place where the big wolf and a behemoth are fighting. Hit them. Concentrate 1st on the Behemoth and take him out. Don't kill the wolf, since he's your buffer from being behemoth's lunch. Take them out, 6000+CP. Then turn around, jump down to the west and take out the 3 groups of wolfs for 2000-3000 CP. Repeat this and you will have plenty of CP in no time.
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Dashboard Themes 98%
Description: Win the Trophies below to unlock dashboard themes.

FangGet the "Treasure Hunter (Gold)" Trophy / Held every weapon and accessory
HopeGet the "Instrument of Change (Gold)" Trophy / Witnessed the dawn of a new crystal legend
LightningGet the "Superstar (Gold)" Trophy / Earned a 5-star ranking in the battle to determine the world's fate
SazhGet the "Lore Master (Gold)" Trophy / Discerned the full attributes of 100 enemies
SerahGet the "Ultimate Hero (Platinum)" Trophy / Acquired all trophies
SnowGet the "L'Cie Paragon (Gold)" Trophy / Earned a 5-star ranking for all Cie'th Stone missions
VanilleGet the "Instrument of Faith (Silver)" Trophy / Defied destiny's charge and embarked on a different path
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*Paradigms Guide 98%
Pretty much in Final Fantasy XIII Paradigms are a fancy word for Classes that can be changed on the fly and here is a breakdown.

Read the Guide --> *Paradigms [Guide]
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CP Farming in Chapter 5 98%
Right at the clocktower in the park, you will find a chest with five of those little robots running around it. You can beat them up for 640 cp and loop back to the prior chest area (with one of the monsters) and the group of five will respawn.
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CP Farming in Chapter 8 98%
Description: Right at the clocktower in the park, you will find a chest with five of those little robots running around it. You can beat them up for 640 cp and loop back to the prior chest area (with one of the monsters) and the group of five will respawn.
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CP Farming in chapter 11 and upgrading wepons 67%
Go to the maw of the abyss and kepp going from the save pont to the battle with the boxed phalanex (do not fight the battle withed boxed phalanex but go untill they see you then run away) do the battles again in reverse to get back to the save point. also since you get anolog circuts and solenoids you can upgrade your wepons making the battles faster.note: this may not work as well on the PS3 if it doesnt work for you on PS3 then go around and fight Gorginopsids.another note this is a tip for people that havnt been on Pulse long enough to beat the dahaka.
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