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Ship Simulator 2008 Cheats for PC
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Ship Simulator 2008 PC Cheats

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Ship Simulator 2008

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Codes 85%
Description: In the Main Menu, press ~ (or the key above Tab) to open the cheat console. Enter the following cheat codes for the described effect:

flyMakes the ship jump up and down
seeGives a new camera that can be freely controlled
lookupOpen google maps for location
duckUnlocks a duck in free roam
sinkLink the players ship
FlamesAdds flames coming out of the exhaustion pipesworks on pushboat, RPA12, tugboat
megamindySpashes are now redworks on P6,hovercraft, jetski, pilot boat, arie visser, powerboat, pushboat, marbella delight, water taxi
candlesPuts candles on the shipworks on pilot boat, arie visser, fairmount shephera
barlesSets the barrels on the pushboat on fireworks on the pushboat
ChemicalAdds green smoke on the front of the pilot boatonly works with the pilot boat
bonfirePuts a bonfire on the shipworks with bugsier 2, tugboat
torchChanges antennas into torchesworks on bugsier 2, pushboat
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