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After Burner Climax Cheats for XBOX 360
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After Burner Climax XBOX 360 Cheats

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After Burner Climax

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Xbox Live Avatar Items 100%
Description: Perform the actions below to unlock avatar items.

After Burner HelmetComplete your Medal collection
After Burner Logo T-Shirt (female)Unlock all EX Options
After Burner Logo T-Shirt (male)Unlock all EX Options
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SEEEEGGAAAAA [Easter Egg] 100%
Description: Hold B during the opening screens to hear the calssic SEGA logo sound.
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Easier Achievements / Trophies 100%
How to: You can switch on the EX options you unlock while playing the game and they will not affect your ability to Achievements / Trophies. This means you can add continues, lives etc.
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EX Options 100%
Description: Play Arcade Mode to unlock the following EX options.

Aircraft Count: 1Play a "Secret Stage" 5 times
Aircraft Count: 5Play a "Secret Stage" 1 time
Aircraft Count: 9Play a "Secret Stage" 3 times
Aircraft Speed: FastPlay 4 different branched stages (A/B)
Aircraft Speed: SlowPlay all 8 branched stages (A/B)
Armor: 1%Get a down rate of over 70% 20 times
Armor: Half DamageGet a down rate of over 70% 10 times
Armor: No DamageGet a down rate of over 70% 50 times
Auto-Missiles: OnReach ending A
Climax Gauge Recovery: FastActivate "Climax Mode" 50 times
Climax Gauge Recovery: FreeActivate "Climax Mode" 200 times
Climax Gauge Recovery: SlowActivate "Climax Mode" 100 times
Combo Window: FreeGet a combo of more than 3,000
Combo Window: LongGet a combo of more than 1,000
Credits: 5Get a Game Over 1 time
Credits: 7Get a Game Over 3 times
Credits: 9Get a Game Over 5 times
Credits: FreeGet a Game Over 10 times
Display: No InfoGet a score of over 2,000,000 points in one game
Display: No Smoke (All)Get a score of over 1,000,000 points in one game
Display: No Smoke (Explosions)Get a score of over 800,000 points in one game
Display: No Smoke (Missiles)Get a score of over 600,000 points in one game
Enemy Attack: 1 Level DownShoot down 1,000 enemies
Enemy Attack: 2 Levels DownShoot down 3,000 enemies
Enemy Attack: 3 Levels DownShoot down 5,000 enemies
Enemy Attack: No AttackShoot down 10,000 enemies
Gun Power: DownShoot down 200 enemies with the gun
Gun Power: UpShoot down 50 enemies with the gun
Lock-On: AutoReaching the ending 10 time
Lock-On: Large CursorReaching the ending 1 time
Lock-On: No CursorReaching the ending 5 time
Missile Recovery: FreeFire 5,000 missiles
Missile Recovery: OffFire 2,000 missiles
Secret Mission: AlwaysPlay "Emergency Orders" 20 times
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Secret Stages 100%
To keep a 5 star rating throughout the level, avoid getting shot down (-1 Star) and make sure to hit at least 50% of enemies. Continuing will cause you to lose all stars.

Golden ValleyBeat Stage 5 (Coastal Industrial Zone) with at least 4 stars
Clouds of TwilightBeat Stage 9A/9B (Iceberg Base OR Sea of Clouds) and get at least 4 stars
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Stage 14 100%
Description: To get to the final stages (stage 14 and 15) in the game, (all modes except Training Mode), you must complete at least 3 out of the possible five "Emergency Orders" while playing.
The missions are generally:

Mission 3Destroy the prototype fighter
Mission 6SDestroy the stealth bomber with your guns (may leak into mission 7 if you catch up to the target)
Mission 8ADestroy at least 8 of the targeted enemy aircraft
Mission 8BDestroy at least 10 infantry transport choppers
Mission 11Avoid being detected by the searchlights. Zap the lights or stay very low to the ground
Mission 13A and 13BDestroy the nuke carrier before it escapes
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12 Achievements
After Burner Climax - ROLL ROLL
Performed a roll in Arcade mode.
After Burner Climax - Climax Mode Climax Mode
Activated Climax Mode in Arcade mode.
After Burner Climax - 50 Combo 50 Combo
Got a combo of 50 in Arcade mode.
After Burner Climax - Stealth bomber Stealth bomber
Cleared Stage 5 in Arcade mode.
After Burner Climax - Across enemy lines Across enemy lines
Cleared Stage 10 in Arcade mode.
After Burner Climax - Super Tomcat Super Tomcat
Cleared Arcade mode with the F-14D.
After Burner Climax - Super Hornet Super Hornet
Cleared Arcade mode with the F/A-18E.
After Burner Climax - Strike Eagle Strike Eagle
Cleared Arcade mode with the F-15E.
After Burner Climax - Emergency Order Emergency Order
Cleared an Emergency Order in Arcade mode.
After Burner Climax - Rank In Rank In
Uploaded a Score Attack score to rankings.
After Burner Climax - Triple A Triple A
Got a AAA ranking in Arcade mode (for Shot Down, Combo, or Play Time).
After Burner Climax - All Clear! All Clear!
Cleared Arcade mode with ending A.
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