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Tomb Raider Last Revelation Cheats for PSX
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Tomb Raider Last Revelation PSX Cheats

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Tomb Raider Last Revelation

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All weapons 100%
Highlight Small Medipack Hold L1+ L2 + R1+ R2+ Up press Triangle.
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Atomic Lara 100%
Turns Laras pistol into a nuclear missile launcher. During the time when its loading the Title Screen enter L1, L1, L1, Triangle, Circle, Circle, X, X, X, X,R1, R1, R2, L2, Square. after that you have to get to the 2nd level and pick up the shotgun ammo in the tomb when you don't have a shotgun then go to your inventory and click on the shotgun ammo and it will be your pistol and then press L1, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, L2, L2, R1, R1, R1, R1, R1,R2, R2, R2 then put it away and take it out again. It will then shoot nuclear missiles.

[sJordan Pfendts]
Face Exactly North (you can do this easier by climbing onto a block that is also facing north).
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Level skip 100%
Highlight load Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Up press Triangle.
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Infinite items 100%
Face north, go to the inventory screen, highlight small medi-kit, hold down all shoulder buttons, hold down Up, and press Triangle.

When facing directly north (red arrow on compass), try hanging from a ledge, press Select. For All weapons, infinite ammo: highlight small medi-pack and press R1, R2, R2, L2, Up, & Triangle. When you revisit the inventory you will have all weapons, infinite ammo and infinite medi-packs. For level skip, do exactly the same as above only highlight the Load icon instead.
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All Items 100%
Highlight large Medipack Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Down press Triangle.
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