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Iron Man 2 Cheats for WII
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Iron Man 2 WII Cheats

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Iron Man 2

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

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Hulk mk 6 33%
Turbo charge extremis armor to use the power of hulkbuster armor
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Boss 1 28%
Press (c) 2 start hovering and take the main guns out from in the air then land on its head and give it the best you've got
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Iron Man 2 703866How do get to see all the ironman suits Answers: 2
Iron Man 2 783447How do you get past the big robot that is trying to destroy the convoy? What exactly do you have to do to kill it? Answers: 2
Iron Man 2 808736How do I get past the Stage 2 (Iron Man 2) Russia? I killed all the bad guys. I only see the 3 hostages (one with fire surrounding him). I walk up to the 2 and nothing can be done. I walk up to the fire guy and he just bounces me back. Is there a passage or computer that I have to unlock? Answers: 1
Iron Man 2 712820How to use the war machine ? n wat cheat code can I use to unlock all suits..... iron man 2 is kind of hard to play lol Answers: 0
Iron Man 2 721755How to clear main courtyard Answers: 0
Iron Man 2 740192Once in Stark Lab and you get 30 Second Count down -- what do you need to do (kill all attackers?) -- then what after you kill them all within 30 seconds? Seem to be 3 computers where pressing A brings more attackers. How do you get the 5 trophies to get to next level? Thanks Answers: 1
Iron Man 2 759277Where do you type cheats in? Answers: 1
Iron Man 2 762721In 'Live Bait', where is the fifth ARC bomb? Answers: 1
Iron Man 2 771639How do I earn the suits Answers: 0
Iron Man 2 847680How do you get the trophy in budapest in the big hole in the wall Answers: 1
Iron Man 2 873980How do you defeat the ark armiga in the best defence Answers: 0
Iron Man 2 909966How do I defeat the Arc Avengers? Answers: 0
Iron Man 2 921510How do you complete the budapest mission..It says to locate base but I dont see nothing and been roaming around for days..Please help!?!?!?! Answers: 0
Iron Man 2 921779I only upgraded Iron man now need to upgrade Warmachine wheres the best place to get more tech points? Answers: 0
Iron Man 2 851562I thought "Best Defense" was where War Machine is chasing the Armature machine and trying to kill it before it gets the Hellcarrier. How do you avoid all the drones that attack? There seems to be no way to avoid them crashing into you thus draining energy and killing you before you defeat the Armature. Answers: 1
Iron Man 2 856376How do you kill the ARC Arminger in Iron Man2 Wii Answers: 1
Iron Man 2 771065Is there some codes to iron man 2 Answers: 1
Iron Man 2 717818Can't get past the "The best defense" level. Is there a problem with it? Shows the 3 places to strike but too many drones gang up on you every time. Answers: 1
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