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LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Cheats for NDS
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LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 NDS Cheats

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LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

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Dark magic things 100%
To destroy dark magic objects you can use voldemort,barty crouch jr,tom riddle or severous snape
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Characters 90%
Description: Complete the listed task to unlock the specified character, immediately or for purchase.

Name Level found Cost
Harry (Casual)Available at startFree
Harry (Hogwarts)During storylineFree
Harry (Quidditch)Quidditch World Cup (unconfirmed)150,000
Harry (Swim Task)Second Task200,000
Harry (Triwizard)Finish Year 4 (unconfirmed)200,000
Hermione (Casual)Shopping In Diagon Alley100,000
Hermione (Hogwarts)During storylineFree
Moaning MyrtleDuring storylineFree
Neville LongbottomGryfindor House20,000
Professor LupinDuring storylineFree
Ron (Casual)The Burrow10,000
Ron (HogwartsDuring storylineFree
Rubeus HagridDuring storylineFree
Tom RiddleTom Riddle's Diary (unconfirmed)200,000
Vincent CrabbePollyjuice Potion20,000
Amos DigoryAccio Charm50,000
Angelina JohnsonForbidden Forest10,000
Anthony GoldsteinFlying Lesson20,000
Argus FilchTrophy Room5,000
Arthur WeasleyMountain Troll100,000
Barty Crouch Jr.Unknown100,000
Barty Crouch Sr.Gringotts100,000
Cho ChangUnknown10,000
Colin CreeveyChamber of Secrets30,000
Cornelius FudgeHogwarts Express10,000
Crabbe Sr (Death Eater)Unknown100,000
Dean ThomasIncendio20,000
DobbyChamber of Secrets10,000
Draco Malfoy (Hogwarts)Potions Class40,000
Draco Malfoy (Quidditch)Flying Lesson40,000
Professor DumbledoreFinish game (unconfirmed)2,500,000
Ernie PrangShrieking Shack10,000
Fleur Delacour (Beaxbatons)Chasing Peter Pettigrew20,000
Fleur Delacour (Triwizard)O.W.L. Opening Revision20,000
Gabrielle DelacourCare of Magical Creatures10,000
Gilderoy LockhartFinish Year 2 (unconfirmed)100,000
Goyle Sr. (Death Eater)Spider Hollow20,000
Hannah AbbotIncendio20,000
Igor KarakaroffThird Task2,000,000
James PotterThird Task100,000
Justin Finch-FletchleyDuel Club20,000
Katie BellTransfiguration20,000
Lee JordanPotions Class20,000
Lilly PotterUnknown150,000
Lord VoldemortFinish game (unconfirmed)2,000,000
Lord Voldemort (Ghost)Lumos Charm1,500,000
Lord Voldemort (Quirrell)Forbidden Corridor2,000,000
Lucius MalfoyUnknown100,000
Lucius Malfoy (Death Eater)Knockturn Alley10,000
Madam HoochFlying Lesson150,000
Madam MalkinShopping Diagon Alley8,000
Madame MaximeAccio100,000
Madam PomfreyGathering Ingredients100,000
Madam RosemeretaHogsmeade (unconfirmed)10,000
Marcus FlintUnknown?
Marge DursleyPrivet Drive300
Micheal CornerUnknown15,000
Millicent BullstrodeForbidden Forest20,000
Molly WeasleyThe Burrow100,000
Mr. OlivanderGringotts40,000
Nearly Headless NickGathering Ingredients75,000
Oliver WoodQuidditch Match30,000
Padma PatilForbidden Forest20,000
Pavarti PatilBanishing Bogarts20,000
Percy Weasley (Casual)Knockturn Alley100,000
Percy Weasley (Hogwarts)Pollyjuice Potion100,000
Peter PettigrewChasing Peter Pettigrew10,000
Petunia DursleyTom Riddle's Diary10,000
Professor BinnsSpider Hollow20,000
Professor FlitwickGryfindor House150,000
Professor McGonagalFinish Year 1 (unconfirmed)1,000,000
Professor QuirrellRestricted Section150,000
Professor MoodyTom Riddle's Diary100,000
Professor SnapeFinish Year 3 (unconfirmed)200,000
Professor SproutRevelio50,000
Professor TrelawneyUnknown10,000
Rita SkeeterUnknown50,000
Seamus FinniganPrivet Drive20,000
Sirius BlackFree Sirius50,000
Stan ShunpikeBanishing Bogarts10,000
Susan BonesUnknown15,000
The Bloody BaronPatronus Charm10,000
The Fat FriarRevelio15,000
The Grey LadyMountain Troll75,000
Vernon DursleyPrivet Drive?
Vicktor Krum (Durmstrang)Time Turner100,000
Vicktor Krum (Triwizard)Unknown100,000
MacnairHogwarts Express20,000
Tom the InnkeeperDescendo10,000
Barty Crouch Jr. (Death Eater)O.W.L. Opening Revision100,000
GoblinForbidden Corridor300
Draco Malfoy (Casual)Aresto Momentum10,000
Gregory Goyle (Casual)Duel Club25,000
Vincent Crabbe (Casual)Transfiguration10,000
Macnair (Death Eater)Free Sirius10,000
Cedric Digory (Hogwarts)Hogsmeade50,000
Cedric Digory (Swim Task)Second Task50,000
Cedric Digory (Triwizard)Unknown10,000
Dudley DursleyUnlocked During StoryFree
Fred Weasley (Hogwarts)Trophy Room40,000
Fred Weasley (Casual)Hogwarts Express40,000
George Weasley (Hogwarts)Lumos Charm40,000
George Weasley (Casual)Descendo40,000
Ginny Weasley (Hogwarts)Platform 9 3/410,000
Ginny Weasley (Casual)Care of Magical Creatures30,000
Gregory GoyleUnknown25,000
GriphookUnlocked During StoryFree
DumbledoreUnlock all other charactersFree
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Codes 87%
Location: Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment in the Leaky Cauldron hub area. It can be found in Diagon Alley.

Description: You can enter the following cheat codes upstairs for the listed effect.

Gold Bricks

QE4VC7Gold Brick 01
FY8H97Gold Brick 02
3MQT4PGold Brick 03
PQPM7ZGold Brick 04
ZY2CPAGold Brick 05
3GMTP6Gold Brick 06
XY6VYZGold Brick 07
TUNC4WGold Brick 08
EJ42Q6Gold Brick 09
GFJCV9Gold Brick 10
DZCY6GGold Brick 11


AUC8EHCarrot Wands
H27KGCCharacter Studs
HA79V8Character Token Detector
J9U6Z9Extra Hearts
ZEX7MVFall Rescue
Z9BFADFast Dig
FA3GQAFast Magic
84QNQNGold Brick Detector
TTMC6DHogwarts Crest Detector
F88VUWIce Rink
7AD7HERed Brick Detector
89ML2WRegenerate Hearts
H8X69YScore x10
74YKR7Score x2
J3WHNKScore x4
XK9ANEScore x6
HUFV2HScore x8
BMEU6XSinging Mandrake
67FKWZStud Magnet


CD4JLXEngorgio Skullus
2M2XJ6Locomotor Mortis
UW8LRHRedactum Skullus
U6EE8XSlugulus Eructo
YZNRF6Trip Jinx
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Barfing Bullfrog 75%
As soon as you unlock transfiguration in year one, go back to the gringotts level. Before you talk to Griphook, you must rome around and find a statue outlined in green. Tap it, transfigure it and there you have it: A bullfrog statue 5 blue coins will emerge from the frog!
By: Maggie08(96)
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Easy Money 50%
To get studs (In-game currency) easily, you need to complete the game and get 2x stud value red brick. Information to get it can be found in collectible locations walkthrough of this game. Once you have found it, buy it from Fred and George's shop in Room of Requirement. After purchasing, the value of each stud you collect will be multiplied by 2.

Note: The same procedure can be followed for 4x, 6x, 8x and 10x multiplier.

For help, contact me on Xfire- ripamoramee1
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Get the red brick in the last level,buy it,then go to the slytheren common room and get to the part were you have to battle the chameleon ghoul and use stupify when he is still on the platform and stun him and he will float.
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How to get Darth Vader (secret) 31%
You need to do this: get lego star wars the complete saga and play episode 6 charpter 5
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Unlock indiana jones 12%
First you have 2 collect all the ghfhjghjgh you suk
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All Characters 11%
I try this code and it work to use you need to finish a level with the code on when you finish a level then you can get every body oh and here is the code 94000130 FFFB0000
621620E4 00000000
22146BDB 00000003
D5000000 000000FF
C0000000 0000001C
D8000000 02146BBE
D2000000 00000000
By: CrAzY HaDeS(34)
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