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Batman: Arkham Asylum (Game of the Year Edition) Cheats for XBOX 360
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Batman: Arkham Asylum (Game of the Year Edition)
XBOX 360 Cheats

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Batman: Arkham Asylum (Game of the Year Edition)

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

*Riddler Challenges Guide 98%
The Riddler Challenges in Batman: Arkham Asylum can be a daunting task, there are a lot of them and they can be tricky, but that is why we are here.

Read the Guide --> *Riddler Challenges [Guide]
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Arkham Asylum Achievements Guide 98%
Description: There are 47 achievements in Arkham Asylum. Difficulty achievements stack, so getting them on Hard means you get them on Easy and Normal as well. All secret achievements are story related and not able to be missed.

***Spoilers throughout***

Read the Guide --> Arkham Asylum Achievements Guide
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Armored Batman 98%
Description: Beat story mode to unlock Armored Batman for Challenge Mode. Armored Batman has a bit more health than regular Batman. You will be able to select Armored Batman before beginning a Challenge.
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Challenges 96%
To unlock additional Challenges, you will need to play Story Mode. Most Challenges can be unlocked by finding certain Riddler Trophies.

Here is a complete list of the Challenges with the Riddler Trophies that unlock them. Some
Challenges are unlocked just by playing the game.

Intensive Treatment???
Silent Knight???
Sewer Bat???
Record Breaker???
Shock and AweFind the Riddler Trophy for Botanical Gardens Riddle # 24
Survival TacticsFind the Riddler Trophy for Caves Riddle # 20
Rumble in the JungleFind the Riddler Trophy for Caves Riddle # 9
Invisible PredatorFind the Riddler Trophy for Arkham Island, West Riddle #9
Intensive Treatment ExtremeFind the Riddler Trophy for The Penitentiary Riddle# 8
Silent knight (Extreme)Find the Riddler Trophy for Botanical Gardens Riddle # 29
Sewer Bat ExtremeFind the Riddler Trophy for Intensive Treament Riddle # 30
Record Breaker (Extreme)Find the Riddler Trophy for Caves Riddle# 19
Shock and Awe (Extreme)Find the Riddler Trophy for Medical Riddle # 28
Survival Tactics (Extreme)Find the Riddler Trophy for Mansion Riddle # 29
Rumble in the Jungle (Extreme)Find the Riddler Trophy for Caves Riddle #23
Invisible Predator (Extreme)???
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Secret Room in the Warden's Office, Reference to Batman: Arkham City [Easter Egg] 96%
Description: In the Warden's Office, head back to the room with the Warden's portrait on the far wall. Turn left as soon as you enter the doorway and approach the wooden wall. You can destroy this with Explosive Gel. It may take a bit of trial and error, but one panel can be blown away. Beyond this is an unmarked room with a blueprint on the wall. It shows plans for the relocation or expansion of Arkham to Gotham City. This is a nod to the setting of Batman: Arkham City. For video and images of this Easter Egg, check out IGN's article, Warden Sharp's Plans For Arkham City.
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Upgard 100%
Kill joker
By: jerometerry(2)
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The Joker's last laugh 67%
First when you vs scarecrow the third and final time,when it shows the purple ''j'' for joker sign press both the ''b+x buttons,which red and blue make purple.Then the screen will go black for second and it will say retry and quit, go to quit and you will return to your screen. Go to the challenge mode screen and you will see batman and joker as your two game players.All the joker challenge mode gameplay levels will be there as soon as you put in the cheat code for joker as a playable character.
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Unlockables 60%
Armored Batsuit
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Armored Batsuit in Challenge mode.

Alternate weapon view
Equip the Batarang, Batclaw, or Multibatarang, then press LT to aim and RB to fire the weapon to get a behind-the-projectile view.

Solving The Riddler's "?"s
If you are perplexed by The Riddler's more difficult riddles such as "What's right in front of you but still hidden from view?", you will usually be able to use Detective mode to find a piece of a question mark without a dot (or the dot without the question mark). An easy way to see an example of this is to go to the second balcony outside of the penitentiary. Look toward the medical facility, and enable Detective mode. You will see a "?" with no dot under it on the floor. Grapple to the balcony above, and on the center pole of the railing is the "?"'s dot. Align them onscreen, and use Environmental Analysis. This will solve the "Do you see what I see? No? Then maybe I am in a stronger position." riddle. There are only a few of these riddles, but you must find both parts of the "?" and align them to solve the riddle.

"Solve The Spirit Of Arkham's Mystery" chronicle
If you are skilled enough to find all of The Riddler's secret maps, or if you find all the "Chronicle Of Arkham" hidden pieces throughout the game without them, there will be one more blank chronicle remaining to decipher. To unlock it, go all the way back to where you found Clayface behind the wall in the penitentiary. Go up the center stairs where you left Warden Sharp a long time ago. There will be some scribbling on the floor. Use your Environmental Analysis on it to unlock the final chronicle.

Easy combos
By: Xgamesquadgirl1(4562)
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Achievements 60%
Big Bang (50 points): Complete story mode on Easy difficulty.
Bigger Bang (50 points): Complete story mode on Normal difficulty.
Biggest Bang (50 points): Complete story mode on Hard difficulty.
Party Pooper (10 points): Time to break up this party.
Freeflow Combo 20 (10 points): Complete a combo of 20 moves (any play mode).
Freeflow Combo 40 (10 points): Complete a combo of 40 moves (any play mode).
Night Glider (5 points): Glide continuously for over 100m.
Rope-A-Dope-A-Dope (10 points): String up one henchman and drop him to surprise a second (any play mode).
Mano-A-Mano (10 points): Take on a beast in hand to hand combat.
Catch! (5 points): Catch a Batarang (any play mode).
Freeflow Combo 5 (5 points): Complete a combo of 5 moves (any play mode).
Freeflow Combo 10 (5 points): Complete a combo of 10 moves (any play mode).
Freeflow Perfection (10 points): Perform a perfect combo including all of Batman's combat moves (any play mode).
Freakshow Rodeo (10 points): Ride a beast and unleash its power.
Freeflow Bronze (10 points): Achieve 8 medals on combat challenges.
Freeflow Silver (25 points): Achieve 16 medals on combat challenges.
Freeflow Gold (50 points): Achieve 24 medals on combat challenges.
Predator Bronze (10 points): Achieve 8 medals on predator challenges.
Predator Silver (25 points): Achieve 16 medals on predator challenges.
Predator Gold (50 points): Achieve 24 medals on predator challenges.
Invisible Predator (10 points): Complete one predator challenge by using only Silent Takedowns and without being detected.
Flawless Freeflow Fighter (10 points): Complete one combat challenge without taking damage.
Crack The E Nigma (20 points): Solve every riddle on the island.
Arkham Analyst (20 points): Solve 5% of Riddler challenges.
Cryptic Investigator (20 points): Solve 10% of Riddler challenges.
Lateral Thinker (20 points): Solve 25% of Riddler challenges.
Mystery Solver (20 points): Solve 40% of Riddler challenges.
Conundrum Cracker (20 points): Solve 55% of Riddler challenges.
Mental Athlete (20 points): Solve 70% of Riddler challenges.
Riddle Resolver (20 points): Solve 85% of Riddler challenges.
World's Greatest Detective (20 points): Solve Arkham's biggest mystery.
Perfect Knight (75 points): 100% Complete.

Additionally, there are fifteen secret achievements:
Shocking Rescue (10 points): Take down Zsasz in the Patient Pacification Chamber.
Leave No Man Behind (10 points): Rescue the guards and henchman from the Joker toxin in Decontamination.
Malpractice Needs More Practice (10 points): Survive the onslaught from the deformed Joker henchman.
Born Free (10 points): Escape from Intensive Treatment to the island surface.
Just What The Doctors Ordered (10 points): Save all the doctors in Medical.
Daydreamer (10 points): Survive the nightmare of the Scarecrow's fear gas.
Baneful Payback (25 points): Defeat Bane.
Breaking And Entering (10 points): Gain access to Arkham Mansion after it is locked down by the Joker.
Recurring Nightmare (10 points): Face your biggest fears and keep your sanity.
Zsasz Cut Down To Size (10 points): Save Dr. Young from being killed by Victor Zsasz.
Solitary Confinement (25 points): Capture and lock up Harley Quinn.
Double Trouble (25 points): Defeat two Titan Henchmen at once.
Resist The Fear (50 points): Conquer the effects of the Scarecrow's fear gas.
Crocodile Tears (50 points): Venture into Killer Croc's lair and come out alive.
Poisoned Ivy (50 points): Defeat the giant Titan Ivy plant.
By: Xgamesquadgirl1(4562)
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