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James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Cheats for PS2
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James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing
PS2 Cheats

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James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Hints and tips 100%
James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Hint: Loads of Tips

1) Crouching raises the chance of you not getting hit significantly.
2) Always look for available cover at all times.
3) The Q Spider can unlock secret areas and items by crawling through open spaces and scouting.
4) Never charge into a open space without an automatic gun and a lot of ammo.
5) Missiles are very easy to waste and can't be replenished so use them very sparingly.
6) Don't rely on hand-to-hand combat.
7) Always keep your P99 in reserve in case of emergencies.
8) You are a spy which means you need to be silent, crouch, walk, and silently disable men.

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Hint: No Medals With Cheats
If you activate a cheat, such as the Golden Gun, you will not be awarded a medal for completing the mission, no matter how well you do.

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Hint: Train Chase Dirt Bike
At the beginning of the "Train Chase" mission, instead of taking a left to Bond's Porsche, turn right into a small room. Inside, you'll find a dirtbike and a slightly different path through the level.

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Hint: Earning Multi Player Points
To earn multi player points used for unlocking bonus characters and arenas, you'll need to complete optional objectives in the co-op campaign. To view these objectives, select the mission you want to tackle and hit CIRCLE. You'll then be shown what the bonus objectives are. Completing these objectives will earn you 10 multi player points.

You can also view these challenges on the pause menu of a co-op game.

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Hint: Instant Clothesline Kill
In either multi player or single player,execute a counter by pressing X + SQUARE + UP the moment your enemy is about to attack you physically. You'll execute a clothesline that instantly downs your opponent.

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Hint: Regain Health
Crouch, by pressing L2, to slowly refill your health.

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Hint: More Time

During the level Mardigras Mayhem, you will be timed. If you head back to the truck in the garage and get back in it, and then back out, your time will be reset. This will give you more time as needed.
By: Xgamesquadgirl1(5108)
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Cheats 67%
James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Cheat: Golden Gun
At the pause screen, enter CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, X, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Cheat List
These cheats will only work after you have unlocked the corresponding Platinum award.
All Weapons: Circle, Trianlge, X, X, Circle
Cloak: Circle, Triangle, X , Triangle, Square
Double Ammo: Circle, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle
Double Damage: Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle
Easier movement in vehicle: Circle, X, X, Square, Triangle
Full Ammo: Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square, Square
Full Battery: Circle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle
Improved Battery: Circle, Square, Square, X, Circle
Platinum Gun: Circle, Square, Square, Circle, X
Slow Motion Driving: Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle
Unlimited Ammo: Circle, X, Square, X, Circle
Unlimited Battery: Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle
By: Xgamesquadgirl1(5108)
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Unlockables: characters/ bonus areas 50%
James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Unlockable: Characters and Bonus Arenas
Unlock the following by earning the appropriate number of multi player points, earned by completing objectives in co-op mode.
Agent 003: 290 points
Baron Samedi: 50 points
Burn Chamber arena: 370 points
Arena Mode, and Cistern arena: 30 points
Diayato Moscow: 400 points
Egypt Commander: 90 points
Egypt Guard: 180 points
Hezmet Guard: 110 points
Katya Jumpsuit: 320 points
Le Rogue: 260 points
Miss Nagai: 450 points
Moscow Guard: 230 points
Mya: 130 points
Odd Job: 70 points
Serena: 350 points
Serena: 430 points
South Commander: 210 points
Test Lab arena: 160 points
By: Xgamesquadgirl1(5108)
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Upgrades and gold medal awards 50%
James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Unlockable: Gold Medal Rewards and Weapon

Cayenne Weapon Upgrade: 12 Gold Medals
Tank Weapon Upgrade: 10 Gold Medals
Triumph Weapon Upgrade: 21 Gold Medals
Vanquish Weapon Upgrade: 15 Gold Medals
Nanotank Weapon Upgrade: 24 Gold Medals
Helicopter Weapon Upgrade: 6 Gold Medals
Katya: 20 Gold Medals
Mya: 14 Gold Medals
Serena: 8 Gold Medals
Underworld: 11 Gold Medals
Miss Nagai: 17 Gold Medals

MI6 Combat Simulator: All Gold Medals
MI6 Survival Test: All Gold Medals
Gallery: 27 Gold Medals

Production Stills
Production Stills 1: 1 Gold Medal
Production Stills 2: 2 Gold Medals
Production Stills 3: 3 Gold Medals
Production Stills 4: 4 Gold Medals
Production Stills 5: 5 Gold Medals
Production Stills 6: 7 Gold Medals
Production Stills 7: 9 Gold Medals
Production Stills 8: 13 Gold Medals
Production Stills 9: 16 Gold Medals
Production Stills 10: 18 Gold Medals
Production Stills 11: 19 Gold Medals
Production Stills 12: 22 Gold Medals
Production Stills 13: 23 Gold Medals
Production Stills 14: 25 Gold Medals
By: Xgamesquadgirl1(5108)
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Press Triangle to get into the train on the train level
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