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ModNation Racers Cheats for PSP
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ModNation Racers PSP Cheats

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ModNation Racers

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Easy Win on Break Water 96%
How to: Take all short cuts and be in first. After the moving plates, there will be the circle spinner. Keep driving to the left, but do not hit the wall. Make a sharp left turn trying to avoid the wall. You will have a a 50/50 chance of being teleported somewhere, which is a bad thing. Keep on doing this and you might win!
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Easy Grudge: Fade 80%
1. Follow Fade.
2. Take an alley when you see it.
3. Take a SECOND alley after clearing step 2.
4. After the big jump, use the boost you have to go THROUGH the last run.
5. If step 4 fails, take the paths on the left or right ends. They MAY have boost pads and item pods.
6. Repeat steps 1-4 and maybe five.

NOTICE: You must clear the Market Run in the range tour coming in first with taking down Fade. ALSO: Drive it a few times to learn the track.
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Chief's cart 75%
Remember me? That's Right! I'm your cheat person that made you your co-Chief! Now his cart! Select body number 6 design #2. Then, take the original lowered suspension, spoiler#1, seat#5, wheels # 33, steering wheel # 10, and the HARDEST, engine # 19. The 8 ball antenna, hood ornament # 4, and license plate # 1. Decal # 44 for the hood, number design # 234, and the logo #152. What it should look like is Chief's cart on the clip from your first look-up with Gary Resons and Biff Tradwell. If you have done all of this, CONGRATULATIONS! You just recruited Chief and his cart! Now show Expresso who's the boss NOW!
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Easy grudge: Hale 75%
1. Follow Hale.
2. After the big jump, go to the left for another big jump.
3. If you don't want to do step 2, there is a boost pad that leads you BACK on the track, like a cutoff.
4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 and maybe 3 to WIN!

NOTICE: You must complete the ENTIRE Mayhem tour and finish first and take down Hale in the Mayhem tour finale in order to unlock the grudge match. ALSO: You may need to drive it a few times.
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Easy grudge: Shadow 71%
1. Follow Shadow after the first major jump.

2. Follow Shadow into a sometimes unknown shortcut.

3. Take the shortcuts in the valley after the tunnel.

4. If you don't want to go in the unknown shortcut in step 2, there is a shortcut just before the tunnel.

5. BEFORE the first jump in step 1, there is another road with item balls.

6. You CAN repeat these steps on every lap and string them through. It is kind of hard to link the secret passage and the cutoff leading to the tunnel.

Notice: You MUST complete HALF of the grim tour (tour 4) in order to unlock Shadow's track, switchback valley. ALSO: you may need a few races on the track in order to learn it's tricks.
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Chief character 71%
If you have the correct voice, mouth, eyes, trademarks, head gear, pants, and shirt, you get Chief. You need: Overalls, white vest shirt, tall brown shoes, no gloves, a medium blue color in the skin section. That red thing that goes around your neck, like a tie, in odds and ends, headphones head gear, a talk in microphone in masks, long eyes, no hair, the last beard in the facial hair section, and Hale's voice. If you did this, CONGRATULATIONS! You just got Chief re-qualified! I will post how to get his car in October.
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Easy Grudge: Iceman 71%
1. Follow Iceman.
2. Follow Iceman into a underground path.
3. Before step 2, take a Boost pad when initiating step 2 while STILL taking the new path.
4. Follow these steps for every lap to REALLY pass Iceman.

NOTICE: You must clear the first two races of the range tour to unlock Iceman's track, Craggy Hills. Make SURE you take down Iceman AND come in first. ALSO: You may take a few drives in order to learn the track.
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Super easy break water 67%
Take the shortcuts in the alley. Then, on the last turn with the spinning platform, take a turn through the grass to SKIP the spinning platform. You will win with this!
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Start boost 65%
Tap L1 as soon as the lights go green for a super-speed boost to 2nd.
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Max Height Cheat/Glitch on Track Editor by: bob 202 58%
Step 1: Go into track editor.
Step 2: Make a track with some regular/hairpin turns.
Step 3: Go to "edit track".
Step 4: Select "bank".
Step 5: Make the desired turns fully banked.
Step 6: Go to "edit track" again.
Step 7: Select "lift".
Step 8: Fully raise the banked turns.
Step 9: Without exiting out of "edit lift", raise all of the area surrounding the lifted banked turns.
Step 10: Now, raise the already lifted banked turns.
Step 11: Repeat steps 8-10 until you get max height.

note: for this cheat/glitch you probably need to raise larger areas of the track to get the desired turn to max height.
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X characters 53%
If you done everything but the shield modjob, and the three re-mixing modjobs, then this is for you! Click on a elite except for Slick, Expresso, and Nato. Then, give them anything that makes YOU think that elite is in REVENGE! These are the best choices:

New accessories except if it has one

Head gear (if necessary)

Eyegear (best if matched!)

masks (except if it has one)

New voices (do it ONLY if it's original voice disgusts you (i.e: Pip Cork), then necessary (test drive), then walla!)

New clothes if necessary

New head parts if necessary

separate personal eyes

check back for X CARTS!
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Easy Grudge: Wildcard 50%
1. Follow Wildcard.
2. Take the path to the right.
3. Go through the path DIRECTLY in front of you.
4. Do step 2 AGAIN at another fork in the road.
5. There is a cutoff with item pods under the second cliff.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the 3 laps.

NOTICE: You must complete half of the mayhem tour to get his track, Island dash. ALSO: You may need a few test drives to learn the multiple shortcuts in the track.
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Easy Grudge: Slick 43%
1. Follow Slick.
2. Go up the steep cliff.
3. There is a path with a boost pad.
4. If you don't like step 2, there is a MAJOR jump pad to the left.
5. Follow Slick into a SUPER SECRET shortcut.
6. Take the right path when you meet the last turn.
7. If you REALLY need boost, take the left. It will cost you a few seconds, though!
8. Repeat steps 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 for REAL SPEED!
9. Take steps 4, 5, and 7 for speed and Boost. This is slower then step 8.

NOTICE: You must clear the warm-up AND race 1 of the grim tour to unlock Slick's track, Sandstorm. You MUST finish first and takedown Slick in order to unlock the grudge race. ALSO: You may need a few races in order to learn the paths.
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Stigg 35%
Create a guy and name him stigg only if hes in the stigg suit and he will get mad driving skills the stigg suit is white tusk white pants white shoes and stigg helmet in odds and ends
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Zoom through!!!(May not work) 29%
O.K. In the game there is a glitch that happened to me...I went right through something! (Went in it then went out it.)You have to go really fast with those pounding things,and you may go right through them!It is awesome!And (MAY) help you with winning races.....
Try it!
-By Justin
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X carts 18%
Remember me? As promised, here are X Carts! Add new parts except bodies and decals to think they were RE-MODIFIED. Here are the best choices:

New engine
New suspension
New wheels
new steering wheels
new seat
hood ornaments
license plates

Notice: As in the X characters cheat, you Must complete everything in order to you re-modify EVERY elites cart. The hardest is Wildcard. Good Luck!
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