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Super Mario Bros. Crossover Cheats for PC
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Super Mario Bros. Crossover PC Cheats

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Super Mario Bros. Crossover

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Character List 55%
Super Mario Bros. Crossover is about characters. There are 10 characters available to be played in the Mario World! So, let's meet our heroes.

Mario and Luigi: Mario and Luigi are the originals. You know what they do. Luigi runs a bit loose, not running as fast and is slower to turn around, but Luigi can jump higher than Mario.

Link: Link has arrived to save Zelda! Link has his sword to slash enemies, and he also has access to bombs, arrows, and the ability to throw his sword! Link can be a crazy asset, and he's small, making him the only character to fit through tiny gaps, like the one in World 1-2.

Samus Aran: The Galactic Space Warriorette has landed in the Mushroom Kingdom! Samus can fire missiles, fire icy cold blasts, or blast away path changing bullets. She can also become immune to Bowser's fire bars, which is truly valuable in his castles. Samus can also lay bombs, and she can use them to jump! Samus is very versatile, and she has nice jumping abilities, too. Samus can also screw attack Paratroopas out of the sky just by jumping.

Simon Belmont: Simon Belmont is on a Mission, and he'll let nothing get in his way. Simon has access to a strong whip, which can turn into a long, flame-covered behemoth! Simon also has access to grenades, knifes, hammers, boomerangs, and even the ability to stop time! Simon also jumps twice at a time, so make sure to know that before using Simon.

Mega Man: Mega Man has arrived to save the day! Mega Man wields a powerful shot that not even a brick can stop! Mega Man also has access to change his main item at the time, giving him multiple advantages in the right conditions. He also has access to Rush, a mechanical dog that helps Mega Man fly through the air! Mega Man has many advantages, and is one of the best.

Bass: Bowser has captured Bass' mentor, Dr. Wily, so Bass steps in to stop the bad man! (and save one, too.) Bass is similar to Mega Man, but he can fire multiple shots at once, and can shoot in different directions. However, a brick CAN stop Bass. Bass also can double jump, so he doesn't get Rush. Sorry, kid.

Bill Rizer: Sargent Rizer is here to stop Bowser once and for all! Bill has multiple types of guns to choose from, and he can shoot in different directions, making him quite a user-friendly character. However, Bill is always killed in 1 hit, so be careful, sir!

Ryu Hyabasa: Ryu was ordered to assassinate Bowser, and he won't hold back. Ryu wields quite a fine sword, and he also has the ability to climb walls! This alone makes up for Ryu's poor jumping skills. Ryu also has many powerful sub-weapons, so make sure to discover them all!

Sophia III: Sophia gets in her mighty Blaster to kill the Koopa King! Sophia is all about movement, as she can climb on walls and ceilings. Sophia has access to many powerful shots, like the Crusher Beam, the Homing Missile, and her Multi Warhead Missiles. Sophia is also the only one who can float in the air, and is the only one who can swim underwater (besides Mario and Luigi).
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Super Mario Bros. Crossover 42%
Infinita VIDA
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