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Total Annihilation Cheats for PC
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Total Annihilation PC Cheats

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Total Annihilation Cheats

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Total Annihilation

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Code: - Effect 100%
+ATM - Gives you 1000 metal and energy.
+CDSTART - Starts CD Music.
+CONTOUR# - Displays a 3D contour, # = 1-15.
+CONTROL# - Lets you to control a different skirmish AI.
+DITHER - Dithering instead of line of sight.
+DOUBLESHOT - All weapons do twice the damage.
+HALFSHOT - All weapons do half the damage.
+ILOSE - Causes you to lose. +IWIN - Causes you to win.
+NOENERGY - Drops your energy to 0.
+NOMETAL - Drops your metal to 0.
+NOSHAKE - Stops explosion screen shakes.
+NOWISEE - Full map and disables line of sight.
+RADAR - 100% radar coverage.
+SING - This command makes units "sing" when given orders.
+SWITCHALT - Allows you to switch between squads
with alt+# keys.
+VIEW# - Lets you see how much metal and energy
a player has.
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Below is the 1st Campaign cheat code 100%
Click on Total Annihilation's Single Player icon. When the Single Player Game page appears type DRDEATH (it is not case sensitive). This will cause a Cavedog Entertainment bone to appear between the Load Game and Previous Menu icons on the right side of the screen. Clicking on the bone will take players to a special Play Any Game screen where they can play any Total Annihilation mission, even if they have not earned their way to that level yet.
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Ulti base 75%
Make sure your enemy doesnt have any thing except an energything or a metal extractor. then you can make a base as big as you want, any way you want it. the defect is you cant use it
By: pudding(510)
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