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NHL 2011 Cheats for PS3
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NHL 2011 PS3 Cheats

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NHL 2011

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NHL 11 PS3 - Trophies 100%
5 Star Battle (Silver)Beat another 5 star team with your 5 star team in a Hockey Ultimate Team online match
Boost Master (Bronze)Purchase or unlock 20 Boost items
Boosted Up (Bronze)Complete an EA SPORTS Hockey League match with any one attribute boosted by +9
Box of Cards (Bronze)Open 15 Card Packs
Come Back King (Bronze)Win a ranked versus match beginning the 3rd period down by at least 2 goals
Custom Sweater (Bronze)Complete an EA SPORTS Hockey League match while wearing a Custom Jersey
EASHL Playoffs (Silver)Be a member of an EA SPORTS Hockey League team when they participate in a monthly playoff
EASHL Playoffs Champ (Gold)Be a member of an EA SPORTS Hockey League team when they win a monthly playoff match
EASHL Sophomore (Bronze)Play 100 Ranked matches with your online Be A Pro character
EASHL Veteran (Gold)Play 250 Ranked matches with your online Be A Pro character
Faceoff Victor (Bronze)Play and finish a ranked versus match with a Faceoff percentage of at least 75%
Filled Up (Silver)Complete a Be A Pro game with all Boost Slots of one equipment type filled
Fist Pump (Bronze)Perform a User Controlled Goal Celebration
Getting Started (Bronze)Open a Hockey Ultimate Team Starter Pack
Going Upstairs (Silver)Have your team receive a goal based on video review
Good Preview (Bronze)Play and win a Pre-Season match in Be A GM mode
HUT Champion (Gold)Collect 5 Hockey Ultimate Team Online Trophies in your Collection
HUT CPU Win (Bronze)Play and win a Hockey Ultimate Team single player match versus at least a Pro level CPU
HUT Online Win (Bronze)Play and win a Hockey Ultimate Team online match
HUT playoff Contendor (Silver)Qualify for a Hockey Ultimate Team monthly playoff tournament
Jumbo Pack (Bronze)Open 1st Jumbo Pack
Legendary GM (Silver)Receive your Legend Plaque in Be A GM using at least Medium difficulty
Look Ma, No Stick (Silver)Without a stick, perform a kick or glove pass that leads to a goal
Looking for Deals (Bronze)Visit a Hockey Ultimate Team Trading screen
One Down (Gold)Win a Hockey Ultimate Team online trophy
Penalty Killer (Bronze)Kill of a 5 on 3 powerplay lasting at least 1 minute in a ranked versus match
Poached (Bronze)Sign, from another team, a level 3 or above Restricted Free Agent in Be A GM
Practice, Practice, Practice (Bronze)Play at least 8 hours of game time in EA SPORTS Hockey League Practice
Proven Worth (Bronze)Play and complete a game while scoring a goal with a newly drafted skater in Be A GM mode
Sacrifice the Body (Bronze)Block a shot without a stick
Schooled! (Bronze)Play and win a Ranked Online Shootout match using a OHL, WHL, or QMJHL team
Shootout Start (Bronze)Win 5 Ranked Online Shootout matches
Staying Power (Bronze)Remain on NHL team after the Pre-Season with a created Pro
Supposed To Be Standing (Silver)Score a goal from the ground or your knees
Taking on the CPU (Bronze)Enter a Hockey Ultimate Team single player tournament
Taking on the Public (Bronze)Enter a Hockey Ultimate Team online tournament
Team Colors (Silver)Collect both a Logo Card and all Jersey Cards from the same team
Top Draft Pick (Bronze)Get your created Pro drafted in the 1st round of the NHL Draft
Try It On For Size (Bronze)Visit the Hockey Shop and equip an attribute boost into a boost slot
Up and Comers (Bronze)Play and win a match using an OHL, WHL, QMJHL team against a Pro level CPU NHL team
Raise Your Banner (Platinum)Acquire all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies
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* NHL 11 Trophies/Achievements Guide 98%
Celebrating its 20th year, the franchise that captured 22 Sports Game of the Year awards has raised the bar yet again with NHL 11. This guide is for the PS3 Trophies and Xbox 360 Achievements.

Read the Guide --> * NHL 11 Trophies/Achievements [Guide]
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The Advantages of Chemistry Guide 98%
This strategy appears to be overlooked, but chemistry sure gives a lot of value to an NHL 11 game when it is utilized well.

Read the Guide --> The Advantages of Chemistry [Guide]
By: Toebin(11874)
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Stopping Penalties Guide 98%
You can successfully stop that penalty shot with some points we will share here.

Read the Guide --> Stopping Penalties [Guide]
By: Toebin(11874)
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Never 99 67%
Never set your created goalie as a 99! He (or she) will suck like my brorhers big fat ass setthem as a 98 it works better.
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Deak 52%
L2 but just in shootout
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Unlock wayne gretsky 40%
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Nhl 11 40%
To get a new move, go to the screen where you enter the codes and type in SPECIAL MOVES in all caps, and in the game press r1 l1 and r2 all at the same time and you will get a "special shot", you can only use it once a game, you will always score on this shot
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50,000 pucks 35%
In hockey ultimate team by entering the code yxz3u8j4e7p it can give you 50,000 pucks
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Secret cheat 28%
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Nhl 11 17%
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