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Joe Danger Cheats for PC
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Joe Danger PC Cheats

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Joe Danger

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Achievements 100%
This is a list of achievements for Joe Danger on STeam.

AROUND THE WORLD!Play until the credits roll!
BACK ON THE BIKEComplete the first two levels
BEAT THEM AT THEIR OWN GAME!Receive 1 level from a friend
COLLECTORCollect all Pickups on 8 levels
COMBO KING!Get a level Combo Star
COMMANDER OF CATASTROPHE!Crash through the 2nd lab tour to become the Commander of Catastrophe!
DANGER IS MY MIDDLE NAMESo dangerous they named him twice! Collect all stars in career mode
DETECTIVE!Find 3 Hidden Stars
DUKE OF DESTRUCTION!Duck and dive through the 3rd lab tour to become the Duke of Destruction!
KING OF CHAOS!Conclude the fourth lab tour to be crowned the King of Chaos!
MAESTRO OF MADNESS!Conquer the first challenges in the lab to become the Maestro of Madness!
MASTER OF DISASTER!Attain the ultimate title of Master of Disaster!
MEGA COMBO!Get a x40 combo
MONEY GRABBER!Get 5 Coin Dash stars
NINJA STARS!Get 4 stars in one run
SHARE THE FUN!Send 1 level to a friend
SPEED DEMON!Get a Time Star
STAY ON TARGET!Get 5 Target Stars
TRICK MASTER!Get 30 Combo Stars
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