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Driver: San Francisco Cheats for XBOX 360
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Driver: San Francisco XBOX 360 Cheats

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Driver: San Francisco

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Driver: San Francisco Achievement Guide 93%
Need some help to gaine a Achievement/Trophy?

Read the Guide --> Driver: San Francisco Achievement/Trophy [Guide]
By: CheatMaster(6055)
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Driver San Francisco Walkthrough Guide 90%
Redapocalypse04 brings as a complete FAQ or walkthrough for Driver: San Francisco. There is also a complete guide for Achievements/Trophies and extras including Challenge List , Activity List , Dare List , Car List , Garage List.

Read the Guide --> Driver San Francisco Walkthrough [Guide]
By: CheatMaster(6055)
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Challenges, Activities, Dares, Cars, Garages 90%
Description: Challenge List , Activity List , Dare List , Car List , Garage List.

Read the Guide --> Challenges, Activities, Dares, Cars, Garages
By: CheatMaster(6055)
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Movie Scene Challenges 88%
There are 130 total Movie Tokens in the game, for every 10 Movie Tokens you unlock a movie scene challenge in the Garage (based on famous movie chases).
Below are the tokens required, the movie scenes you unlock and the vehicle given in the chase.

The Driver : 1965 Chevrolet S-10 : Collect 90 Movie Tokens
Bullitt : 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback : Collect 30 Movie Tokens
Dukes of Hazard : 1969 Dodge Charger R/T : Collect 70 Movie Tokens
Vanishing Point : 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T : Collect 80 Movie Tokens
The French Connection : 1971 Pontiac LeMans : Collect 40 Movie Tokens
The Italian Job : 1972 Lamborghini Miura : Collect All Movie Tokens
Gone In 60 Seconds : 1973 Ford Mustang Mach I : Collect 10 Movie Tokens
Blues Brothers : 1974 Dodge Monaco : Collect 50 Movie Tokens
Starsky & Hutch : 1974 Dodge Monaco Cop : Collect 20 Movie Tokens
Smokey & The Bandit : 1977 Pontiac TransAm Firebird : Collect 110 Movie Tokens
Cannonball Run : 1978 Lamborghini Countach LP400S : Collect 60 Movie Tokens
Test Drive : 1987 RUF CT-R Yellow Bird : Collect 120 Movie Tokens
Redline : 2011 McLaren MP4-12C : Collect 100 Movie Tokens
By: Toebin(12756)
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Hidden Challenge 82%
Blast from the Past Challenge

Description: In order to unlock this hidden challenge you need to get a 1983 DeLorean DMC-12 and run it up to 88MPH. Once you hit the 88MPH speed yellow trails begin to appear from the vehicle. A few seconds later it will trigger the unlock for the Blast from the Past challenge. The challenge is set in a 1971 Pontiac LeMans in Driver 1's Garage Level.
By: Toebin(12756)
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Unlockable Vehicles 79%
Complete the listed task to unlock the vehicle for purchase in any garage

1999 Ford Crown Victoria : Purchase the first garage.
1970 Dodge Challenger R/T : Complete the story mode.
By: Toebin(12756)
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Tag your it! 38%
Ok this is probably well known to everyone who has played the game but the shift feature can be used in aiding and escaping the sfpd in may ways.

1.use shift to get into a large car e.g a bus or a truck and drive it straight across the pursuers or the prey blocking their paths and sometimes wrecking them. can always shift into other cars but turning them around can be frustrating,so always use cars on the oncomming lane (unless youre on the highway) and create head-on collisions for maximum damage.
3.finally if your chasing somebody you can shift into the car of another pusuer just by tapping whatever button you use to shift to an allies car assuming you've gotten that far in the game.

all I have to say now is good luck and burn a lot of rubber.
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Money cheat 30%
Frist puse the game then press R1,R2,square
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50 Achievements
Driver: San Francisco - Another Perspective Another Perspective
Complete Chapter 6
Driver: San Francisco - Deep Cover Deep Cover
Complete Chapter 5
Driver: San Francisco - Keys to the City Keys to the City
Buy all of the Garages in the City
Driver: San Francisco - Hyperactive! Hyperactive!
Complete 25 Activities
Driver: San Francisco - Tricked Out Tricked Out
Buy all of the Upgrades from the Garage
Driver: San Francisco - We Double Dare You... We Double Dare You...
Complete 40 Dares
Driver: San Francisco - Cut! Print It! Cut! Print It!
Unlock 6 Movie Challenges
Driver: San Francisco - Now You See Me... Now You See Me...
Complete Chapter 4
Driver: San Francisco - First Time Buyer First Time Buyer
Buy your first Garage
Driver: San Francisco - Against the Odds Against the Odds
Complete Chapter 3
Driver: San Francisco - Eyes on the City Eyes on the City
Complete Chapter 2
Driver: San Francisco - The Challenger The Challenger
Beat the Target Time/Score on any Challenge
Driver: San Francisco - Lights, Camera, Action! Lights, Camera, Action!
Unlock a Movie Challenge
Driver: San Francisco - Back on the Road Back on the Road
Complete Chapter 1
Driver: San Francisco - Active! Active!
Complete an Activity
Driver: San Francisco - Are You Insured? Are You Insured?
Buy your first Vehicle
Driver: San Francisco - We Dare You... We Dare You...
Complete a Dare
Driver: San Francisco - Drivers Ed. Drivers Ed.
Complete the Prologue
Driver: San Francisco - This Can't Be Real This Can't Be Real
Complete the Shift Tutorial
Driver: San Francisco - The Truth The Truth
Complete Chapter 7
Driver: San Francisco - Survivor Survivor
Complete Chapter 8
Driver: San Francisco - End of the Road End of the Road
Complete the Story
Driver: San Francisco - Initiate Initiate
Reach Multiplayer Level 5 (Public)
Driver: San Francisco - Veteran Veteran
Reach Multiplayer Level 20 (Public)
Driver: San Francisco - Master Master
Reach Multiplayer Level 38 (Public)
Driver: San Francisco - Air Rage Air Rage
Spin out 10 Vehicles with Impulse (Public)
Driver: San Francisco - Connoisseur Connoisseur
Swap or Spawn into 20 Unique Vehicles (Public)
Driver: San Francisco - Professional Racer Professional Racer
Place in the top 3 in Classic Race 10 times (Public)
Driver: San Francisco - Picking Up the Pace Picking Up the Pace
Place in the top 3 in Sprint GP 10 times (Public)
Driver: San Francisco - Round and Round You Go Round and Round You Go
Place in the top 3 in Shift Race 10 times (Public)
Driver: San Francisco - Carry the Team Carry the Team
Score 10 times in Capture the Flag (Public)
Driver: San Francisco - Pass the Torch Pass the Torch
Carry the Torch for 20s, 25 times in Relay Race (Public)
Driver: San Francisco - Relentless Assault Relentless Assault
Successfully attack the base 10 times in Blitz (Public)
Driver: San Francisco - Tag, You're It! Tag, You're It!
Keep the Tag for 10s, 50 times in Tag (Public)
Driver: San Francisco - Getting Away With It Getting Away With It
Reach 25 drop-off locations in Takedown (Public)
Driver: San Francisco - I'm On Fire! I'm On Fire!
Stay in both trails for 30s in Trailblazer (Public)
Driver: San Francisco - Stay With the Pack Stay With the Pack
Score 1000 gates in Checkpoint/Team Rush (Online)
Driver: San Francisco - Fan Service Fan Service
Complete the 'Blast from the Past' Challenge
Driver: San Francisco - That's a Wrap! That's a Wrap!
Unlock all 13 Movie Challenges
Driver: San Francisco - Radioactive! Radioactive!
Complete 50 Activities
Driver: San Francisco - Master Driver Master Driver
Complete all 80 Dares
Driver: San Francisco - Car Nut Car Nut
Buy 50 Vehicles
Driver: San Francisco - Petrolhead Petrolhead
Buy all of the Vehicles from the Garage
Driver: San Francisco - Hey Big Spender! Hey Big Spender!
Spend 5,000,000 WP
Driver: San Francisco - Shift Happens Shift Happens
Shift 1000 Times (Story/Online)
Driver: San Francisco - Due for a Service Due for a Service
Drive over 1000 miles (~1610 km) (Story/Online)
Driver: San Francisco - Cops & Robbers Cops & Robbers
Complete 30 Freedrive Cop Chases
Driver: San Francisco - Ramped Up! Ramped Up!
Complete a Getaway Activity in a Car Transporter
Driver: San Francisco - Lombard Streak Lombard Streak
Drive down Lombard Street, no collisions, over 20mph (Story)
Driver: San Francisco - Show Off! Show Off!
Perform a 250m Drift or Jump (Story/Online)
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