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Zelda: Skyward Sword Cheats for WII
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Zelda: Skyward Sword WII Cheats

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Zelda: Skyward Sword Cheats

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Zelda: Skyward Sword

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Skyward Sword Hero Mode 100%
Completing the game will let you begin a new game in Hero Mode.

NOTE: This new mode will over-write your completed game save.

In Hero Mode, hearts will be lost twice as fast and hearts/heart flowers will not show up unless you are carrying a heart medal. Also the game will begin with a completely powered up Skyward Strike attack. You will keep all of your collected insects/treasures from before. The Sheikah Stone will allow you complete access to all of the hints since you will have already completed the game once. And lastly the boss rush challenge will include the final boss.
By: Toebin(12755)
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Goddess Walls 100%
Description: Play your harp near a group of butterflies in certain areas and a Goddess Wall may appear nearby. Hold your sword up to the light and draw symbols on the wall to obtain the specified items.

ArrowsDrawing an arrow
BombsDraw a circle
FairiesDraw a Triforce
Recovery heartsDraw a heart
RupeesDraw a rupee
By: Toebin(12755)
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Potion Upgrades 100%
Description: Use the Bug Net or Big Bug Net to capture the listed bugs in the Overworld. Bring them to the Potion Lady's husband in the Skyloft Bazaar along with the base potion to upgrade it.

Air Potion+ (20 Rupees)2 Sky Stag Beetles, 2 Skyloft Mantises, 2 Lanayru Ants
Guardian Potion+ (40 Rupees)1 Faron Grasshopper, 2 Eldin Rollers, 3 Blessed Butterflies, 3 Starry Fireflies
Heart Potion+ (20 Rupees)1 Woodland Rhino Beetle, 3 Blessed Butterflies, 1 Volcanic Ladybug
Heart Potion++ (30 Rupees)3 Deku Hornets, 3 Blessed Butterflies, 1 Sand Cicada, 1 Eldin Roller
Revitalizing Potion+ (20 Rupees)3 Deku Hornets, 2 Skyloft Mantises, 2 Woodland Rhino Beetles
Revitalizing Potion++ (30 Rupees)3 Lanayru Ants, 2 Woodland Rhino Beetles, 1 Gerudo Dragonfly, 1 Sand Cicada
Stamina Potion+ (20 Rupees)3 Volcanic Ladybugs, 2 Sky Stag Beetles, 2 Gerudo Dragonflies, 1 Faron Grasshopper
By: Toebin(12755)
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Skyward Sword Heart Refills 100%
Scattered throughout Skyward Sword's dungeons are small stools/chairs that show up. By sitting on them for a few seconds you can refill all of your hearts. You can do this anytime and as often as you want.
By: Toebin(12755)
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Rewards in Thunder Dragon's Lightning Rounds 100%
Description: Win the listed number of battles in the Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round to unlock the specified bonus.

1 Battle20 Rupees
2 BattlesSmall Treasure (Random)
3 Battles100 Rupees
4 BattlesPiece of Heart (or 200 Rupees)
5 Battles300 Rupees
6 BattlesRare Treasure (Random)
7 Battles500 Rupees
8 BattlesHylian Shield (or 1,000 Rupees)
9 Battles2,000 Rupees
10 Battles3 Rare Treasures
11 Battles3,000 Rupees
12 Battles9,900 Rupees
By: Toebin(12755)
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Gratitude Crystal Rewards 98%
Gratitude Crystals are obtained by Gratitude Requests made by the townspeople. A few of them are also located in the sky.

After finding some, bring them to Batreaux and he will reward you as listed below.

The Medium Wallet (Holds 500 Rupees) : 5 Gratitude Crystals
Piece of Heart : 10 Gratitude Crystals
Big Wallet and Cursed Medal (Holds 1,000 Rupees) : 30 Gratitude Crystals
2 Gold Rupees : 70 Gratitude Crystals
Giant Wallet (Holds 5,000 Rupees) : 50 Gratitude Crystals
Gold Rupee : 40 Gratitude Crystals
Tycoon Wallet (Holds 9,000 Rupees) : 80 Gratitude Crystals
By: Toebin(12755)
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Skyward Sword Inventory Upgrades 98%
To upgrade your weapons/items you have to have certain treasures. Random treasures are hidden all over the Overworld (in Treasure Chests in dungeons, by defeating different types of monsters etc). You'll need to talk to the the owner of the Scrap Shop in Skyloft. Make sure you have the funds and the materials as listed below to accomplish the upgrade.

Banded Shield (Upgraded from Wooden Shield) : 30 Rupees : 2 Amber Relics, 1 Monster Claw, 1 Jelly Blob
Medium Bomb Bag (Upgraded from Small Bomb Bag) : 50 Rupees : 1 Lizard Tail, 3 Ornament Skulls, 1 Blue Bird Feather
Medium Quiver (Upgraded from Small Quiver) : 50 Rupees : 3 Monster Horns, 3 Dusk Relics, 5 Amber Relics
Medium Seed Satchel (Upgraded from Small Seed Satchel) : 50 Rupees : 4 Amber Relics, 3 Monster Claws, 3 Ornament Skulls
Quick Beetle (Upgraded from Hook Beetle) : 50 Rupees : 2 Ancient Flowers, 2 Hornet Larvae, 1 Golden Skull
Reinforced Shield (Upgraded from Iron Shield) : 50 Rupees : 2 Eldin Ores, 2 Ornament Skulls, 2 Monster Claws
Braced Shield (Upgraded from Banded Shield) : 50 Rupees : 2 Monster Claws, 3 Amber Relics, 2 Tumbleweeds, 1 Ornament Skull
Iron Bow (Upgraded from Wooden Bow) : 50 Rupees : 3 Tumbleweeds, 3 Monster Claws, 2 Eldin Ores, 1 Evil Crystal
Scattershot (Upgraded from Slingshot) : 50 Rupees : 2 Dusk Relics, 2 Amber Relics, 3 Jelly Blobs
Tough Beetle (Upgraded from Quick Beetle) : 50 Rupees : 3 Ancient Flowers, 4 Amber Relics, 1 Blue Bird Feather, 1 Goddess Plume
Big Bug Net (Upgraded from Bug Net) : 100 Rupees : 3 Tumbleweeds, 2 Ancient Flowers, 1 Evil Crystal
Divine Shield (Upgraded from Sacred Shield) : 100 Rupees : 3 Ornament Skulls, 1 Dusk Relic, 2 Bird Feathers
Fortified Shield (Upgraded from Reinforced Shield) : 100 Rupees : 3 Eldin Ores, 3 Monster Claws, 3 Tumbleweeds, 1 Blue Bird Feather
Large Bomb Bag (Upgraded from Medium Bomb Bag) : 100 Rupees : 3 Lizard Tails, 4 Jelly Blobs, 2 Hornet Larvae, 1 Golden Skull
Large Quiver (Upgraded from Medium Quiver) : 100 Rupees : 2 Monster Horns, 3 Dusk Relics, 1 Golden Skull, 1 Goddess Plume
Large Seed Satchel (Upgraded from Medium Seed Satchel) : 100 Rupees : 5 Amber Relics, 3 Monster Claws, 1 Golden Skull, 1 Blue Bird Feather
Sacred Bow (Upgraded from Iron Bow) : 100 Rupees : 5 Tumbleweeds, 3 Lizard Tails, 2 Evil Crystals, 1 Goddess Plume
Goddess Shield (Upgraded from Divine Shield) : 150 Rupees : 3 Monster Horns, 4 Dusk Relics, 3 Bird Feathers, 1 Blue Bird Feather
By: Toebin(12755)
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Skyward Sword Moonlight Merchant 96%
Description: At night, go to the Waterfall Cave in Skyloft. Find the 3 Blessed Butterflies nearby play your harp as if summoning a Gossip Stone. The Moonlight Merchant will appear. The listed items can be purchased from him.

Blue Bird Feather200 Rupees
Dusk Relic100 Rupees
Evil Crystal100 Rupees
Goddess Plume200 Rupees
Golden Skull200 Rupees
Monster Horn100 Rupees
By: Toebin(12755)
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