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Twisted Metal Cheats for PS3
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Twisted Metal PS3 Cheats

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Twisted Metal

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Twisted Metal FAQ/Walkthrough Guide 88%
Twisted Metal is back in a series reboot from Eat Sleep Play! Twisted Metal provides an incredible challenge, so use this Twisted Metal guide to help you complete every race and master the multiplayer modes!

Read the Guide --> Twisted Metal FAQ/Walkthrough [Guide]
By: Toebin(12162)
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Vehicle Guide 88%
You've unlocked the Vehicles in Twisted Metal but.... just WHAT can they do? This guide will break down every detail of each vehicle, what to use, their special weapons and WHEN to use them.

Vehicle Guide
By: Toebin(12162)
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Boss Fights Walkthrough Guide 87%
There are three boss encounters in Twisted Metal. Follow the guide below in order to conquer all of them:

Read the Guide --> Boss Fights Walkthrough [Guide]
By: Toebin(12162)
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Twisted Metal Trophies 86%
Description: To unlock PlayStation3 Trophy Rewards, complete the listed tasks.

I Am Sweet Tooth (Platinum)All Trophies

Any Car Will Do (Gold)Earn 50 Kills with Each Vehicle in Online Ranked Games
Point, Shoot, Kill (Gold)Kill 100 enemies with every missile during Ranked games
Tantric Twisted (Gold)Reach 50 cars killed by yourself in Endurance mode
TMA (Gold)Complete Story mode without dying or switching cars in the garage
Twisted Gold (Gold)Earn a Gold medal in every campaign event and boss fight on Twisted difficulty

A La Mode (Silver)Win 10 Ranked games in each game type
Another Level (Silver)Win 10 Ranked games in each map. Map size does not matter
Racing? In a Twisted Metal game?! (Silver)Don't miss any gates and win the battle in Race #2, 1 player only
Remote Nuke (Silver)Kill 3 players with a single remote bomb
Truly Twisted (Silver)Complete the Story mode on Twisted difficulty

60 to 0 (Bronze)Kill a player with full health in 1 shot
All Sales Are Final (Bronze)Win at least 1 Ranked Online game per day for 30 straight days
Am I Not Merciful? (Bronze)Kill 100 flaming gunners and/or drivers in Campaign mode
..and I Thank You for Playing Twisted Metal. (Bronze)Complete the Story mode on any difficulty
Because I Care (Bronze)Complete a campaign game without hitting a single pedestrian
Birth Control (Bronze)Defeat the semi before a single enemy is spawned in Juggernaut DM - Watkyn's Harbor
Blah, Blah, Blah, Gimme the Trophy (Bronze)Play and finish the "Live Training" tutorial mode
Calypso (Bronze)Achieve the Highest Online Rank
Cookie Party (Bronze)Kill 3 enemies in a single game using drop mines
Grace Under Fire (Bronze)Beat Metro Square Electric Cage on HARD MODE with 5 SECONDS LEFT in your GRACE PERIOD meter. Cooperative Story is allowed
Grimm's Dark Trip Back (Bronze)Complete the Grimm story on any difficulty
Fire in the Sky (Bronze)Shoot down an enemy missile 1 time in a ranked game of NUKE
He's Not Heavy (Bronze)As Talon, pick up teammate (ranked, unranked, split screen, campaign co-op)
In Your Face (Bronze)Hit a statue with a Nuke
I H8 poachers (Bronze)Finish a ranked game with the most damage done and fewest kills overall
Make Up Your Mind (Bronze)Use the garage 25 times
Medic! (Bronze)Heal a teammate
Old School (Bronze)Play a 2,3,4 player split screen local game
Right Place, Right Time (Bronze)Kill a player less than 5 seconds after you respawn, in an online game
That. Just. Happened. (Bronze)Kill yourself with a freeze cheap shot in ranked DM or LMS, or in any unranked or offline play
The Most Dangerous Game (Bronze)Be The Hunted/Stay the Hunted- in ranked, unranked, or split screen local-HUNTED GAME MODE for at least 4 minutes
The One That Got Away (Bronze)Complete the Sweet Tooth story on any difficulty
Tradin' Paint (Bronze)Ram 5 players to death in a single online game
Twofer (Bronze)Kill 2 enemies with a single rat rocket
Up, Up & Away (Bronze)Launch a Nuke
Watch Me Shine! (Bronze)Complete the Doll Face story on any difficulty
We Buy Gold! (Bronze)Earn a Gold medal on every campaign event in any difficulty mode including co-op
You Think This Game Made Itself? (Bronze)Watch the credits, start to finish

There is 1 Secret Trophy.

So Much Anger... (Bronze)Discover the secret of Sophie Kane
By: Toebin(12162)
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Twisted Metal PS3 - Trophies Walkthrough Guide 86%
This Walkthrough will guide you on how to get all 40 trophies in Twisted Metal PS3. We'll be starting from the bronze trophies, down to the silver, gold, and platinum.

Read the Guide --> Twisted Metal PS3 - Trophies Walkthrough [Guide]
By: Toebin(12162)
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Vehicles 84%
Description: To unlock the specified vehicle, complete the listed task.

Crimson FuryComplete Dollface Event #1
DarksideComplete Mr. Grimm Event #6
JuggernautComplete Dollface Event #3
Meat WagonComplete Mr. Grimm Event #1
ReaperComplete Sweet Tooth Event #2
RoadkillComplete Sweet Tooth Event #5
ShadowComplete Dollface Event #4
TalonComplete Sweet Tooth Event #6
VerminComplete Mr. Grimm Event #2
WarthogComplete Story mode under the Twisted difficulty with all Gold medals
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Weapons 82%
Description: To unlock the Specified Weapon, complete the listed task.

12-gauge ShotgunComplete Mr. Grimm Event #4
LaserComplete Dollface Event #5
Laser PistolComplete the Story mode under the Twisted difficulty
Magnum RevolverComplete Sweet Tooth Event #4
RocketsComplete Dollface Event #2
SMGComplete Sweet Tooth Event #1
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Energy Abilities 82%
Description: To unlock the specified Energy Ability, complete the listed task.

Absorption ShieldComplete Mr. Grimm Event #3. Press Right + Triangle to activate
Rear FreezeComplete Sweet Tooth Event #3. Press Up + Triangle to activate
Super MineComplete Mr. Grimm Event #5. Press Down + Triangle to activate
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Skin Packs 81%
Description: To unlock the specified Skin Pack, complete the listed task.

KamikazeComplete Story mode under the Normal difficulty
Stars & StripesComplete Story mode under the Hard difficulty
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Unlockable Game Extras 66%
Unlockable : How To

Skin Packs
Stars and Stripes: Complete Story mode under the Hard difficulty
Kamikaze: Complete Story mode under the Normal difficulty

SMG: Complete Sweet Tooth Event #1
Rockets: Complete Dollface Event #2
12-gauge Shotgun: Complete Mr. Grimm Event #4
Laser: Complete Dollface Event #5
Laser Pistol: Complete the Story mode under the Twisted difficulty
Magnum Revolver: Complete Sweet Tooth Event #4

Energy Abilities
Absorption Shield: Complete Mr. Grimm Event #3, Press Right + Triangle to Activate
Super Mine: Complete Mr. Grimm Event #5, Press Down + Triangle to Activate
Rear Freeze: Complete Sweet Tooth Event #3, Press Up + Triangle to Activate

Crimson Fury: Complete Dollface Event #1
Meat Wagon: Complete Mr. Grimm Event #1
Vermin: Complete Mr. Grimm Event #2
Reaper: Complete Sweet Tooth Event #2
Darkside: Complete Mr. Grimm Event #6
Juggernaut: Complete Dollface Event #3
Roadkill: Complete Sweet Tooth Event #5
Shadow: Complete Dollface Event #4
Talon: Complete Sweet Tooth Event #6
Warthog: Complete Story mode under the Twisted difficulty with all 'Gold' medals
By: Toebin(12162)
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Twisted Metal (PS3) 22%
When you get hit so many times. Your life bar goes down quickly. There is a cheat code that you can use. The cheat is Up, X, Left, Circle. That will put you in god mode.
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Twisted Metal (PS3) 21%
When you run low on ammo or special ammo. There is a cheat code for that. The cheat is Up, Up, X.
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Unlimited ammo and healt 17%
Left left right up down left
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Twisted Metal (PS3) 13%
To avoid being hit. Try and take the health before the enemy gets it.
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Twisted metal ps3 12%
Left left right up down right during the game.
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Is not from other webside is mine 10%
Left left right up down up
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