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Madden NFL 11 Cheats for PS2
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Madden NFL 11 PS2 Cheats

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Madden NFL 11

Rating: 3.3/5 VOTE

Get any player you want in Franchise 58%
Go into the create a player mode in franchise, then create a QB with perfect awarness, passing power, passing accuracy, and speed. Before you create him, lower his stamina injury and toughness to 0. Create him, then go to the free agents to sign him for as little as possible. He will sign with your team as long as the intrest is in the green. When you sign him, go to trade players to trade him. He should be ranked as an A or A+. Play with him (if he survives) with one game with amazing stats to get him to A++. Then trade him away for whoever. With terrible injury stamina and toughness stats, the player wont last further than one hit on the QB. The player will be an on and off star, until eventually he devolpes the "Injury Prone" tag and no team will sign him in the offseason. You can sign him again, but his rank will be about C or C+.

When trading, CPU GM's wont take his injury stats into account and only see him as the best QB the game's ever seen. You can do this with any player position, but a QB is the most trade worthy player. The next in line would be a RB or DE. Ive seen DT's push A but only if you increse their speed, acceleration, and weight as high as it can go.
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99 ovr superstar 58%
Become a defensive end and put all your abilities to76 (they are even) go to practice sack the qb and you are at 99
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You get 99 overall rating for and team with everybody and everything at 99 and all teams 51%
You will have the Tridents, Monsters,Glaciers,Dummies,Deceivers,and the Manipulators unlocked
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99 ovr superstar 43%
If you do super star use a rookie and make him better in your roster and use dexter mccluster
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Does and donts 42%
In nfl superstar never go to your agent and ask for a trade, it knoks your influence down.
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Madden 11 28%
Press x-o-l1 at the same time
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Madden NFL 11 823742The Ravens best defensive plays? Answers: 1
Madden NFL 11 824297I play the franchise mode. I let the console play the game out and I watch. But in a real game there may be about 60 plays a game for a real live nfl game and all similated games similate that way, but the game I let the console play, each team makes about 80 to 100 plays a game. How do I get the console controled game play a game where each team plays about 60 snaps like the simulated ones. Answers: 2
Madden NFL 11 848791How to use player lock in a game Answers: 1
Madden NFL 11 848808During a game on defense how do you use the player lock that say L1/L2 Answers: 1
Madden NFL 11 859071How do you put the players from the kickers etc. on a team in the nfl Answers: 1
Madden NFL 11 903506Instead of having to do the rookie workouts before the draft, is there a way to get the scouting reports on all rookies? Answers: 1
Madden NFL 11 903525In Madden 11 on franchise mode when you are drafting a rookie how do you know if he's fast or not. Answers: 2
Madden NFL 11 906558How to super sim on NFL 11 during a fantasy challenge GAME Answers: 0
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Madden NFL 11 919630How do I get my created superstar on my created team Answers: 0
Madden NFL 11 920451How do you get to records,at the end of game it says you broke a record and to type in profile name then where do these records go Answers: 1
Madden NFL 11 921179What team should I use in franchise to win at least 5 Super Bowls? Answers: 1
Madden NFL 11 921281When I try to make a new player (running back) for the philidelphia eagles it sayes roster is full so I try to realese a runninig back but it sayes it would put the team under the minimum limit. what do I do? Answers: 2
Madden NFL 11 923225How can I pss madden11 for ps2 Answers: 0
Madden NFL 11 925870I beat the kickers and unlocked them I am on the blacknblue league I went to play now played as the kickers I turned off the game turnedd it back on I played the blacknblue league then went to play now and the kickers are locked what do I do Answers: 0
Madden NFL 11 927601Is there an easy way to beat the dummies in fantasy mode? Answers: 1
Madden NFL 11 927602Is there an easy way to get people injured? Answers: 0
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