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Invizimals Cheats for PSP
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Invizimals PSP Cheats

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Invizimals Cheats

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Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Secret 81%
Description: Enter the following code on the World Map: Hold SELECT and press UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT. Click on BIG SECRET and choose to Capture Invizimals. The 4 Invizimals here require special images to be attracted.
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Vectors and how to use them (with weaknesses and resistances chart) 72%
Like pokemon, you may use items in battles. Unlike pokemon battles, you may only use a certain amount of vectors depending on how hard the battles are. You may choose a maximum of five items in a battle. These items will vanish after they are used. You may only use one of a specific vector in each battle. If you use a vector attack (i.e earthquake, hurricane, etc.), you will not get as much watts in battle as you normally will. To activate a vector, use the up and down directional buttons to choose your item, and then press the R trigger to activate the vector. Here are the non-attacking vectors and how to use them:

Life pack (press R)
Super life pack (press R)
miracle (light up all the markers with the X button)
stamina pack (press R)
Super stamina pack (press R)
Homeworld (find a item that has a color that matches the color of your invizimals family(i.e green book for jungle invizimals, etc.)and press X on the color. Now press X when the camera faces your invizimal, and that's it)
wall (press R)
drain (press R)
force pack (press R)
shield pack (press R)
strength (press R)
Zodiac blast (press X when your camera is pointing to the hole in the middle of the trap)
snow storm (blow on the camera)
confusion (press R)
reaper (press R)
liberation (press R)
camera strike (point your camera at the middle of the trap and press X)
screen jammer (press X repeatedly when the camera is pointed at the enemy invizimals head)

Up next are the attack vectors. These vectors deal damage to the enemy when used correctly. Remember, some are harder to use then others and therefore requires excessive practice to master. Here are the attacks, how to use them and their typing:

Earthquake (slice, shake your PSP up and down until the gauge is full)
Fire assult (fire, light up all the markers)
Hurricane (sonic, rotate the analog stick until the gauge is full)
Fatal fireworks (poison, press X button when aiming at the fireworks, the more that are shot, the more power this attack has.
Lightning strike (bite, wave your hand in front of the camera until the gauge is full)
Meteor launcher (charge, press X when the marker is close to the enemy invizimal, the closer the marker is to the enemy invizimal, the more power this attack has)
Fire elemental (fire, press X when pointing at each marker to draw a fire rune)
Ocean elemental (sonic, same as above)
Jungle elemental (bite, same as above)
Rock elemental (charge, same as above)
Desert elemental (poison, same as above)
Ice elemental (slice, same as above)

Note on elementals: Each elemental attack makes you draw something different, so you better have a good memory on what you have to draw.

Here is a weaknesses and resistances chart for every type to tie in with the attacking vectors:

Ice invizimals (weak to charge attacks, absorbs slice attacks)
Jungle invizimals (weak to fire attacks, absorbs bite attacks)
Ocean invizimals (weak to poison attacks, absorbs sonic attacks)
Desert invizimals (weak to bite attacks, absorbs poison attacks)
Fire invizimals (weak to slice attacks, absorbs fire attacks)
Rock invizimals (weak to sonic attacks, absorbs charge attacks)
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Big secret place cheat invizimals 68%
At the world map hold 'Select' and press Up, Right, Down, Left. If you have entered the code correctly a small 'Big Secret' location will appear. Go there and select 'Capture Invizimals'. There are 4 special Invizimals which need special images to be attracted.
Invizimals cheat video Cheat Video
By: videogame96(26)
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Easy experience growing for all invizimal levels 68%
To start your training, enter Tokyo and keep battling Fumito (if you have at least one sound attack, battle Hiroshi instead) until your invizimal(s) reach level 4. Now start battling Maiko or Ronin until your invizimal(s) evolve. Now just battle Akira until your invizimal(s) reach level 7. Now enter Mumbai. Battle Sanjay until your invizimal(s) evolve. If you are worried about losing your invizimal (because battling Sanjay allows you to bet), head straight to Berlin. People who battle Sanjay until their invizimal(s) evolve into max invizimals have to go to Berlin too. Now battle Wilfred until your invizimal(s) reach level 10. Now battle Rolf until your invizimal(s) reach level 11. Exit Berlin and go to one of these clubs and train your invizimal(s) to level 12. The clubs are as follows:

Ice mountains (ice invizimals only)
Jungle ruins (jungle invizimals only)
Hawaii (fire invizimals only)
Grand canyon (rock invizimals only)
Atlantis (ocean invizimals only)

Small notes: You HAVE to complete all the missions that happen before you start capturing invizimals for Kaminsky (he's the guy that captures Kenichi) in order to train in the way above. Also make sure to pay attention to other invizimals at the clubs mentioned above to receive ideas on which stats to boost. Here are a few examples on invizimals I have with good stats:

Skytalon max level 12 (ice type)

Life: 308
Stamina: 100
Recovery: 14
Attack: 19
Armor: 18

Notes on Skytalon: Despite it's horrible stamina, it is amazing on everything, especially the life and stamina recovery. It's armor is also high so Skytalon can take hits and have huge life at the same time.

Snapper max level 12 (ocean type)

Life: 312
Stamina: 140
Recovery: 13
attack: 15
Armor: 12

Notes on Snapper: Again, horrible stamina, but everything else is great, especially the life and stamina recovery, which are almost at their maximum potential, which makes up for a decent armor stat.

Ironbug max level 12 (ice type)

Life: 260
Stamina: 120
Recovery: 14
attack: 17
armor: 18

Notes on ironbug: Another invizimal lacking stamina but has great stats, especially the life, attack, and armor, the life is almost max, attack is almost max as well. The armor is high, but it could have been boosted five more times, which is insane.
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Evolution times 68%
Like pokemon, invizimals can evolve. All of the pup invizimals (pups vary from levels one through four) evolve at level 5. All colt invizimals (colts vary from levels five through eight) evolve at level 9. After the ninth level, the invizimal(s) won't evolve anymore.
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6 special invizimals 67%
Go to the big secret now I don't know or remember the code for it (some cheats have it) now you search up on google images INVIZIMALS SECRET TRAPS the little dimond shapes with a symbol aim you camera at them and presto you esclusive invizimal! note: the secret invizimals are (in order) nessie(ocean),uberjackel(desert),skeletail(rock),flamegerodon(fire),scissorbeak(ice),venomweb(jungle)
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Mutants 65%
Like pokemon, you may see different colored invizimals. Mutant invizimals only appear after you defeat Rolf (you have to beat his Salma ONLY with a Roarhide max). Max invizimals vary from levels 9 to 12. I will give you a few examples of mutant invizimals:

Black Salma max
yellow stingwing
orange tunderwulfe
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Stats 65%
Like pokemon, invizimals have stats. Unlike a pokemon (which has all of it's stats boosted a little bit in every level), you can only boost one stat per level. There are five stats to boost. Life, stamina, stamina recovery, attack, and armor. All invizimals like to follow a certain trait, such as a huge life, a horrible stamina, and above average stamina recovery, attack, and armor. This is a great time to look at level 12 invizimals at the clubs that use a certain type of invizimal (i.e fire invizimals, jungle invizimals, etc.) so you have an idea or two on what stats to boost. Here are a few examples on invizimals I have with good stats:

Flameclaw max level 12 (fire)

Life: 140
Stamina: 120
Recovery: 11
Attack: 25
Armor: 24

Notes on Flameclaw: Usually, invizimals prefer avoiding stamina or recovery, but you must almost completely ignore both, like just one boost for each. With horrible life and stamina, everything else is great, especially the attack & armor. These stats are what makes my Flameclaw so good, useful, and unique.

Salma max level 12 (desert)

Life: 140
Stamina: 192
Recovery: 14
Attack: 21
Armor: 12

Notes on Salma: This trait is a bit weird, since most Salmas prefer 6 points in armor, but it works. Amazingly. Your main goal is to boost life once, armor twice, then boost the stamina, the recovery, and the attack in any order you want until they get to this preferred stat. Another thing is that most Salma users would usually boost the attack a bit more. A weird trait, but it can still work.

Furmin max mutant level 12 (desert)

Life: 352
Stamina: 140
Recovery: 11
Attack: 17
Armor: 12

Notes on Furmin: Furmin uses the overused trait to help him become a great (and an easy to use) partner. With his life & attack, Furmin is a great option for those who like to use tanks and are good at using them. These users also should put in a Bongorilla on their team because he is an awesome tank as well and he hates stamina.
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Getting secret invizimal 63%
Go to the world map and hold select.then press (keep holding select!)up,right,down left and a new area will apear.
then go to and play the minigame to unlock the secret picture
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New Invizimal (rare one) 59%
To get the following invizimal, win 10 online battles in Infrastructure mode to unlock an invizimal not found in normal gameplay (the following process can be repeated to get more then one of these): Boneshell! Boneshell is a turtle that spews out gases. These "gases" make up the attacks for the Boneshell. As Boneshell evolves into a Boneshell colt, Boneshell takes a major liking into karate or kung fu or a sport like that. Enjoy training your Boneshell!
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The big secret 56%
Go to world map,hold select and press up, right,down,left.At the big secret select capture Invizimals.
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Quick Sparks 55%
For 100 Quick Sparks take your strongest Invizimal and enter on of the weakest tournaments. If you win the tournament you will get 100 sparks and your Invizimal will level up.
By: secretkeeper(51)
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Max Evolution 54%
The most common time to maximaze your evolutions is level 9
By: secretkeeper(51)
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The big cheat 53%
Hold select then press UP RIGHT DOWN LEFT then go to the big secret the 4 special invizimals will need a special image!
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Secret Pictures For Secret Invizimals 53%
Some people say that there is 6 secret Invizimals but there is only 5. And to get these 5 creatures you need a certain picture, so open up a google picture site and type these in:
Nessie Trap
Uberjackal Trap
Skeletail Trap
Flamegerodon Trap
Scissorbeak Trap
By: secretkeeper(51)
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Rare invizimals (Only one of each) 52%
Like pokemon, you may only get one kind of a certain invizimal (don't lose them in a bet!). These invizimals can't be captured around your home or anywhere. The exclusive invizimals are as follows (they show how to capture them as well):

Desert dragon (beat Desert Oasis tournament)

Fire dragon (beat Hawaii tournament)

Ocean dragon (beat Atlantis tournament)

Jungle dragon (beat Jungle Ruins tournament)

Ice dragon (beat Ice Mountains tournament)

Rock dragon (beat Grand Canyon tournament)

Tigershark (after beating Campbell, visit Campbell castle and talk to Jasmin, then battle Sanjay's level 1 Tigershark in a bet (ONLY press obtain it after you win the battle, or this theory is useless)

small notes: Make sure you have at LEAST 5 maxed out invizimals if you want to obtain a dragon from a tournament. If you lose your OWN Tigershark in a bet, there is no second Tigershark in the game, so you won't have a Tigershark for the game (and you won't have the invizimals official mascot, either unless you trade)
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How to catch venomweb 43%
Go to world map hold select then press up,down,right,left then enter the club big secret then go to and in the srearch bar and type in how to catch venomweb then you point your psp at the image that looks like a spider then a venomweb will appear then press x then it will capture it. have fun
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Ultimate Cheat!!! 39%
Go to your world map and hold down select, the while your holding select down hit UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, in that order. A new world will appear.
By: secretkeeper(51)
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First go to Tokyo and kill every invizimal here.Then go to Mumbai and do the same. Go to Berlin, and then to aclub of max invizimals.

Hint:don't use any powers, cause it will give you less level points
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How to make your attack max 29%
first make your attacks 3 times higher then the energy recovery 1 time, 3 times defending, and then only attack.
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Unlok the coolest monsters 19%
Pres longer select,you wil see the cheats
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