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NBA Jam Cheats for WII
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NBA Jam WII Cheats

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How to beat diesel 100%
Steal,block,crossover and dunk.
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Cheat Codes 95%
Description: NBA JAM features politicians and secret characters that can be unlocked through 2 methods: Button input code in the front end menu (before the Title Screen, where you must press A to start) and by entering certain initials in the menu where you input your name.

Button input codes: Use the Wii Remote, held VERTICALLY. A sound will play when you enter it correctly.

UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, +Unlock the Beastie Boys
Press LEFT 13 times, then +Unlocks the Democrats (Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, and Hilary Clinton)
Press RIGHT 13 times, then +Unlocks the Republicans (John McCain, Sarah Palin, George Bush, Dick Cheney)
UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, 1, 2J. Cole and 9th Wonder

Initial entry codes: Enter the following initials for one OR 2 players (in the case of 6 letter codes) and press A to hear the confirmation sound. After that, press + to activate the codes.

MJTTeam of M. Turmell and Tim Kitzrow
MAS COTUnlock the Mascots team
ESP NSNUnlock the hosts of ESPN SportsNation, Michelle Beadle and Colin Cowherd
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Jam Challenge Unlockables 95%
Description: Perform the following actions to complete the various Jam Challenges and unlock players, boss battles, cheats, balls and more.

John Starks, Patrick EwingAtlantic Division RepresentBeat the Atlantic Division Legend Team in Classic Campaign
Larry Bird, Magic JohnsonBird / Magic SuperteamBeat the Bird/Magic Superteam in Classic Campaign
Bill Laimbeer, Isiah ThomasCentral Division RepresentBeat the Central Division Legend Team in Classic Campaign
Unlimited Turbo PrivilegeEaster Conference DominationBeat Classic Campaign with a team from each division in the Eastern Conference
Clyde DrexlerNBA DominationBeat Classic Campaign with a team from each division in the NBA
John Stockton, Karl MaloneNorthwest Division RepresentBeat the Northwest Division Legend Team in Classic Campaign
Chris Mullin, Tim HardawayPacific Division RepresentBeat the Pacific Division Legend Team in Classic Campaign
Dominique Wilkins, Spud WebbSoutheast Division RepresentBeat the Southeast Division Legend Team in Classic Campaign
Hakeem Olajuwon, Kenny SmithSouthwest Division RepresentBeat the Southwest Division Legend Team in Classic Campaign
Scottie PippenStringin' Em TogetherGo on a 5 game win streak in Classic Campaign
1 Shot Fire PrivilegeWestern Conference DominationBeat Classic Campaign with a team from each division in the Western Conference
James WorthyYou Must be ButterGo on a 10 game win streak in Classic Campaign
Larry JohnsonBall HogWin a game without allowing your teammate to score
George GervinBuzzer BeaterHit a Buzzer Beater shot to win a 2 V 2 game
Scott SkilesDominant DistributorGet 30 Assists with one player in one game
Brad DaughertyDouble UpBeat the CPU in a 2V2 game by doubling their score or better
Chuck PersonFired UpGet On Fire 4 times in a single game
Lava BasketballFirefighterPut out your opponent's fire 4 times in one game
Mark PriceGentlemanBeat the CPU in a 2V2 game without shoving
Glen RiceTriple upBeat the CPU in a 2V2 game by tripling their score or better
Kevin JohnsonUltimate TeammateBeat the CPU in a 2V2 game with your drone teammate scoring all of the points
Mitch Richmond10K ScorerScore 10,000 points
Dan MajerleCentury ScorerScore 100 points in one game
Danny ManningGrand ScorerScore 1,000 points
Bryant Reeves100 ClubWin 100 games
Dr. JHigh FlyerPerform 10 successful alley-oops
Manute BolBlock PartyPerform 10 successful blocks
USA BasketballBreak the sealWin a game vs. the CPU
Allen IversonElusivePerform 10 successful shove counters
NBA Jam BasketballEn Fuego!Get on fire in a 1P or 2P game
Nick AndersonFirst Game JittersComplete a Play Now Game
Big Head Mode PrivilegeFundamentalsComplete Jam Camp
David RobinsonGlass CleanerGrab 10 rebounds in one game
Dennis RodmanHow RudePerform 10 successful shoves in one game
Camera Hog PrivilegeMad SkillsPerform 10 successful crossovers in one game
Detlef SchrempfNo "I" in TeamWin a 2P game vs. the CPU
Happy Face BasketballPersistentPerform 10 successful putbacks
Kenny AndersonSticky FingersSteal the ball 10 times in one game
Kevin MchaleFeelin' ItPerform 10 successful jump shots
Drazen PetrovicThe Spirit of CompetitionComplete a game of 21 against a friend
Rony SeikalyThrow It Down, Big ManDunk the ball 10 times in one game
Orlando Magic ShaqSmash ItBeat the CPU in Backboard Smash
Ground BasketballBig Brawlin'Beat the CPU in a game of Elimination
Cobalt BasketballWrecking CrewBeat the CPU in Smash in 2 minutes or less
Power UPS Privilege and the Globe BallRemix ChampionComplete Remix Tour
Kobe Bryant Boss BattleBlack MambaBeat the Los Angeles Lakers Silver Challenge in Remix Tour
Chris Paul Boss BattleCP3Beat the New Orleans Hornets Gold Challenge in Remix Tour
Karl Malone Boss BattleMailmanBeat the Utah Jazz Gold Challenge in Remix Tour
Yao Ming Boss BattleYaoBeat the Houston Rockets Gold Challenge in Remix Tour
Lebron James Boss BattleKing JamesBeat the Miami Heat Silver Challenge in Remix Tour
Magic Johnson Boss BattleMagicBeat the Los Angeles Lakers Gold Challenge in Remix Tour
Larry Bird Boss BattleBirdBeat the Boston Celtics Gold Challenge in Remix Tour
Dwayne Wade Boss BattleFlashBeat the Miami Heat Gold Challenge in Remix Tour
Shaquille O'Neal Boss BattleDieselBeat the Orlando Magic Gold Challenge in Remix Tour
Dr. J Boss BattleDr. JBeat the Philadelphia 76ers Gold Challenge in Remix Tour
Mini Men PrivilegeMini MingShrink Yao Ming to his smallest size in the Yao Ming Boss Battle
Stickman TeamOperation StickmanDefeat the Stickman Team in Classic Campaign
Beastie Boys Team3 The Hard WayDefeat the Beastie Boys team in Remix Tour
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Play as the Beastie Boys 29%
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