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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Cheats for PSP
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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable
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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Cheats

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

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Tartarus Random Effects 100%
If you go to Tartarus at the New Moon, your chances of getting one of the random effects at Tartarus (more experience, drop rate, pitch black dungeon, red or golden shadows only, more boxes, facing death, etc) will get higher.
By: PikaComet(1333)
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Getting enough time in! 88%
P3P, just like most of SMT games, require time management.

When you built a relationship with any of the characters and form a social link, watch out for them during your lunch break or weekends. Those events will give major boosts! If two or more people ask you don't worry, just look out for them as soon as you can. Denying them will bring you to a stalemate with them and they won't hang out with you anymore.

Watch out when you meet Ryoji, if you don't accept all his invitations you'll never hit the maximum rank for his social link, and miss out!
By: PikaComet(1333)
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New Game + mode 87%
Description: Win the game and you will unlock New Game + Mode.
New Game + mode retains your previously obtained level, equipment, play time, Persona, Compendium,, and Maxed Social Links. It will also give you access to the Monad Block and an optional Boss.
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Social Links + Arcana 86%
If you chose to play as the female protagonist, the following routes will be available.

Fool: Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad
Magician: Junpei Iori
Priestess: Fuuka Yamagishi
Empress: Mitsuru Kirijo
Emperor: Hidetoshi Odagiri
Hierophant: Bunkichi and Mitsuko
Lovers: Yukari Takeba
Chariot: Rio Iwasaki
Justice: Ken Amada
Hermit: Saori Hasegawa
Fortune: Ryoji Mochizuki
Strength: Koromaru
Hanged Man: Maiko
Death: Pharos
Temperance: Andre Roland Jean Gérard (aka Bebe)
Devil: Tanaka
Tower: Mutatsu
Star: Akihiko Sanada
Moon: Shinjiro Aragaki
Sun: Akinari Kamiki
Judgement: Nyx Annihilation Team
Aeon: Aigis
By: PikaComet(1333)
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Pandora's Door 83%
Description: Complete Margaret's Request and The Void Room will automatically open at 1/1
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Heaven's Door 83%
Description: Reach the 252nd floor of Tartarus and Heaven's Door will open automatically at 1/1
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Special dialogue while in tartarus 83%
If you have the maid outfits for Yukari and Aigis, equip them, go into tartarus with them in your party and speak with them on any floor besides the main floor. They will say something different.(You must get these outfits through certain quests given by Elizabeth.)
(Also, it should work for Mitsuru, though I have not tried it myself.)
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Ultimate Opponent 82%
To unlock the ultimate opponent you must clear Margaret's Request. Void Room will be automatically opened at 1/1. Clear it and Pandora's Door will open.

UNLOCKABLE - How to Unlock
Clear Void Room - Ultimate Opponent
By: PikaComet(1333)
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View Alternate Opening 80%
How to: Die during a battle and do not use a Plume of Dusk. At the opening menu you will see a different opening.
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Unlock optional dungeon Monad 75%
To access Monad, you must first unlock "Heaven's Door" at the highest level of Tartarus (floor 254). Accomplish this by first accepting and complete Request #53 for Elizabeth, "Retrieve 1 Bloody Button." This requests requires you to lure out and defeat the Reaper on any floor in the dungeon.

Then return to Elizabeth when you are finished to receive your reward, and open the way to Monad! This also unlocks Requests #55 and #72.
By: PikaComet(1333)
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Saving Shinji 75%
*Possible Spoilers*

As players of Persona 3 know, Shinji will take an unexpected fall during a meeting with Takaya. How to get around it? Play as the female protagonist and hang out with him as often as possible. At one point he will ask you for his watch, so you must go to the police station and get it from the cop. Bring it back to Shinji and he'll survive, yay! (:
By: PikaComet(1333)
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View Alternate Opening/Original Opening. 67%
To view the different opening (which is the original opening to Persona 3), all you have to do is wait at the start screen after the first opening played and it will show the Activision & Criware logos and then play the "alternate" opening. It also works vise versa. (wait after the 2nd opening to view the 1st opening.)
By: Rikudude(256)
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Best Weapons 67%
Most of the time, you'll probably be facing the final boss with the best equipment Officer Kurosawa can offer you, however there are much better weapons out for grabs and that's not all you don't get them by stumbling upon a gold chest in Tartarus out of sheer dumb luck, you can get them just by doing a little business with the antique store a few feet to the right of the police box!
Of course, you'll need to get specific personae and Nihil/Void weapons from golden shadows but they're worth every penny and second you pitch in to this, They have a whopping 450 attack rating, 100 accuracy points and if that wasn't good enough, they also bestow 10 points to ALL of your stats!

Here's a list:

1 Handed Sword: Lucifer (Judgement) - Lucifer' Blade
Skadi (Empress) - Snow Queen's Whip

Bow: Chi You (Tower) - Quintessence Bow

2 Handed Sword: Masakado (Tower) - Masakado's Katana

Gloves: Mara (Tower) - Evil Gloves

Gun: Metatron (Aeon) - Metatronius

Spear: Shiva (Tower) - Pinaka

Knife: Asura (Sun) - Vajra

Axe: Beelzebub (Devil) - Corpse Rod

Naginata: Kartikeya (Star) - Vel Vel Muruga

PS: Attempting to sell these weapons to Kurosawa yields only 2 yen, Do I detect jealousy from Kurosawa to your new supplier?

Happy Questing!
By: PikaComet(1333)
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