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Despicable Me Cheats for NDS
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Despicable Me NDS Cheats

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Despicable Me

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Girls' Room level 100%
Press Select at the "Mode Select" screen then press B, L, A, B(2), Y.
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Cheat Codes 100%
Description: Enter the following cheat codes for the listed effect:

B, UP, DOWN, DOWN, Y (normally accessed by unlocking all the world bonus levels in the game) - Incredible Shrinking Minion / Unlocks the world bonus minion (Incredible Shrinking Minion)

B, A, DOWN, DOWN, Y (normally accessed by collecting all of the GRU Challenge Tokens) -
Despicable GRU Bonus Level / Unlocks the "Despicable GRU" bonus level in the current world

B, L, A, B, B, Y (normally accessed by collecting all of Agnes's Unicorns in the current world) - Girls' Room Bonus Level / Unlocks the Girls' Room bonus level in the current world

L, A, B, B, Y, UP (normally accessed by earning the highest achievement "Minion of the Month" in every level in the game) - Minion Mania! Level / Unlocks the "Minion Mania!" level

L, A, B, B, Y, DOWN (only accessible with this code) - Bonus Minion Mania! Level / Unlocks a variation of the Minion Mania level
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Air-Head Cheats 67%
I saw a commercial on TV saying that you can buy Air-Heads with cheat codes for Despicable Me for DS. I haven't tried it myself, because I don't really like candy THAT much, I perfer chips like Cheetos. The large pack of Air-Heads only. So if you have Despicable Me and like Air-Heads, buy yourself a pack and get a cheat.
By: ben10fan42(701)
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