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Nintendogs Cheats for 3DS
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Nintendogs 3DS Cheats

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Dog breeds 100%
This is a list of dog breeds for Nintendogs + Cats and he amount of trainer points that you need in order to unlock each one.

Basset hound - 3600
Beagle - 3600
Cavalier King Charles - 2000
Chihuahua - 5800
Cocker Spaniel - 3600
Dalmatian - 7400
Daschund - 5800
French Bulldog - 9800
German Shepherd - 7400
Golden Retriever - 9800
Great Dane - 600
Husky - 2000
Maltese - 2000
Mini Pinscher - 7400
Pug - 600
RoboPup - 11000
Shetland - 5800
Shiba Inu - 9800
Yorkshire - 600
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Bowl Changing 70%
In the game nintendogs plus cats, the food and water bowls for the cats and dogs are changeable. Just tap the name of the item (ex: tap dry food). Then you will see a picture and description of the item and how many you own. In the top right corner is a picture of the bowl your dog/cat is eating out of. Tap the arrows on either side of the picture of the bowl to change to a different food or water bowl.
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How 2 get the ROBO PUP!!!!!!!!!!!!! 64%
OM TRIPLE G! You can actually GET a RoboPup!


go to the secondhand shop (mr.recycle)

then, If you have it, get the Voucher.(rainbow box-looking thing)

then trade it in! For bulldog game you need:

7 wood 7 leather * then go to the kennel and turn in
5 metal 7 plastic ticket. HOPE THIS HELPS!
7 rubber 3 stardust - Aimee P
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Howl Puppies HOWL! 64%
Want your puppy to Howl?


Call your puppy over, and then Whistle into the Mircrophone, do this once or twice and your puppy should howl.

NOTE: When whistling, you must make sure it's the same tone and the same length whistle otherwise it WON'T work.

My puppies all know how too, and when I whistle in the Microphone, they all howl similtaniously, it's actually quite cute to watch!

Hope this helps! Will be posting new cheats and hints soon! :)
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The richer,the better................. 61%
Heres a hint: for walks, the more you are experienced in the game - the better presesnts you get!
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When u win da nintendogs cup.............. 61%
I hope you know dat you win a special prize/accessory 4 each 1!


Disc Compitition: Victory Crown

Lure Coursing: Victory Collar

Obediance Trial: Victory Sunglasses hope this helped!

PS: and if the Obediance Trial 1 1 is wrong it was a guess! -Aimee
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Honest abe 60%
Honest abe is from streetpass he has a golden named fido if your dog and fido get along well then the next time you see him he will give you gifts like free treats and clothing!
Note:he only gives you one treat for your dog.

Hope this helps
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Free dog 58%
You Have two dogs one boy one girl same type but not the same color.Dont take the girl on walks. Take the guy on short walks.You will notice that the two dogs will spend time with eachother.then your girl dog will get fatter each day then soon you will find another dog in your house! :) Hope this helps!
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Sport sunglasses 58%
If you want sport sunglasses follow these instructions.
Go to mii plaza and the your mii settings change you drean to ''be a pro athlete'' then go to your nintendogs and cats game and take your dog on a walk and when you get a present open it and it should be sport sunglasses.
By: wozza16(17)
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Promise ring 57%
Trust me -u NEED to get the promise ring! because # 1, it is kindof a cool toy, and # 2, if you sell it: ITS WORTH $1,000!
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