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Kid Icarus: Uprising Cheats for 3DS
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Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS Cheats

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Kid Icarus: Uprising Cheats

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Kid Icarus: Uprising

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Hades's Treasure Hunt Unlockables 100%
Complete the listed task to unlock the treasure, then view them in the Treasure Hunt section of the menu between chapters after you've beaten the game.

Weapon: Cutter Palm : Use 100 items
Weapon: Drill Arm : Fire a total of 50,000 shots
Weapon: End-All Arm : Recover onto your feet from a knockback 100 times
Weapon: Ogre Club : Clear Chapter 9 without using the Three Sacred Treasures
8000 Hearts : Defeat Twinbellows before it can roar once
Boss Battle Intensity : Clear Boss Battle mode on easy difficulty
Feather : Open 150 treasure boxes
Feather : Perform 1,000 melee attacks
Idol: Crusader Blade : Defeat 50 Souflees
Idol: Final Strike : Score 100 or more hits during the game credits
Idol: Lightning Chariot : Beat the boss of chapter 19 while in the lead on the chariot track
Idol: Magmoo : Defeat Gaol in Chapter 2 with a dash melee attack
Idol: Nukleen : Use powers 100 times
Music: Hades's Infernal Theme : Defeat 100 bosses
Power: Angelic Missile Lv. 3 : Defeat Phosphora within 30 seconds
Power: Freeze Attack Lv. 3 : Perform 100 Idol tosses
Power: Interference Lv.3 : Defeat 100 opponents in Together mode
Power: Slip Knot Lv. 2 : Defeat the Chaos Kin without letting Dark Pit get taken down
Power: Super Speed : Clear chapters 30 times
By: Toebin(11887)
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Palutena's Treasure Hunt Unlockables 100%
Complete the listed task to unlock the treasure, then view them in the Treasure Hunt section of the menu between chapters after you've beaten the game.

Weapon: Angel Bow : Collect over 10,000 hearts
Weapon: Darkness Bow : Fire a total of 1,000 shots
Weapon: Eyetrack Orbitars : Clear Chapter 2 using orbitars
Weapon: Fairy Orbitars : Put over 10,000 hearts into the Fiend's Cauldron
Weapon: Fortune Bow : Clear Chapter 2 within 10 minutes
Weapon: Lancer Staff : On Intensity 5 or higher, clear Chapter 8 having destroyed 200 or more enemies
Weapon: Leo Cannon : Find the Leo Zodiac Chamber and take its treasure
Weapon: Poseidon Cannon : Clear Chapter 8 in under 20 minutes
Weapon: Predator Cannon : On intensity 5 or higher, clear chapter 5 without dying
Weapon: Royal Blade : Rank 1st in a Free-for-All match
Weapon: Somewhat Staff : On Intensity 2.0 or higher, clear Chapter 5 using a staff
Weapon: Thanatos Staff : Defeat Thanatos with the Volcano Arm
100 Hearts : Open a Treasure Box
100 Hearts : Acquire an idol
100 Hearts : Use a Power
100 Hearts. : Die once
3,000 Hearts : Get finished 20 times
300 Hearts : Acquire a club
300 Hearts : Successfully perform a melee attack while riding a grind rail
300 Hearts : Use Fuse Weapons to create a weapon
300 Hearts : Play Free-For-All
5,000 Hearts : Use Fuse Weapons to create 20 weapons
500 Hearts : Clear 5 chapters
500 Hearts : Use 10 items
500 Hearts : Achieve a high score of 100,000
Feather : Have 5,000 Hearts in your posession
Feather : Play for more than 10 hours
Idol: Boom Spear : Acquire a total score of 500,000
Idol: Brawler Claws : Acquire 20 weapons
Idol: Collin & Phil : Defeat 5 enemies with the Aether Ring shield before disembarking
Idol: Girin : Defeat Pandora with the Stealth Claws
Idol: Grenade : Acquire a staff
Idol: Light Fighter : Play Light Vs. Dark
Idol: Monolith : Defeat your first Souflee
Idol: Pit : Achieve victory in Light Vs. Dark
Idol: Shock Orbitars : Acquire a bow
Idol: Snong : Have a weapon stolen by a Pluton
Idol: Space Pirate Captain : Defeat the Kraken with the Bullet Blade
Idol: That First Town : Acquire a palm
Idol: Volcano Arm : Perform a total of 50 dodges
Idol: Wrecking Ball : Acquire a cannon
Item: Capture Circle : Defeat an opponent in Together mode
Item: Eggplant Bomb : Get turned into an eggplant
Music: At the Safloor Palace (Ch.7) : Clear chapter 7 within 18 minutes
Music: Boss Fight 1 : Defeat your first boss
Music: Ch. 6: Dark Pit : On Intensity 5.0 or higher, defeat Dark Pit in Chapter 6 while in Crisis mode
Music: Ch.8: The Space-Pirate Ship : Clear chapter 8 with a score of 180,000 or higher
Music: Into The Labyrinth : Clear Chapter 5 within 18 minutes
Music: Magnus's Theme : On Intensity 5 or higher, defeat Gaol without letting Magnus get taken down
Music: Underworld Gatekeeper : In Chapter 9, destroy the Underworld Gatekeeper's guns and clear the chapter
Power: Autoreticle Lv. 1 : Clear Chapter 1 within 7 minutes
Power: Celestial Firework Lv. 1 : Perform an Idol toss
Power: Confuse Attack Lv. 1 : In Chapter 5, defeat Pandora without letting Dark Pit get taken down
Power: Counter Lv. 1 : Use the Centurion Assist item
Power: Darkness Lv. 1 : Defeat Thanatos in Crisis mode
Power: Effect Recovery Lv. 1 : Play Far Away in Together Mode
Power: Eggplant Attack : Get turned into an eggplant 5 times
Power: Health Recovery Lv. 2 : Clear Chapter 5 within 15 minutes
Power: Homing Boost Lv. 1 : Acquire an arm
Power: Land Mine Lv. 1 : In Chapter 1, destroy 100 enemies and clear the chapter
Power: Lightweight Lv. 1 : Clear Chapter 2 within 13 minutes
Power: Mega Laser Lv. 1 : Acquire 5 different blades
Power: Paralyze Attack Lv. 1 : Acquire 15 different weapons
Power: Poison Attack Lv. 1 : Defeat 500 enemies
Power: Quick Charge Lv. 1 : Acquire orbitars
Power: Sky Jump Lv. 1 : Perform 100 melee attacks
Stage: Forgotten City : recover onto your feet from a knockback 10 times
Stage: Rail Temple : Become an angel in Light Vs. Dark
Stage: Spiral Tower : Acquire 10 powers
Stage: Twilight Stratosphere : Play free-for-all 10 times
By: Toebin(11887)
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Viridi's Treasure Hunt Unlockables 100%
Complete the listed task to unlock the treasure, then view them in the Treasure Hunt section of the menu between chapters after you've beaten the game.

Weapon: Artillery Claws : Acquire claws with a shot-defense modifier
Weapon: Atlas Club : Defeat 20 Souflees
Weapon: Babel Club : Defeat 25 bosses
Weapon: Ball Cannon : Play Far Away in Together mode 10 times
Weapon: Boom Orbitars : Clear Chapter 25 within 15 minutes
Weapon: Crusader Blade : Recover on yout feet from a knockback 50 times
Weapon: Electroshock Arm : Open 50 treasure boxes
Weapon: Fireworks Cannon : Acquire a cannon with an evasive modifier
Weapon: Hedgehog Claws : Have more than 50,000 hearts in your possession
Weapon: Paw Pad Orbitars : Acquire orbitars with a modifier for a backward-dash charged shot
Weapon: Viridi Palm : Acquire 5 different palms
2,000 Hearts : Clear Chapter 17 having defeated 280 enemies in this Chapter
4,000 Hearts : Defeat your first Rare Treasurefish
Feather : Collect over 150,000 hearts
Feather : Acquire a blade with a weakening modifier
Feather : Clear 50 Chapters
Idol: Ball Cannon : Rank 1st in a Free-for-All match 5 times
Idol: Drink of the Gods : Play Free-for-All 20 times
Idol: Phosphora : Clear Chapter 14 within 17 minutes
Idol: Three Sacred Treasures : Perform 300 melee attacks
Idol: Treasurefish : Defeat 5 Rare Treasurefish
Item: Tempura Bomb : Get turned into a tempura
Power: Freeze Attack Lv. 2 : Acquire 5 different bows
Power: Heart Booster Lv. 2 : Acquire 50 different weapons
Power: Heavenly Light Lv. 2 : Acquire 5 different claws
Power: Heavenly Light Lv. 2 : Acquire 5 different claws
Power: Instant Death Attack : Defeat 3,000 enemies
Power: Invisible Shots Lv. 1 : Execute 500 dodges
Power: Invisible Shots Lv. 2 : Acquire 5 different clubs
Power: Item Vacuum Lv. 2 : Clear Chapter 21 within 17 minutes
Power: Playing Dead Lv. 1 : Acquire 5 different staffs
Power: Power Thief Lv. 1 : Collect 100 different Idols
Power: Quick Charge Lv. 3 : Acquire 5 different cannons
Power: Reflect Barrier Lv. 2 : Use powers 50 times
Power: Shake Attack Lv. 1 : Clear Chapter 12 within 20 minutes
Power: Trade-off : Defeat 50 bosses
Power: Transparency Lv. 2 : Acquire 5 different arms
Power: Weak-Point Reticle Lv. 2 : Acquire 5 different orbitars
By: Toebin(11887)
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Zodiac Weapons 100%
There are 12 Zodiac Chambers hidden within the game that contain special weapons. These weapons cannot be unlocked until you have found the Chamber and taken its treasure. There are 9 types of weapons and 3 Powers.

Sagittarius Bow : Ch. 2: When you go down the ramp (Right before you meet Magnus), there is a tapestry decorating one of the bends. Run through it.
Taurus Arm : Ch. 4: In the room with the narrow path and two scythes, drop down to the Clubberskull pit. One of the holes is glowing. Jump into that hole.
Gemini Orbitars : Ch. 6: If you're lucky enough to fight Dark Pit in the underground temple, go check the temple's corners after defeating him.
Cancer Claws : Ch. 8: In the constellation storage room, after defeating the Snong, don't take the Jump Pad. Take the dead end path to the right and jump down.
Leo Cannon : Ch. 10: After sinking the pedestal into the lava (or jumping over it completely) go into the next room and follow the left wall.
Virgo Palm : Ch. 12: There's an area that gives you an elevator after killing some monsters. Look towards it. A second elevator is behind you. Take that elevator.
Libra Sponge (Power) : Ch. 14: Once you get to the boss door, go in the opposite direction and you'll find an electric door. Get up close to the door and dodge through.
Scorpio Staff : Ch. 16: When you get the Aether Ring and float down an opening, look for an opening. Shoot the switch in that opening and you'll be able to enter.
Aries Armor (Power) : Ch. 18: At the Hot Spring area with the Souflee, go to the left.
Capricorn Club : Ch. 20: When you get to the area that needs a key, go inside and take a right. Open the jail cell in the back left and go through the hidden wall.
Aquarius Blade : Ch. 23: When you get to your first grind rail that you have to jump, take it back in the opposite direction and ride it to the Chamber.
Pisces Heal (Power) : Ch. 24: When you take your first elevator to begin the trials, go down the other flight of stairs to find the Chamber.
By: Toebin(11887)
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Hidden Options 98%
Unlock an extra Options Menu. It can be found under Options-Other-Hidden Options

Play the game with or without dialogue : Clear Solo Mode
Select a goddess to watch over your menu (Palutena or Viridi) : Clear Chapter 21
By: Toebin(11887)
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Optional Three Sacred Treasures 98%
Unlock the option of playing a stage with or without the Treasures on subsequent play throughs

Toggle Treasures (Ch. 9) : Complete Chapter 9 once
Toggle Treasures (Ch. 23) : Complete Chapter 23 once
By: Toebin(11887)
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Boss Rush Mode 96%
Defeat the Final Boss and Boss Rush will appear next to Chapter 25
By: Toebin(11887)
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After Credits Dialog 93%
After beating the game (at the end of the credits), wait 5 minutes, Hades will start talking and threaten to delete your save data
By: Toebin(11887)
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Weapon Gem Cheat 100%
If you have a weapon you like, but want to turn it into a gem, equip the weapon you want to keep, go to street pass, and select to turn the weapon into a gem. You will keep the weapon and get the weapon gem.
By: Zarrin(2)
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Idol 57%
Defeat at least 10,000 enemies for palutena blade
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