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The Sims 3 Cheats for 3DS
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The Sims 3 3DS Cheats

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Instant fix 70%
Here is a quick way to fix something. First go to buy mode. then sell the brocken object. then press the redo button. In live mode the object will be good as new!(because it is new)
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Become rich glitch 69%
Go onto the furniture catulog and buy the most expensive thing you can get and place it anywhere in your room. then click on the button on the right hand side to go back to the furniture catulog. it will still be on the item you just bought and keep buying it untill you have no money left but even if you have no money it still allows you to buy it so keep buying it then you can sell all of them and you have alot of money. I used that cheat with something that was 10000 I sold a load of them and I now have my rich dream furfilled, a luxury mansion and Ł211104 it works
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How to "beat" The Sims 3 3DS 67%
The fastest way is just to fulfill your lifetime dream. After this, you can start over... But it's hard to make a perfect Sim, and you might want to make your save file last longer. You know, so you can show off your Sim. Anyways, read this, and you'll have plenty of time to show off your Sim!

1. Master every job
. Start with a bad job you'd never do otherwise. For example your Sim wants to be a Police Officer. So your Sim will start the game as a Criminal. after doing seven different jobs, your Sim can work on it's lifetime wish.

2. Live in luxury.
Yup. A big, pretty, expensive house! full of expensive furniture! and with big yards! The fastest way to do this is to use a "Get rich fast" cheat. Now buy the biggest lot for a custom mansion, or the biggest house if you don't wanna build.

3. Master every skill.
If your Sim has a mansion, a studying room, or a Library is a good room to have. a TV can help too, and be sure to visit the bookstore!

4. Become friends with every Sim.
Self-explanatory. Mastering the Charisma skill, and telling jokes to Sims with a "Good sense of humor" while figuring out what the other Sim likes helps.

4.5 Or become everyone's enemy!
A "Mean-spirited" Sim would like this, but those outfits...

5. Fulfill your lifetime wish.
If you've done everything else, there's only one thing left to do. Work on that wish!

6. Get married and have kids.
You don't have to do this, but creating a Sim who is your Sim's "type" and clicking Romantic options is a good starter. Now just find some cheats so you can have kids. Like I said, you don't have to do this, but lots of people always want to.
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* The Sims 3 Acquiring & Developing Skills + CHEATS Guide 66%
Description: You will learn about all skills your Sims can learn in The Sims 3 game in this guide. Before your Sim can increase their ability at something, they 1st have to learn how to do it. Taking a class is by far the easiest way to acquire a new skill but it will cost you. For an artist, a Sim who wants to learn the Painting skill for example, either needs to buy an easel plus interact with it, or take a class at the local school. The Fishing skill is easy too, just sit by a pond and throw a line in by interacting with it. You can also read a book or take a class. Your Sims can then nurture and develop their talents to improve by levels and gain some perks with the skill the higher they go. Below is a list of each skill, how to get started or acquire it and how to develop it. There will be a chart on what to expect with different levels of the skill. There is also information on the rewards each gives.

Read the Guide --> The Sims 3 Acquiring & Developing Skills + CHEATS [Guide]
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Learn skills fast! 63%
As soon as your Sim wakes up, go to the Library. tap a bookshelf and tap "Research skill" Now choose what you want to research, and tap the fast forward button. I f your Sim gets tired, take him/her home right away, and have Him/her take a nap. Now go back and keep researching. Repeat until you get tired, or until your Sim gets tired at night.
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Money cheat for Sims 3 3DS 63%
Ok, this really works for me! It's faster when you have more money but you can do this starting from about $7 000. Put all your items in storage, sell the paint, doors, windows ect and sell every part of your house until there is nothing left. Go to the newspaper and sell. Then, buy the house that is an apartment near the shops. As soon as you are at the house sell everything and buy a cheap computer/table and chair and sell your house again. Buy a dearer house (DONT BUY LAND/ONLY HOUSES!) do the same until your money is as high as you want it, soon you can buy any housse you want! Its pretty cool I think:)
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How 2 get the RIGHT MAN/GIRL..... for 3ds 56%
Ok, EVERYBODY wants to find ''their type'' so all you have 2 do is:

1. create a townie
2. choose the looks + hair & clothes
3. and personality that's your type and their name!

Then you two meet get married and live your life.

Yeah, you get the rest... XD

hope I helped! ) -Deidra *it REALLY WORKS! :)

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Money/relax cheat 49%
If you want a lot of money you need patients ok here is the cheat: when you create your file be either athletic,handy,or a genius then choose astronaut then get in the military when it comes in the newspaper/computer then when you reach level then you get 7,012 every monday cause you only work on monday if its not your wish you get 6,012
By: sims33dsaddict(67)
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How 2 get the RIGHT MAN/GIRL..... for 3ds 48%
Ok, EVERYBODY wants to find ''their type'' so all you have 2 do is:

1. create a townie
2. choose the looks + hair & clothes
3. and personality that's your type and their name!

Then you two meet get married and live your life.

Yeah, you get the rest... XD

hope I helped! ) -Deidra *it REALLY WORKS! :)

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Be rich the day start the game 48%
Ok this is gonna take a while but be patient ok tear down your house then go the industrial center the go to the shop buy the painting thats more than 5,000 (it has to be on sale) buy as many as you can the only get it on the first day of what I know of go home and sell keep doing it til your rich
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How to get preagnant 44%
Getting preagnant requires being patient, like being a pop be able to get pregnant you have to wait 200 sims 3 days.
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Money deal(s) 38%
Ok the butterfly is on sale for 195$ so take it home(cheat works only when on sale)it'll be 255$ but wait a few days and sell it for even more!(might work with other stuff if so ill make another cheat)
By: sims33dsaddict(67)
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How to get money 32%
First you sell everything wall,floor,furniture,wall color,and be empty and only have a bed,find a job,wheneva you need to eat,bath,pee,poop,have fun,get a masuage,work out,go to town XD
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How to get rich 13%
Rob some one in the street (if you can)or rob a shop,busness center or bank
By: erin123(17)
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